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Improve Your SEO By Inserting These Additional Pages On Your Website

Sadly many people think that once their website has been built and launched the hard work is done and they can simply sit back, relax and wait for its success to take off. In reality this is not the case! If you want your website to do well and by well I mean be found on search engines like Google, you are going to have to dedicate time and efforts to keeping your website fresh and updated with regular content.

Hopefully you will already have these fundamental pages incorporated into your web design; Home, About, Services/ Products, Contact Us. However, it is a great idea to carry out a website review every couple of months in order to see what new content your website could benefit from. I have put together a short list of additional content ideas that you could consider inserting into your web design to promote your websites success.

Notepad and pen

FAQs page

This is a great opportunity to provide your customers with helpful and useful information. Do you frequently get asked the same sort of questions regarding your services / products from time and time again? Note these down and start writing clear and informative answers. In addition to this spend some time reviewing your website, try and put yourself in the position of your customer, remember that they are not industry experts and will lack the knowledge that you might have. Do this and come up with a list of questions that someone visiting your website might ask. It might be worth asking a family/ friend who is not in the industry to do the same.


6 Steps to Successful Email Marketing

Due to the low cost nature of email marketing, there is huge potential to increase/ improve your return on investment. You can send a large number of emails in a short amount of time. This provides you the opportunity to create business leads / valued conversions at a minimal cost to you. In addition to this email marketing is instant, you don’t have to wait for the postman to deliver your letter, you simply click send and within seconds your email is sitting in your recipient’s inbox. Therefore you can target your audience quickly and efficiently. To make sure your emails stand the best chance of success follow my advice below.

1. Organise your email marketing database

You will be able to target your emails more effectively. If you segment your recipients into relevant groups then you will be able to adapt the content within the email so that it is more suited to the person receiving it. There is no point in sending an introductory offer to your existing clients and there is no point in sending an offer for existing clients only to prospective clients.


Why Visual Content Is Now A Necessity!

It comes as no surprise that as social media channels evolve the type of content that we are now posting is also changing. In particular we can observe a recent shift from traditional text based social media posts to more visual content. For example social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are beginning to take off and their popularity and effectiveness as marketing tools is dramatically increasing.

So why is visual content a success?

  • images are often eye catching and striking and are a good means of attracting someone’s attention
  • images can be a powerful tool for presenting brand awareness / promoting brand engagement
  • visual content/ images are often retained in a person’s memory longer than a piece of text content
  • images are a powerful / efficient means of getting a message across, as the old saying goes images really do speak a thousand words, images can instantly tell a story
  • image based social media sites are beginning to generate more referral traffic to websites
  • image focused social media posts that are accompanied by a short caption of text are often the most successful

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Find out how you can increase your business visibility by combining social media and search engine optimisation strategies in our favourite blog entries this week.

How Does Your Blog Look to Someone on Google? 6 Things You Need to Know – This informative blog entry uses examples to stress the importance of checking how your blog is going to be displayed on search engines in order to stand the best chance of getting your blog entry read.

Local SEO: Does Your Business Really Need It? – If your company relies on local business then you might want to take note of the useful advice this blog entry provides. (more…)

3 Steps To Social Media Success

Written/ produced some great content that you can’t wait to share with others? It is important that you get your content promotion right so that your efforts are not wasted. There are a number of different social channels ready and waiting for you to post your insights!

The type of content that you publish on social media can not only vary between different social channels but can also vary on the same social channel. Therefore it is important that you decide which type of social media post will be most appropriate for the type of content that you are publishing.

For the purpose of this blog entry I will take a look at an example form of content that can be published on three of my favourite social channels.

Facebook – Written text with a link
This is a popular form of content that is particularly useful if you are linking to one of your blog posts. If you opt to post some written text with a link on Facebook you will be able to write a description about what the content is about. This is your time to really sell your content and persuade Facebook users to click on the link below. In this form of content Facebook will automatically pull a preview of any images that might be included in your blog post. You are also given the option to upload your choice of image if you are not happy with the selection that Facebook has made.


Therefore if your post contains rich media and your description of content is useful/ your image is eye catching/ striking, then you stand in a very powerful position in converting your Facebook traffic into visitors to you blog feed. (more…)

Twitter Etiquette – The Power Of The Hashtag

Twitter is a fast paced social channel that has huge potential to build your business brand awareness and introduce your content to twitter users on a global scale. However if you do not use twitter correctly then your tweets could disappear without anyone even laying eyes on them. This blog entry will look at how you should use twitters hashtag function to grow your business.

