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Top SEO Strategies for Bing

Bing is a growing major search engine that has demonstrated recent upward trends in SEO marketing. Bing does not have as much press as Google does, but almost any SEO expert would argue that you want to focus on obtaining the results that will maximize ROI for your business.

Types of Businesses Best for Bing

Bing is typically better oriented towards local consumer-based businesses such as establishments in the hospitality industry or retail. Not only does Bing boast a preferable layout for businesses in specific market segments, but Bing also largely incorporates social media user data into its algorithms. Logically, consumer-based businesses can experience better results on a search platform geared towards B2C sales.

Build a Comprehensive Strategy from Exiting Marketing Variables

Some businesses have almost all the pieces of an ideal SEO strategy on Bing already in place, such as a strong presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Use what you have already built, and continue to use what is working. It is almost always difficult and time consuming to build a meaningful community around a brand on social media networking sites. Some other tactics that can be used to perfect an SEO marketing campaign on Bing are relatively easy, and they include the following: (more…)

Local SEO: It Pays to Get Local

Local SEO is one of the top search engine marketing offerings for 2013, and for good reason – it works. People are using the internet to find the businesses they are looking for. Doesn’t it make logical sense that your company should employ measures to get found where your potential customers are searching?

Recent studies indicate that 39 percent of all searchers are frequently unable to find a specific local business on the internet, even if they know it exists. With a reported 92 percent of people using locally optimized search terms to find businesses online, the numbers indicate a huge gap. Smaller businesses often rely on word-of-mouth and return business to support their company. While this is a huge part of marketing, the times are changing. Local SEO needs to be employed to keep a business afloat and thriving. (more…)

The Cardinal Rules of Viral Content

Many marketers chalk the success of viral videos and posts up to a mixture of timing and magic. Most believe that creating content that spreads like wildfire is simply a matter of good fortune. While a hefty dose of good luck, if there is such a thing, will certainly not hurt your efforts to go viral, the truth is the system is far more scientific.

There are fundamental reasons that some content gets passed around like tissues at a viewing of “Titanic.” Taking the time to understand why people respond to the web’s most popular content gives you the ability to potentially duplicate these successes.

Content is Not One-Size-Fits-All (more…)

The Rise & Fall of Google in My Life

“I am an atheist – I don’t believe in Google”

I start this piece with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the one deity which has most affected my life for the last ten years – Google. Like many of you reading this, Google has had a direct influence on all aspects of my life, and that influence has grown so strong and powerful, Google has taken on a mystical, almost God-Like presence in my daily life.

Forget Big Brother, Google has far surpassed that label or status in the eyes of many and has become one of the driving forces in our daily routines.

Quite frankly, I can’t imagine my day without Google in it. I use so many Google products in my personal and professional life it’s not remotely funny. While I have been gradually weaning myself from Google Search, I still use Google Analytics, Google+, Google Alerts, Adsense, YouTube… and the list goes on. As much as I dislike the idea, Google and its many products have become heavily woven into the very fabric of my life. (more…)

Using Social Signals to Boost Your SEO

Social signals are a hot commodity these days; without them, your SEO and overall traffic won’t be all it can be. Socials signals are any promotion or mention of your brand or products through tweets, Facebook “likes”, and related blasts. The more you engage your audience in commenting and sharing your social media and content, the better your overall SEO results will be.

Both Google and Bing have shown an increasing interest in the value of social signals, making an overall strategic social media plan an essential part of your marketing landscape. Understanding how and why social signals are so crucial to SEO will assist you in planning your overall SEO tactics.

How Social Signals Can Increase Your Rankings (more…)

What’s Google Got in Store for 2014?

Getting or keeping search placement on Google is a fulltime job! In a wonderful and insightful review of what Google has in store for 2014 titled “Future SERP: a Glimpse at Google 2014” by Dr. Peter Myers for the Moz Blog, you’ll learn what he thinks Google has in store. I have to say I think that this is one of the very best articles I have read about what Google is doing for the year ahead.

Here are a few tidbits from the article interspersed with my own insights and experience.

1. Google is focused on mobile. With smartphone use way up, Google’s got to find a way to monetize mobile to continue to build profits. As the mobile user reacts with search differently on their device than when using a desktop, Google is doing strong testing to identify what works and is relevant to mobile users. Expect to see the things that are being tested in mobile move to the desktop arena in the near future. For our clients, this means location specificity in your content and on your website pages is very important as are location extensions used in Google AdWords. Having a mobile responsive designed website is also becoming important and a key algorithm factor for organic placement. (more…)

Are Synonyms the New SEO?

Until recently, keyword research had been about what differentiates the meaning of words. Hence the SEO obsession with targeting long-tail keywords.

In the wake of Google’s algorithm updates – Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird – a new and more subtle approach may be needed to accommodate more clearly what unites the meaning of words… and thereby extend the Depth of Reach of SEO copy.

For more effective SEO copywriting, we should be looking at using keywords or phrases that are broadly synonymous – as semantic ‘alternatives’ rather than ‘options’. This observation was prompted by a recent article on Wordtracker’s blog – but also by my own vast experience as a website and SEO copywriter. (more…)

Can Higher Education in SEO Help You be a Perfect SEO Strategist?

SEO as a learning stream in colleges has yet to be fully developed. That is the reason why you will not find colleges offering full-time programs on this subject. The few colleges that do teach SEO offer only a brief course and that is usually in addition to a major in IT or computer sciences.


The Need for SEO Education

As a business owner, you, no doubt, are deeply concerned with promoting your website. Promoting often means being found on the first page of search engine results, though that is not an end in itself. Search engines have their own set of shortcomings and, whether you like it not, you will have to be content with what they are. There are many intricacies to SEO and they keep changing. Even a few months off from SEO can leave you out of touch with the online world. (more…)

Learn to Write Blog Headlines Search Engines Love: Five Tips

It’s like having bad breath.  If your blog’s headline turns people off, they are not going to stick around to find out what you are really about.

You want people to be captivated, engaged and interested in the title of your article so they actually read it.

But you also want it to say to the search engines, “Look at me!  Look at me!”  And in order to do that, your headline must be optimized correctly for those search engines (hence, search engine optimization).

Five Tips for Optimizing your Blog Headlines for SEO

1.  Take the time.

According to Copyblogger’s 50/50 rule, half of your time spent writing content should be spent on developing the headline. Half of your time. Know the importance of your headline: only 20 percent of online users read anything more than headlines.  So before you get started on your blog, plan on devoting a decent amount of time to crafting the headline. (more…)

How to End Your Fight with Google

Here’s the problem – Google left the door wide open and people took advantage. This led to great rankings, traffic and, more importantly, money in the bank. People started to rely on the majority, if not all traffic coming from Google and then the rug was pulled from under their feet. This kicked off an almighty struggle with the King of Search, but I’m here to tell you today that it doesn’t have to be a fight. There is another way.

Stop Building Dirty Links

If you’re going to get back into Google’s good books, you need to cease using dodgy link building tactics full stop.

This isn’t one of those situations where you can be half in, half out – you need to move away from dodgy links completely.

Stop Now! (more…)