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WNW Digital’s Friday Round Up

From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, this week our blog round up provides some top tips on using social media effectively. Other additional blog entries containing quality SEO advice and project management advice also included.

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 6 Tips for Pinterest Marketing in Just Minutes a Day – Many businesses are leaving Pinterest behind because they worry how much time it is going to take them to keep it updated. This blog entry provides solutions to your worries with some great advice on how to keep your website regularly updated.

Forever 21: Instagram Powered Thread Screen – Forever 21 are taking their social media use to the next level. Users can tag their Instagram’s using the specific #f21threadscreen to see their images created live in thread.  (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

For social media and SEO hints and tips and to find out what has been happening in the digital marketing world recently read on!

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How The Top 5 UK Ecommerce Brands Use Pinterest. – These popular brands show how to make a success of social media with their well thought out and relevant Pinterest boards .

Facebook’s New Floating Video Feature Lets You Scroll Facebook Whilst You Watch- If you love multitasking then this latest Facebook development is perfect for you! Now available on desktop drag the video to an area of the browser to continue watching whilst you scroll (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

In this weeks blog round up we consider some of the powerful marketing techniques that will be most suited to your business. We also consider how the latest technological development and trends are allowing marketing to progress.

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Above The Line VS Below The Line Marketing – Ensure your marketing is effective as it can be by choosing strategies that are suited to your business needs. Find out about the different types of marketing in this informative info graphic.

Create Landing Pages That Convince, Convert and Capture Your Prospects Digits – Directing traffic to your landing page is just half the battle! Make sure your landing page is up to scratch with these great techniques in this blog entry.  (more…)

3 Things That Could Be Damaging Your SEO

Marketers are often talking about what SEO strategies can be applied to your website to improve your listings on search engines like Google. However, what many are often not aware of, are factors that could actually be harming your website listings rather than improving them. In this blog entry we bring you awareness of some of the damaging factors that could be harming your SEO.


Duplicate Content
Google likes to see unique content! Therefore, it is important that your content is tailored to each individual website and page. If Google finds duplicate content, your website is likely to be penalised and might even lose some respect.

Spammy Inbound Links
Older SEO practice use to focus on gaining many inbound links. However, when Google released an algorithm this changed the practice of inbound linking dramatically. Therefore, although Google likes to see that your website is being linked from other sources, it is important that these links are from genuine and quality websites.

Too Many Keywords
When taking on an SEO project, any good marketer will spend some time researching a select and specific set of keywords that they believe will work effectively for the site in question. However it is important that these keywords are executed properly throughout the site. The keywords filled in for each page, again need to be relevant to the content on that individual page. Too many keywords will be perceived by Google as Spam.

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s blog round up considers entries containing great advice on how to make the best out of your online marketing!

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The Day After: 11 Things To Do After You Publish A Post – Don’t let your blog go to waste. Follow these tips to drive traffic to your blog after is has been published.

Google Launches Google News App – The Digital world takes another step forward as Google Launches new “newsroom type app”.  (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

From Facebook Updates to SEO advice to app developments, this week’s blog entry provides an excellent summary of the Digital Marketing.

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Facebook Rolling Out Significant Upgrades To Ads Manager & Power Editor –Facebook look to improve the Ad area to suit measurable business objectives.

ReApply Reminder: A Smart Sunscreen Bottle – Introducing a clever app that can help save lives. Linked with your sunscreen this app considers local weather conditions and sets reminders for you to reapply your sunscreen.  (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week we consider some digital developments concerning, Google, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Google Expeditions: Virtual Reality Field Trips – Google have introduced an exciting new feature that allows students to take a virtual expedition across the globe. Find out about this new Google development here.

50 Quotes From The Future Of Digital Marketing #FODM15 – For those of us that missed out on the Future of Digital Marketing event here are top quotes and tweets from the day. (more…)

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Our marketing intern Alice has been helping us carefully select our sources for this week’s round up. Read on to see what has caught our eye this week!

5 Marketing Rules Every Business Needs To Know – Some basic advice that will set you off on the right tracks to getting your digital marketing spot on.

Big Data In Marketing- A New World Of Customer Experience – Recognising how marketing practices have evolved over the last 10 years, this blog entry highlights out informative data marketing will allow marketers to accurately target a specific audience.  (more…)

WNW Digital Launch Matford Arable and PG Seeds Website

WNW Design can proudly announce the launch of the Matford Arable and PG Seeds website just in time for the Royal Cornwall Show.  This website has been custom built to the clients specifications allowing customers to navigate to the section of the website most relevant to them. Linked from a central “home page” customers can choose to visit the Matford Arable brochure website that provides information regarding the independent agronomy business based in Exeter. Alternatively customers can visit the Ecommerce website where they are able to purchase  grass seeds from a great mix and range on offer.

In addition to the “dual” website we have also integrated Facebook, allowing Matford Arable to communicate with their clients on a regular basis. This will allow Matford to keep their clients up to date of any company news, new products, special offers and so on. Social Media offers a great opportunity for a businesses to really engage with their customer base and build that all important business to client rapport.

Matford have also purchased SEO (search engine optimisation) to help their website list in the top spots in Google so that they are able to attain all the relevant search traffic that is being searched online.

To view the new clean and fresh websites click here 

Can you Take Advantage of your PDF Content for SEO?

In short: yes.

PDFs are generally not a terribly optimisable format – if you can have content in HTML format (a normal webpage) then you should. But sometimes content lends itself to PDFs; you may have products that have datasheets in that format on top of their product descriptions, or articles with images and particular formatting and borders, and in these cases sometimes PDFs need to stay as PDFs.

However, you can still work on these PDFs to ensure they are working for your digital marketing and not against it. Google does index PDF content (some PDFs are purely image, but most are in a format that allows the search engines to read the text), so all that remains is for you to ensure you use every available method to give Google clear instructions on what the PDF is about and how it relates to your overall marketing objectives.

Firstly, as with all other formats online (webpages, text documents etc) the file-name offers an excellent opportunity to tell the search engines exactly what this file is about. So rename your file, ensure it has no spaces in the file-name (this is another good practice that applies to all other online files too)and make it relevant, concise and descriptive.