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WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s top blog entries take a look at the role of online marketing in building your business success.

How to Build Community around Your Blog – Your blog is a long term investment that can help your business grow so it is important that you spend the time growing a set of followers and community.


5 Steps To A Successful Blog

Initially blogging was more of a hobby in which people utilised the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. Nowadays blogging is being absorbed by the business world and it is almost becoming a crime if your business is not taking part. Blogging can be extremely beneficial to your company, you can use your blog feed to alert customers to any new products / new services, any special offers or discounts, any company news, any industry news and so on. Blogging is therefore a great way in which you can increase your business to customer engagement, build your brand awareness and even increase your return on investment. However in order for your blog to be a success it is vital that you follow these 5 great tips below.


It is important that you are consistent in your blogging efforts. It is more than likely that your blog feed will grow a set of followers. Blog followers like to know what to expect and when to expect it. It might be worth creating a blogging schedule. Of course your schedule will depend on how often you are able to post. It is important that you give this some thought at the beginning. Don’t schedule in all your posts for 5 consecutive days if you are not going to be able to produce content for another 5 weeks. You would be far better off spreading those posts out and scheduling one in once a week so that you become consistent with your posting allowing your followers to get to know when they can expect new content from you. Therefore if they are interested in what your blog has to say it is likely that they will go to look for new updated / fresh content on the days that you usually post.


Why Visual Content Is Now A Necessity!

It comes as no surprise that as social media channels evolve the type of content that we are now posting is also changing. In particular we can observe a recent shift from traditional text based social media posts to more visual content. For example social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are beginning to take off and their popularity and effectiveness as marketing tools is dramatically increasing.

So why is visual content a success?

  • images are often eye catching and striking and are a good means of attracting someone’s attention
  • images can be a powerful tool for presenting brand awareness / promoting brand engagement
  • visual content/ images are often retained in a person’s memory longer than a piece of text content
  • images are a powerful / efficient means of getting a message across, as the old saying goes images really do speak a thousand words, images can instantly tell a story
  • image based social media sites are beginning to generate more referral traffic to websites
  • image focused social media posts that are accompanied by a short caption of text are often the most successful

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Find out how you can increase your business visibility by combining social media and search engine optimisation strategies in our favourite blog entries this week.

How Does Your Blog Look to Someone on Google? 6 Things You Need to Know – This informative blog entry uses examples to stress the importance of checking how your blog is going to be displayed on search engines in order to stand the best chance of getting your blog entry read.

Local SEO: Does Your Business Really Need It? – If your company relies on local business then you might want to take note of the useful advice this blog entry provides. (more…)


We live in an era where digital marketing and in particular social media marketing has become a powerful marketing tool. Having said that email marketing should not be forgotten in the marketing mix as it is still an effective tool for communicating with your customers, building brand awareness and driving those all-important sales. Follow this advice and see how you can write an effective marketing email.

1. Include a Catchy Title
How can you guarantee that people will take notice of your email?
The first thing you will need to perfect is how you can get your emails read in the first place. There is no point in having fantastic email content if the emails aren’t getting opened. Therefore you need to make sure that your headlines are catchy and forceful. Your title should advertise that your email is going to be of use, for examples titles that include the words “how to” are often successful in being opened. Now that have you had grabbed their attention you need to ensure that the content in the email is effective and up to scratch. (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

It has been a fantastic week with many great blog entries being published! This week we take a look at some of the best blog entries with advice on how you can improve your marketing strategies! Topics include; Pinterest, Twitter, the power of visuals and more.

Are you missing out by ignoring the Little Red Notifications Button on Pinterest? Having already recognised the significant role Pinterest can play in referring traffic to your website, this blog entry talks about the importance of managing your Pinterest account properly, particularly in terms of keeping up to date with your Pinterest notifications.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Social Media Sites – This blog entry discusses the basics to making your blog entry a success and avoiding those simple errors that could be costly to your business.  (more…)

Managing Your SEO- Keeping Your Blog Active In Your Absence

Sometimes unexpected things come up and our everyday lives get a little thrown off course causing some things to take a back seat. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for blogging. You might have previously seen my recent blog entry “Starting A Successful Blog” where I addressed the importance of having back up blogs or extra blog entries written in advance.  Well, guess what I’m going to emphasise the importance of that again this time with your SEO in mind.

Particularly if you know you are going to be absent from work from a while, it is crucial that you keep your blog feed updated like you normally would. This is because the search engines that crawl your website will be used to the amount of times that you usually upload new content. For example if you are usually updating your website on a daily basis and perhaps uploading a new blog entry every day it is likely that the search engines will crawl your website every day and look for this new content so that they can index the new page.

As mentioned in previous blog entries the frequency that you upload useful and fresh content can affect your search engine listings. If search engines can see that you are providing useful information to those on the internet then it is more likely to list your website in a higher position in comparison to other websites that might not have updated their content or blog feed in months.

(Having said that, there are of course other contributing factors that can alter your SEO as addressed in this blog entry here)

Hopefully by now I have expressed the importance of keeping your blog feed up to date. The next point to address is how you should do this when you are absent from work for whatever reason this might be. This is where scheduling comes into play! Sites like WordPress will allow you to write up your draft and then select the exact month, day and time that you will like your blog post to be published. (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s blog entries take a look at sourcing images on the internet, persuading people online, digital news and much more.

Alternatives to Flickr for Illustrating Your Posts- This blog entry is great for introducing new sites with fantastic image selections that will keep your blog feed fresh and exciting.

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Turning Your Website into a Persuasion Powerhouse – This blog emphasises the role of human psychology in persuading people online. (more…)

Starting A Successful Blog

Firstly you should ask yourself where you are most productive… in the office, on the sofa, in a café, at the beach? Wherever your productive place might be, take yourself there shut yourself off from the rest of the world and write a list of all the possible topics that you could blog about.
View of the beach
If you are not use to doing this, be patient this might take time. Do not get frustrated if you cannot think of a lot of topics straight away, a handful should be adequate to get you started! However it is important that you are entirely comfortable and passionate about the area you will be blogging in. If you are not passionate about what you are going to write about then you are going to struggle writing a new post each week. In addition to this it is likely that your lack of enthusiasm will show in your writing and readers will be put off almost immediately. So before you commit to creating a blog feed choose a topic that excites you, a topic that you can’t wait to share with others! (more…)

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week we have read some great blog entries, see our favourites here! Topics include; web design, marketing, ecommerce and analytics…

Every Happy Status Update You Post On Facebook Triggers Another 1.75 Happy Posts. So What For Marketing? This entry takes a look at the psychology behind your social media posts.

10 Things You Should Not Ignore In Your Digital Marketing Strategy – Recognises the fundamental importance that digital marketing now has to any business development. (more…)