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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Find out what has caught our eye in the digital world this week. You will not be disappointed.

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4 Tips for Building the Perfect Content Marketing Sundae 
Make your marketing a success with these tips for creating perfect and powerful content.

10 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From This Week  
Keep on top your digital marketing game with these interesting digital marketing strategies. (more…)

The Importance of Redirects

Redirecting web pages is an important strategy that involves telling search engines like Google where content can be found. It involves forwarding one web page (URL) to another web page (URL).

If you are having a new website created and your URL’s / URL structure is changing then it is vital that you tell the search engines where this new page can be found. This is because Google will treat the page on the new website as a completely new page and the prestige associated with the old page will be lost. So, if you have worked hard on getting your website to list in the top spots on Google, then it is crucial that you have these pages redirected so that these listings can be maintained. Without a redirect, your website could face terrifying prospects; the influx of traffic that your website was once receiving could drop dramatically as top listing positions are lost.
There are also other instances in which you might want to redirect pages, for example if you are moving some content from one page and combining it on another page then it is important that you tell the search engines like Google that this is happening. Therefore, if someone tries to find or comes through to the old URL by accident they will automatically be presented with the new content on the new page. This increases usability and prevents your customers be confronted with an error 404 page which often puts many off.
This type of redirect is called a 301 redirect. A permanent redirect tells the search engines that this page has been moved indefinitely.
Top Tip – Get your redirects put in place before the old content is deleted or inactive, this way Google will be able to see almost immediately, where the new content can now be found.

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Four is the lucky number in this week’s blog entry. Find out about the latest SEO updates and improve your social media marketing skills.

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Landrover: An Instagram Adventure Story
Take a look and see how Instagram can be used to bring you closer to all that is going on in the world.

Google May Be Bringing Twitter To Desktop Search Results
Twitter might be even more important to your business now that tweets are beginning to appear in search results. Find out more here.

4 Digital Marketing Investments All Companies Should Be Making Now 
Ensure online success with these 4 top digital marketing strategies.

4 Signs That You Belong at a Digital Marketing Agency 
Do you dream of working in digital? Find out what skills are beneficial in the marketing industry.

4 Time Management Tips For Social Media Managers
Are you constantly pushed for time? Find out how to balance your social media tasks with great advice in this blog.

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Some great entries in this week’s round up! From SEO to Social Media, this is a round up not to be missed.

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Majority Of Email Opens Are Mobile, But Most Conversions Are On The Desktop –  Some interesting statistics to consider if you are creating an email marketing strategy. If you are to take one important message from this entry, it is to remember that desktop certainly isn’t dead.
Data Driver Experiences Think People Not Users – Many marketers/businesses will question how to market to their customers more effectively specifically. This blog entry considers how profiling your customers can help.  (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Some great entries in this weeks blog round up! Great marketing advice included.

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Ignite Social Media To Host First Ever Snapinar – Read on to see how Ignite are using social media to host a webinar with a difference.

How To Master Content Marketing On LinkedIn – An increasingly popular professional social network that is leaving many people confused how to best make use of this channel. Take a look at Hubspots advice on what content you should be producing. (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Round Up

From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, this week our blog round up provides some top tips on using social media effectively. Other additional blog entries containing quality SEO advice and project management advice also included.

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 6 Tips for Pinterest Marketing in Just Minutes a Day – Many businesses are leaving Pinterest behind because they worry how much time it is going to take them to keep it updated. This blog entry provides solutions to your worries with some great advice on how to keep your website regularly updated.

Forever 21: Instagram Powered Thread Screen – Forever 21 are taking their social media use to the next level. Users can tag their Instagram’s using the specific #f21threadscreen to see their images created live in thread.  (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

For social media and SEO hints and tips and to find out what has been happening in the digital marketing world recently read on!

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How The Top 5 UK Ecommerce Brands Use Pinterest. – These popular brands show how to make a success of social media with their well thought out and relevant Pinterest boards .

Facebook’s New Floating Video Feature Lets You Scroll Facebook Whilst You Watch- If you love multitasking then this latest Facebook development is perfect for you! Now available on desktop drag the video to an area of the browser to continue watching whilst you scroll (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

In this weeks blog round up we consider some of the powerful marketing techniques that will be most suited to your business. We also consider how the latest technological development and trends are allowing marketing to progress.

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Above The Line VS Below The Line Marketing – Ensure your marketing is effective as it can be by choosing strategies that are suited to your business needs. Find out about the different types of marketing in this informative info graphic.

Create Landing Pages That Convince, Convert and Capture Your Prospects Digits – Directing traffic to your landing page is just half the battle! Make sure your landing page is up to scratch with these great techniques in this blog entry.  (more…)

3 Things That Could Be Damaging Your SEO

Marketers are often talking about what SEO strategies can be applied to your website to improve your listings on search engines like Google. However, what many are often not aware of, are factors that could actually be harming your website listings rather than improving them. In this blog entry we bring you awareness of some of the damaging factors that could be harming your SEO.


Duplicate Content
Google likes to see unique content! Therefore, it is important that your content is tailored to each individual website and page. If Google finds duplicate content, your website is likely to be penalised and might even lose some respect.

Spammy Inbound Links
Older SEO practice use to focus on gaining many inbound links. However, when Google released an algorithm this changed the practice of inbound linking dramatically. Therefore, although Google likes to see that your website is being linked from other sources, it is important that these links are from genuine and quality websites.

Too Many Keywords
When taking on an SEO project, any good marketer will spend some time researching a select and specific set of keywords that they believe will work effectively for the site in question. However it is important that these keywords are executed properly throughout the site. The keywords filled in for each page, again need to be relevant to the content on that individual page. Too many keywords will be perceived by Google as Spam.

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s blog round up considers entries containing great advice on how to make the best out of your online marketing!

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The Day After: 11 Things To Do After You Publish A Post – Don’t let your blog go to waste. Follow these tips to drive traffic to your blog after is has been published.

Google Launches Google News App – The Digital world takes another step forward as Google Launches new “newsroom type app”.  (more…)