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Why Should You Invest In Digital Marketing?

As the world is becoming increasingly interlinked through the medium of the internet we are now able to almost instantly connect with our friends, family, colleagues and clients. This instant connectivity has been aided by the spawn of social networking sites as more and more people are logging in to their numerous accounts on a daily basis. So with more and more people online, marketers are able to target their customers through the application of digital marketing, a concept that was unheard of until recently.

Digital marketing channels are at easy disposal, if you have time you can run them for free, but as your business expands it is worth employing someone who is able to look after your channels for you so they can continue to build your brand’s online visibility. Gaining an online presence can be great for your business; you are suddenly able to interact with your customers across various channels. This way you can keep them up to date with what is going on, alert them of any new products etc. It is another medium that you can utilise to provide first quality customer service.


The Fundamentals To Pinterest – Driving Traffic To Your Website

According to social media today Pinterest is converting 50% more traffic than any other social media site. It is clear that individuals are happily spending large chunks of their day happily searching through the vast selection of images that Pinterest has to offer. Pinterest is therefore becoming a vital social networking site that businesses are able to use to send traffic through to their websites. So, if you aren’t already hooked on Pinterest here are some tips on how you can get started.

Set up a Pinterest account – This is a simple process, one that is similar to setting up any other social media account. You are given the options to connect with Facebook or email, so it’s down to you to choose which one you would prefer. If you are a business, make sure you join Pinterest as a Business account.



Friday’s Blog Round Up

It’s time for our Friday round up again. Here are our favourite blog posts that we have found / written this week.

Social Media Examiner have created a blog entry with the top 10 social media blogs that were present in 2013

See what Danny Brown predicts for content marketing in 2014

Want to make sure your website can be seen by the search engines? Read this great staff blog by Camilla


Sourcing Free Images To Use On Your Blog

When using the internet I come across hundreds of images every day, some of which I am instantly drawn to. I often think wow that image would look great in my latest blog post! Unfortunately it’s not that simple, you can’t just take someone else’s image, however tempting the print screen option might be. Using someone else’s image without their permission can get you into a lot of trouble. Having said that although the majority of images found on the internet will be heavily restricted, there is a selection of images available for you to use and in some cases even alter. Despite this, it is more than likely that some licensing restrictions will still apply; therefore it is important to do your research on the image and find out exactly what these restrictions might be.

Some of the images found on the internet might be sold as royalty free images. Royalty Free Images are a type of image that you can often use for your own use. Sometimes they are referred to as stock images that permit you to use the image in certain ways. It is worth noting that even within the use of royalty free images there are variations that apply to its license and how the image can be used. These are usually categorised under non-transferable, non- exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and multiple use. Before using any royalty free images I recommend that you visit stock photo guides for further information about the licensing requirements for each of these images.


This Week’s Best Blogs

When searching for inspiration for new blog content I often come across blogs that I can’t help but think I wish I’d written that.  So here are a collection of blog entries that I have enjoyed reading this week that I think you might too!

5 ways to Blog From Your Mobile Device -  A guide to make blogging from your mobile easier

8 Android Apps that wowed us in 2013  - The best Android App’s of 2013


Are You Using Polyvore?

Polyvore is becoming a widespread social commerce website that allows you to make image collages as you shop for the things you love to buy. From clothing to jewellery, beauty products to furniture, home decor to rugs, Polyvore’s variety of pieces will leave you with a substantial wish list. If you run an ecommerce shop this is one of the major Social Media channels where you will find your customers, and you should be using it.

Making a Polyvore account is simple; you can register using your email or log in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Polyvore will then ask you to choose a category that you “would most like to see”. For me as a big lover of clothes I chose fashion, however if you don’t want to select a specific topic you can pick “choose everything”.



Ten Top Tips for Twitter Success


Here are my revelations and top tips taken from “How to engage your audience with Twitter” after watching the webinar with #TwitterAcademy by @Lavbri.

