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Google and the Death of “Do No Evil”

After 16 years of helping other businesses achieve a greater prominence for their websites, the past 2 years of insanity has given me pause to contemplate the future.

Clearly, Google is intent on rendering my chosen vocation irrelevant. The previous ability to attain decent rankings has been eroded as Google eats away at the foundations of SEO and progressively eliminates legitimate opportunities to be a “tall poppy” on the www.

Over the years, I’ve nurtured a great many websites for a number of wonderful clients in a broad cross-section of genres. Of those, none seem unaffected by Google’s erratic rampage since 2012. Like most serious SEO practitioners, I believed that Google’s underlying intentions were for the greater good. Like many others, I have worked hard towards understanding and promoting the gospel of St. Google, striving to meet the guideline revisions and the amended terms of service.

I am deeply and bitterly disappointed by the outcome of the past 2 years of changes. (more…)

Google+ Hashtags: Great News for Content Owners

Twitter was first to introduce a hashtag for pigeonholing a particular subject, by putting it before a word or a number of words. It was presumably done to draw more individuals into discussions without distraction.

In May of this year, Google+ also began circulating its posts with hashtags in front of words. Now, four months later, Google is again in the news for supporting hashtags in its search results. Let’s look at how this will impact you.

Welcome Plus on Google (more…)

The Best Tools for Do-It-Yourself SEO

In the world of SEO, you’re really only as good as the tools you use. Those who take on DIY SEO with a firm intuitive stance do so at their own risk. For most of us, what we assume folks will do to search and find our business on the web doesn’t come close to hitting the mark. We should never bank the success of our business on the instincts we have about our customers – especially when there are plenty of tools to validate and guide us.

The good news is, there are oodles of tools out there built to help the DIY SEO marketer. The bad news is, it’s incredibly tough to filter out the good from the bad. Let this article do the interviewing process – these tools and services are tried, tested, and approved to actually help you achieve and maintain ranking improvements.

Tools for Keyword Research

All SEO is built on a foundation of strategically selected keywords. While your keywords may change over time, they truly do create the structure from which all content, copy, and marketing directions are based on. Therefore, it’s advisable to use a couple of different free or paid tools to help you target the ideal keywords for your business.

Google AdWords (more…)

Google’s Hummingbird Update: 5 Changes You Need to Implement

The Google Hummingbird update was launched without any formal notification by Google. Various sources indicated it may have been launched around the last week of August or the first week of September. It was an update specifically geared to deal with handling more complex search queries.

With increased dependency on Google, users had started to enter more conversational kinds of queries which demanded instant answers from Google rather than a set of specific pages which might contain the answer. The core search algorithm of Google was updated with Hummingbird.

With this algorithm enhancement, Google laid more importance on conversational search and semantic processing of queries. Instead of processing a query simply by matching the presence of words on web pages stored in the index, Google now understands the real context of the query and returns exact “answers”. (more…)

The Best Google Marketing Resources That You’re Not Using

Google still maintains its spot as the top search engine around the world, even with the number of new ones that pop up across the Web. Millions of people use Google everyday all over the world because of the great search experience. Because it is such a trusted site, online marketers often use the many tools and resources offered by Google.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from the options that are made available from Google. There are plenty of cheap and even free resources that you can utilize in order to improve your marketing strategy for your business.

Market Research

Think Insights

Think Insights allows you to access studies about how different demographics use the Internet. This will help you get a better idea of what online campaigns will work best for your brand and also inspire you with a gallery of creative campaigns. (more…)

Four Ways to Find Profitable Keywords for Successful Niche Creation

For anyone who is into niche creation, keywords are the vital component that holds the business together.

Today, I’ll be detailing four ways you can find the right keywords to use in setting up a profitable niche site.

1.) Using Google Suggestion Tool

Google’s suggestion tool and related search results can easily be used to choose great keywords.

For example, typing “Pablo diet” into the search will immediately activate Google’s Suggestion tool to reveal key phrases which Google users themselves typed into Google when performing a search.

Also, as an added advantage, scrolling to the end of the search results will reveal more key phrases the search engine users typed in related to “Pablo diet.” (more…)

SEO Keywords: A How-To Guide for Business

To put it bluntly, keywords make the web go ’round. Without them, the internet becomes a scattered mess of an endless array of content. Keywords are like the road maps that lead us to the content we are looking for. From a business perspective, they are the neon signs that guide customers to our front door. Selecting the right ones for your business is therefore one of the most important marketing tasks you’ll ever take on.

While some aspects of keyword selection are intuitive and obvious, most require actual research to back up our assumptions, and it’s important to have the best tools in your arsenal. There is definitely an art to selecting the best keywords for your business. If you’re looking to craft the perfect keyword strategy, heed these warnings and avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Avoid an Identity Crisis (more…)

Popularizing Your Content – Not That Difficult

Content promotion is something that a lot of people seem to struggle with but I’m here to tell you today that it doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging, even when you haven’t done it before.

There are a series of steps that you can follow that will give you a huge head start, even over those that have been doing this for longer than you.

Before I dive right into this guide and go through all of the ways that you can make this easy, I need to tell you about the mistakes that you need to avoid:

The first mistake that people make is thinking that by creating a piece of content that it automatically deserves to get loads of links, social shares and traffic – in some cases this may be true, but great content promotion starts with the content. If you read your favorite blog and find a piece of content that sucks, are you going to want to help promote it? No. (more…)

Will Google Hummingbird Affect Your SEO?

Lately it seems like Google has improved its ability to provide direct answers to your search questions. These improvements are part of Google’s new search algorithm called “Hummingbird,” which is the biggest update to their search engine since the “caffeine Update” in 2009. To sum it up, Hummingbird helps Google provide more relevant knowledge to searchers – meaning the update has enabled Google to better understand the content it indexes.

Google’s new algorithm has the power to quickly analyze long, in-depth search questions instead of examining them word by word. Then, Google will be able to find and rank answers to the searched question from their indexed content.

Aside from more precise search results, Google has also made updates to other features, such as Google Now, that impact mobile devices. Updates like this affect every part of your marketing equation, but in ways that can benefit your business. (more…)

Why Great SEO Can’t Promise Great Results

SEO is a dicey and unpredictable world full of uncertainty. Even if you follow all the rules, you still aren’t assured of moving a single notch in the rankings space. At least not on the time table you’d prefer – which for most of us, is instant.

Think of SEO as a full-scale long distance race. Don’t aim to be the road runner; be the turtle instead. SEO turtles are slow, methodical, sturdy, and persistent. They understand the race will bring challenges and hurdles. But they never, ever give up.

Don’t Believe the Hype – There are No Guarantees

As you embark on your SEO adventure, it’s imperative that you be very mindful about those you trust to lead your charge. Many business owners reach out to SEO professionals to help them implement short and long term strategies, and for good reason – trying to decipher this ever-changing landscape is a full-time job.

If you come across a contractor or firm that guarantees results, be very, very wary. SEO is not an exact science, and if someone is promising you top rankings, or any level of movement, they have no tangible proof to back up their claims.

Why can’t we promise our efforts result in higher traffic and revenues? Let’s examine the most relevant factors.

#1 – Competition (more…)