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Effective Digital Marketing Seminar

Would you like an effective digital marketing strategy to drive your business in the direction you desire?

For those of you whom are serious about driving your business forward you will recognise that marketing is the lifeblood of any business!

With this in mind WNW Design would like to invite you to one of our FREE effective digital marketing seminars taking place at our offices on:

April 30th 9am-12.30pm
May 22nd 6pm -8pm

Topics to be covered include:

  • Is Search Engine Optimisation Dead? (Spoiler… No it definitely isn’t)
  • How to make Google Adwords work effectively
  • The Power of Video
  • Ensuring your Email Marketing is your most cost effective marketing
  • Demonstrate your Expertise to Generate Qualified Leads
  • Social Media: Which platforms and how to find the Time
  • Why Facebook Advertising could be your personal goldmine


There will be opportunity to ask any questions and discuss any of these Digital Marketing related topics.
Although the seminar is primarily aimed at those who recognise the importance of getting their Digital Marketing strategy working effectively, the seminar will also be useful for business advisors, such as coaches, accountants or IT professionals who want to give clients informed advice.

Take the first steps to getting your digital marketing on track and reserve your place at the free digital marketing seminar here.

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Social media, email marketing and responsive web design are all topics that have caught our eye this week. Take a look at our favourite blog entries.

13 Google+ Tools to Improve Your Marketing – This informative blog provides you with top tips to improve your success on Google +

Beginning HTML: How to Use the <strong> Tag – An introduction to HTML

The Hashtag Test: Best and Worst Practices for Social Media Marketers- Some social media etiquette when using the hashtag. (more…)

The Psychology Behind Your Social Media Posts

You might have previously seen my blog entry regarding the psychology behind web design. In this instalment we shall look beyond web design and take a more specific look at the psychology of your social media posts and how the way you use your social media channels can alter your business success. According to Wikipedia Media psychology involves “How people perceive, interpret, respond and interact in a media rich world.”

WNW Design social media channels

Therefore, managing your social media is not a simple process, in reality there is a formula behind creating successful social media posts, particularly as we live in a fast paced environment in which people do not have the time to read through in depth complicated content. Instead users seek eye, catching, interesting and often visually attractive content. Follow these steps to stand the best chance of social media success.

Understand your customers needs

Before you start posting on social media think about why your customers might be following your Facebook page for example. What are they interested in about your business? What will be relevant to them? What type of content will keep them coming back to find out more. You really need to spend some time working out who your target audience primarily is and what they are interested in etc.? For example if you are running a garage, a post about what you had for breakfast will be very irrelevant, whereas if you were a chef this would be exactly the type of content you should be producing. Once you have built up a general customer profile you will be able to start targeting your posts and making them more relevant. (more…)

Make Your Advertising Mobile Now!

It appears that advertising is undergoing a digital revolution as we enter a new technological age where internet and mobile advertising is beginning to overtake traditional advertising methods like newspaper advertising. With the opportunity for increased business success as ads are now displayed across various devices including mobiles and tablets business’ are able to engage their audiences on a wider scale.

Global brands like Facebook are becoming leading experts in utilising mobile advertising. Facebook in particular has now made it extremely easy and accessible for businesses to advertise their offers or business in general for a small fee.



WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Take a look at our favourite blog entries this week, blog entries include latest ecommerce news, algorithm discussions and more.

9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost - Mad Lemmings provides a list of inspirational bloggers that will help you get back on track when you’re facing a blogging conundrum .

4 Essential Trends in Social Media Marketing in 2014 –A summary of the biggest social media trends expected to take off this year from Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego CA. (more…)

WNW Design’s Friday Blog Round Up

It’s time for our Friday blog round up. Take a look at what has caught our eye this week, entries include guidance on how you can write effective web copy, change your Facebook page name and more!

How to change your Facebook page name- Speaking from first hand experience. This blog entry provides a detailed in depth step by step guide. (more…)

Red, Amber, Green… Give Your Blog The Go Ahead

You have spent all that time perfecting the content in your latest blog entry and you are ready to show your expert knowledge off. Before you hit publish, ask yourself these questions to make sure your blog stands the greatest chance of success.

Publish written on keyboard

  • Is your spelling correct?
  • Do you have clear headings?
  • Are you using images to break up the content?
  • Are your keywords optimised?
  • Have you referenced the correct author?
  • Are you using an engaging tone?
  • Is your blog title URL friendly?
  • Is your blog mobile ready?
  • Is your blog ready to be shared on social media?

Bring Your Blog Posts Back To Life By Adding Images

You probably have excellent blog content that has been archived away like it has gone past its sell by date. This shouldn’t be the case particularly for blogs that have worthy content that should not be forgotten. The blog posts might have been shared across your social media channels in the past but that doesn’t mean they cannot be shared again now!

Take some time to go back through your blog entries; pick out a select few that you feel really hit the nail on the head so to speak. Even though you might feel that your content should speak for itself, to increase its effectiveness you could spend some time working on how you can refresh your chosen blog entry that so it is ready to go viral for round two.

Using visuals and images is a great way to add some life to your blog entry. Remember an image can speak a thousand words and can be a great way of getting your message across. Not only will it break up the content, using images can refresh the blogs look and maintain a visitor’s attention for a longer time frame than if an image was not present. So why not add an image and bring your blog back to life.

When you are happy with your new / refreshed blog post, shout about it on social media and start driving traffic back to your valuable content.



Bursting To Blog? Don’t Delay – Set Up A Free WordPress Blog And Start Building Your Brand

Are you bursting with valuable content that you just can’t wait to share?
Are you keen to run a regularly updated blog so that you can engage a community of followers?
Are you unsure how you can build your online visibility whether this be for your personal or company brand?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then it is time you considered blogging. Blogging is a great way in which you can become an expert in your field and share valuable content in order to engage and build a community. Before you start blogging you will have to put a lot of thought into the type of things you are going to blog about. Usually this will mean finding your niche topic….choose a topic that you are interested in and a topic that you know you will be able to write plenty about. There is no point in blogging about something that you do not understand, readers will pick up on the lack of confidence in your blogging voice, they will lose faith in what you have to say and ultimately they will go elsewhere for the information that they need.

When you are confident that you are going to be able to provide frequent valuable content to your blog feed the next fundamental step in your blogging process is choosing where / how you are going to display your blog. There are many sites out there that will allow you to set up a blog feed for free. For an independent start up blog this is great! I have found that WordPress is a great programme that you can utilise to satisfy your blogging needs. (more…)

Writing Effective Web Copy – Part 1, From Planning to Publishing

Copy writing is a long winded process and is not an easy task. In order for your copy to be successful it is important that you are extremely organised throughout the whole copy writing process. This involves being organised from the moment you start to plan the project, collect the data / content, create a layout, write the copy, draft the copy and publish the copy.

Planning/ Researching the Topic
You will need to set aside some time to do some initial research into the field / area that you are going to be writing about it. You will want to feel fairly comfortable about the topic so that you are able to write confidently. The importance of preparation is extremely crucial particularly if the topic you are writing about has tricky technical terms. You will need to get your head around these first so that you are able to convey a clear message to the readers.