  1. Find your unique voice – followers and readers will get to know the tone of you and your company’s voice, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find a tone that works for you!
  2. Look at conversations that are already taking place, you can search for key words that are specifically relevant to you and your business and see what other people are saying about them.
  3. Keep an eye out on what is trending with the hash tags, one day there might be something relating to your business.
  4. RT (Retweet) any positive content that you or your company receives, people are attracted to positivity.
  5. Similarly respond and reply to any negative content. This will show that you are responsive and keen to overcome any problems, highlighting your exceptional customer service.
  6. Get your audience to engage; ask questions or specifically ask them to RT your tweets, this will allow your tweets to be seen by a wider audience.
  7. Use rich media to attract attention; don’t be afraid to use images or short videos
  8. Organise your tweeting, at the beginning of the week, set up a schedule and assign a particular aspect of tweeting each day e.g. Monday concentrate on looking for useful posts to RT, Tuesday concentrate on producing new content (short, snappy tweets), Wednesday concentrate on your followers…and so on.
  9. Take advantage of key dates, holidays, sporting events, live events etc. Make sure you use the hash tag so your tweets will appear in the feeds of other tweeters when they look at trending topics.
  10. Don’t be afraid to show off your expertise with informative tweets and make use of your industry connections by tagging others in your tweets.

Follow these Ten Tops for Twitter Success… go on get Tweeting!

How To Get Your Social Media Channels Sorted

The world is undeniably becoming more connected in a digital sense, causing digital marketing to become a necessary component that your business needs to develop. Through managing social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn you can: protect your brand, build customer loyalty and increase your sales. Sounds good huh! To make your digital marketing a success you will need to have the time and resources to dedicate and allocate time to your digital channels each week (daily if possible) so that you  keep your customers up to date and in the loop!

How often should you post?

The more frequently you post the more successful your business is likely to become in gaining a substantial digital presence. Therefore, if you are able to post daily you should!  Just remember don’t spam your customers/ readers with too much unnecessary gobble as they will soon lose interest and take no notice of future posts.

 What should you post about?

There really is no right or wrong answer; you do need to be careful that what you write about won’t cause offence to anyone but other than that your choice and style of writing is really down to personal preference.  Having said that from my own personal experience I do have some suggestions to get you started;

  • customers love to see and hear about updates about your products
  • people are usually interested in any news regarding or related to your business
  • use images that perhaps feature new products
  • links to useful/ interesting article content
  • People also like to see some light hearted posts or images (these might be totally unrelated to your business) so don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit!
  • People love to see people, so use a product and feature a person using this product to sell! For example- Barry M use images or adverts of Models wearing their range of nail varnishes (If you have any celebrity connections even better! People tend to swarm at products used by celebrities, so feature celebrities wearing your products where possible).


Learn to Write Blog Headlines Search Engines Love: Five Tips

It’s like having bad breath.  If your blog’s headline turns people off, they are not going to stick around to find out what you are really about.

You want people to be captivated, engaged and interested in the title of your article so they actually read it.

But you also want it to say to the search engines, “Look at me!  Look at me!”  And in order to do that, your headline must be optimized correctly for those search engines (hence, search engine optimization).

Five Tips for Optimizing your Blog Headlines for SEO

1.  Take the time.

According to Copyblogger’s 50/50 rule, half of your time spent writing content should be spent on developing the headline. Half of your time. Know the importance of your headline: only 20 percent of online users read anything more than headlines.  So before you get started on your blog, plan on devoting a decent amount of time to crafting the headline. (more…)

Driving Traffic to Your Blog: Why Use a Net When You Can Do it With a Hook?

The benefits of running a blog are never realized unless it gets noticed and read. A blog is not an end in itself. It is a means for driving traffic to your professional website where you reap the real advantage for your business or profession. The reason why a blog is important is it is an acceptable way for readers to find a neutral view or plain simple information to enhance their experience.

Like professional websites, blogs too need to be actively pushed. In fact, it is a never-ending process because of the intense competition for the limited readers’ time. Social media is undoubtedly one of the best places to push your blog with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ being the best.

You are Big in Small Places (more…)