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WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week our favourite entries take a look at image based web design, LinkedIn’s social media updates and advice on producing unique blog content.

 For bloggers struggling to produce regular content, this entry provides great advice on how focusing on one specific topic area can lead you to greater success as you become the expert in that field of knowledge.

What’s the Difference Between Posts and Pages in WordPress? - This blog entry emphasises the different types of content that you might find on your website. It recognises that pages are home to fairly static content such as About Us, Contact details etc, whereas posts are updated are on a more frequent basis and can be used to provide customers with information such as company news / product releases etc. (more…)

Instagram Set To Advertise

Following a successful US trial, Instagram is in the process of enrolling an ad function that will allow brands to run their own adverts on the image based social sharing site. In order to test and improve the success and running of these Ads Instagram has decided that the introduction of these ads will be slow and staggered.


It seems that there has been some resistance to the enrolment of this ad scheme on this social channel. Taking on board these mixed feelings, during the US trial Instagram made it clear to its users that these images were advertisements by including a sponsored label and an option that allowed people to hide the ad from their news feeds if they wanted. There is also room for users to leave feedback stating what they didn’t like about the ad so that Instagram can build on these comments and produce better quality ads that users will hopefully like in the future.


As it appears the introduction of these Ads to the UK will be enrolled this year. This leaves great scope for interesting, energetic and creative ads to soon take over our image based social sharing channel. This leaves the question… which brands will we see jump on board?

Image Credit – Instagram


3 Steps To Search Engine Success – Producing Quality Blog Content

There are many actions you can take to ensure your blog stands the best chance of listing well on search engines. For the purpose of this blog entry I address 3 very simple steps you can take to kick-start your blogs listing success.

1.  Insert key words into your blog entry. By doing this you will be optimising the content which is a great way of showing search engines like Google exactly what your blog is about and what it should be listed for. Search engines will recognise these key words especially if they are repeated throughout the content. Then when someone searches for one of these keywords included in your blog entry it is likely to show up in search results.

2. Is your blog SEO friendly? Have you completed the blogs Meta Tags? Many blogging programmes like WordPress will allow you to add widgets, in simple terms you can add functions that will allow you to fill in the Meta Tags for your blog entry. Meta Tags are fundamental to search engine success. You should always make sure that your blog entry has a Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. These help tell the search engines exactly what the content in your blog is about and often how useful it is going to be to those browsing the internet. Hopefully if you followed the advice above you would have inserted keywords into your blog entry as you were writing it. By filling in your meta keywords you can show search engines exactly what these keywords are and show them exactly what you want to be listed for. (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Take a look at our favourite blog entries of the week, topics include Facebook Advertising, producing quality content, Google updates and more.

Five Things to Watch in Your Blog Analytics – Ever wondered how popular your blog is? Is it proving to be a success? This brilliant blog entry gives you insight into the statistics behind your blog when using analytics to monitor its progress.

The 3 – Step Journey of a Remarkable Piece of Content – This blog entry recognises 3 basic steps that can help you improve the quality of your blogs content.  (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week our favourite blog entries take a look at the role social media plays as part of your online marketing strategies.

MLP013: The Current State of SEO – Social Signals & Guest Posting w/ Brent Carnduff – This fantastic blog entry includes a Podcast with two of the most current SEO experts. The podcast is quite lengthy but stick with it as they recognise the importance of social signals and how they are continuing to play an influential factor in your SEO.

Instagram Tutorial – Getting Started With the Most Engaged Network of Our Time – Not many people seem to know about this social channel yet those who have got to grips with claim that “Instagram has even surpassed the impact of Pinterest in terms of engagement in the social media space!” Read more here. (more…)

New Twitter Layout Summary

You might have already noticed that twitter has started to enrol a new profile layout. In this blog entry we take note of some of the changes that you can soon expect to see if your profile hasn’t already changed.

Profile photo – Your profile photo will be enlarged. This is particularly great for branding purposes and especially for businesses as they are able to use this space to catch and maintain attention with a powerful image.

Customise your header – Headers have now shifted so that they stretch across the screen. Twitters official recommended header sizes are 1500px (width) x 500 (height) however these dimensions seem to be causing a lot of trouble for people. Therefore other blog entries are stating that the dimensions 1500px (width) x 421px (height) are more appropriate. Due to this confusion it is worth considering the following template by blogger Pauline Cabrera as she provides a visual guide to what parts of your header will be visible on your profile. When you come around to changing your twitter profile and in particular your header, you should bear in mind that you are going to have to be patient and might have to spend some time re-sizing your image to ensure that it fits appropriately.


WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s top blog entries take a look at the role of online marketing in building your business success.

How to Build Community around Your Blog – Your blog is a long term investment that can help your business grow so it is important that you spend the time growing a set of followers and community.


5 Steps To A Successful Blog

Initially blogging was more of a hobby in which people utilised the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. Nowadays blogging is being absorbed by the business world and it is almost becoming a crime if your business is not taking part. Blogging can be extremely beneficial to your company, you can use your blog feed to alert customers to any new products / new services, any special offers or discounts, any company news, any industry news and so on. Blogging is therefore a great way in which you can increase your business to customer engagement, build your brand awareness and even increase your return on investment. However in order for your blog to be a success it is vital that you follow these 5 great tips below.


It is important that you are consistent in your blogging efforts. It is more than likely that your blog feed will grow a set of followers. Blog followers like to know what to expect and when to expect it. It might be worth creating a blogging schedule. Of course your schedule will depend on how often you are able to post. It is important that you give this some thought at the beginning. Don’t schedule in all your posts for 5 consecutive days if you are not going to be able to produce content for another 5 weeks. You would be far better off spreading those posts out and scheduling one in once a week so that you become consistent with your posting allowing your followers to get to know when they can expect new content from you. Therefore if they are interested in what your blog has to say it is likely that they will go to look for new updated / fresh content on the days that you usually post.


Why Visual Content Is Now A Necessity!

It comes as no surprise that as social media channels evolve the type of content that we are now posting is also changing. In particular we can observe a recent shift from traditional text based social media posts to more visual content. For example social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are beginning to take off and their popularity and effectiveness as marketing tools is dramatically increasing.

So why is visual content a success?

  • images are often eye catching and striking and are a good means of attracting someone’s attention
  • images can be a powerful tool for presenting brand awareness / promoting brand engagement
  • visual content/ images are often retained in a person’s memory longer than a piece of text content
  • images are a powerful / efficient means of getting a message across, as the old saying goes images really do speak a thousand words, images can instantly tell a story
  • image based social media sites are beginning to generate more referral traffic to websites
  • image focused social media posts that are accompanied by a short caption of text are often the most successful

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Find out how you can increase your business visibility by combining social media and search engine optimisation strategies in our favourite blog entries this week.

How Does Your Blog Look to Someone on Google? 6 Things You Need to Know – This informative blog entry uses examples to stress the importance of checking how your blog is going to be displayed on search engines in order to stand the best chance of getting your blog entry read.

Local SEO: Does Your Business Really Need It? – If your company relies on local business then you might want to take note of the useful advice this blog entry provides. (more…)