Hashtag your keywords / phrases

Attract those interested – if they are searching for the term that you have applied a hashtag to then it is likely that they are going to be interested in the topic. Whether you are selling a product or service or simply building your brand awareness, tagging your keywords will mean that your content is displayed to those who are registering an interest by searching for the keyword / phrase. For example if you are selling a web design you might hashtag #webdesign, #webdevelopment, #websites #ecommerce #onlineshop #brochurewebsite etc. If someone was to search for one of the phrases that you have tagged then they your tweet will be displayed to them. You will be more likely to achieve a sale if your tweets are being displayed to your target audience. Therefore using the hashtag can be a powerful means of advertising your product/ service to a select number of interested people.

Search for new users to follow/ tweets to RT/ favourite

Use the hashtag to look for new followers. Again similarly to how other twitter users will use the hashtag to find content of interest and use to them, you can also use the hashtag to look for relevant users that you can follow. Think of it as a form of networking by which you can connect and converse with a large amount of people. In addition to this you can also use the hashtag search function to look for a relevant tweet that you could retweet or favourite which is another great method for building online relationships with other twitter users. (more…)

Optimise Your Pinterest For Business Success

If you are serious about social media I am confident that you would have heard about Pinterest by now! Pinterest is a fairly new social channel that is fast becoming one of the most popular social media channels out there. The image based social channel has shown much evidence of driving huge numbers of traffic through to websites as people are beginning to use Pinterest as a shopping site in which they can search through images to find exactly what they are looking for. This has meant that Pinterest is able to present huge opportunity to businesses in terms of referral traffic.

This success has been particularly evident for those businesses that perhaps sell products that have good visual qualities. For example those within the wedding, fashion and floral industries have experienced much success. However it is worth mentioning that this success has not been limited and has been experienced across many differing industries.


So how can you optimise your Pinterest account for success?

Create organised boards
You should firstly create boards tailored around the categorisation on your website. This will provide you with a good framework to start with. When you have mastered creating new boards and adding new pins to these boards you can also be more experimental with additional boards that you might want to create. For example you might want to tailor some boards to different seasons or upcoming events etc. You can be as creative as your mind will allow on your Pinterest account and you can really take the opportunity to create a fascinating and attractive account that will hopefully attract lots of interest in your products. (more…)


We live in an era where digital marketing and in particular social media marketing has become a powerful marketing tool. Having said that email marketing should not be forgotten in the marketing mix as it is still an effective tool for communicating with your customers, building brand awareness and driving those all-important sales. Follow this advice and see how you can write an effective marketing email.

1. Include a Catchy Title
How can you guarantee that people will take notice of your email?
The first thing you will need to perfect is how you can get your emails read in the first place. There is no point in having fantastic email content if the emails aren’t getting opened. Therefore you need to make sure that your headlines are catchy and forceful. Your title should advertise that your email is going to be of use, for examples titles that include the words “how to” are often successful in being opened. Now that have you had grabbed their attention you need to ensure that the content in the email is effective and up to scratch. (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

It has been a fantastic week with many great blog entries being published! This week we take a look at some of the best blog entries with advice on how you can improve your marketing strategies! Topics include; Pinterest, Twitter, the power of visuals and more.

Are you missing out by ignoring the Little Red Notifications Button on Pinterest? Having already recognised the significant role Pinterest can play in referring traffic to your website, this blog entry talks about the importance of managing your Pinterest account properly, particularly in terms of keeping up to date with your Pinterest notifications.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media Sites – This blog entry discusses the basics to making your blog entry a success and avoiding those simple errors that could be costly to your business.  (more…)

How Your Input Can Help Your Web Designer

Firstly it is important to recognise that web design is not a simple task that anyone can turn their hand to, it is not just about making a website look pretty, web design is a skilled profession comprised of various stages. If you are considering a re-design of your website or perhaps the first build of your website you should invest in a web designer/ team of developers that are industry experts and confidently know the tricks of the trade. It is also worth noting the success of your website is also influenced by various other critical factors, one of which heavily involves you!!! Correct… you should play a fundamental role in the development of your website. Take a look at these simple actions you should take in order to aid the success/ completion of your website build so that it runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Provide your web designers with as much information as possible – Hopefully by now you will know who your target audience is/ what your niche is. Describe your business/ industry that you work in… help your web designer envision this. If you provide your web designer with as much detail as possible it will help give the web designer a better picture of who the website is for. Remember to bear in mind that tailoring your website to your target audience is a very influential factor that contributes to your websites success. If you try and please too many people at once it is likely that you will end up disappointing a whole lot more. At the end of the day it is going to be your target audience that are going to be investing in your products/business/ services, therefore make sure your web design will appeal to this niche. (more…)