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Create A Successful Online Presence NOW

Dreaming of creating an successful and effective online business?

Digital Marketing can help make those dreams a reality.

Digital Marketing is fast becoming a neccessity that cannot be ignored if you want to fend off your competitors and allow your business to grow from strength to strength. So what does Digital Marketing involve?

See below for a very brief introduction:
SEO (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

 A great selection of blog entries with quality advice on online marketing including, social media, blogging and much more.

11 Valentines Day Email Creatives From The Fashion Industry – an informative blog entry that recognises how businesses can use annual events as part of their marketing tactics to drive sales.

Loyalty Marketing For Restaurants – Although tailored to restaurant marketing, this blog entry addresses the importance of building a loyal customer base (more…)

Becoming A Social Media Pro: A Basic Introduction

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool from the digital marketing tool box. It is a great means of connecting with customers, new business prospects, marketing your products, sharing special offers, revealing company news and so on.

There are many different social media channels out there so it is important that you find the right social media channels for your business. For example a recruitment agency would want to focus on LinkedIn whereas an artist might focus on image based social media channels like Instagram. Of course if you have the times and means available you can really maximise your digital marketing efforts by displaying a substantial online presence on more than one of the social media channels out there. (more…)

WNW Digital's Friday Blog Round Up

How to Stand Out. It Matters More Than You Think – A detailed blog entry that provides a step by step guide to creating a powerful online presence.

– Make these minor changes and achieve blogging success.  (more…)

WNW Digital's Friday Blog Round Up

Local Marketing Tips – 3 Digital Marketing Tactics You Should Use In 2015 – A really informative blog entry that demonstrates the different yet successful means of digital marketing through the use of an infographic.

7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015 – Another top blog entry predicting who the digital marketing industry will change over the course of 2015. Some really great insights here – not a blog to be missed.  (more…)

3 Simple Steps That Will Drive Your Conversions

This basic yet informative blog entry shows how you can increase your conversion rate by making your products searchable, being informative and simplifying the buying process.



Make your products searchable. One sure way of increasing those all – important sales is by making your products easily accessible to your customers. For example you might have hundreds if not thousands of products available to purchase online, to you these products might be organised in categories that make perfect sense, however to your customers your category and product structure might not be so clear. By adding a search function customers who know exactly what product they are looking for will be able to find the desired item with ease and will save them trawling through the website trying to find it themselves. Making your website as user friendly as possible and reducing the steps in which clients have to take in order to make a purchase will increase your chance of achieving conversions. (more…)

WNW Digital's Friday Blog Round Up

From SEO, Social Media, Email and Marketing suggestions this blog contains sound advice on how you can create an effective and powerful online presence.


15 Important Ways to Use Case Studies In your Marketing

– Action these quick and simple points can make all the difference to your online presence.   (more…)

Are You Preventing Your Business From Succeeding?

The majority of us will go through the working day checking our emails and drafting responses, checking our social media channels, taking calls and so on. Some might deem this necessary whilst others stress the amount of times that this wastes.

So how can you make sure your day is productive?

Check your emails at scheduled points throughout the day

Set some time aside in the morning to check your emails and allocate a priority in which they need to be dealt with. The time you allocate for this will be dependent on the volume of emails you usually expect to receive.

** Top Tip make sure you delete any Spam emails to ensure that they are not cluttering up your inbox** (more…)

5 Tips For Online Success This Christmas

With just over a week to go until the big day, we address some simple changes that can you make to ensure your online business has success during the festive period.

Create a Christmas Banner

Perhaps you have a special offer running in the lead up to Christmas, whether this is free delivery, discount on services or goods or even a Christmas competition. Don’t let this be missed, create a banner that can be added to your website, social media and email marketing newsletters.
Publicise Opening Hours
Make sure your customers are informed. When is your Christmas delivery cut off? What are your opening hours? Create a social media post and pin it for example to the top of your Facebook page so that it is the first thing customers see when they come to visit your website. You could also add your Christmas information to your contact page on your website. (more…)

Make 2015 Your Most Successful Year To Date in 3 Simple Steps

2014 has really shown us the power that the internet possesses and the significant role that digital marketing plays in driving those all important business sales. So what can you be doing in 2015 to help your business prosper?
Social Media
Engaging with your customers on a regular basis has become vital. Use your social media channels to alert your customers of new products, any discounts, store opening times, delivery updates and so on. Pay your customers the attention that they want, remember communication is key!