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Using Facebook and Advertising to a Custom Audience To Increase Awareness

As a business it is now vital that you are using social media to communicate with your customers, advertise your goods and increase your brand awareness. In a world that has become heavily dominated by online marketing, without such a presence your business is likely to be missing out on a huge potential audience which […]

Introducing Facebook Live Stream

Video streaming in general has proved to be a popular feature of marketing with YouTube and Periscope to name a few being some of the dominating video social media channels out there. However, there seems to be a new player in the game… Facebook live! Have you started to receive notifications on Facebook to say […]

Facebook Ads

What Facebook Advert suits my Business?

It can be difficult to determine which Facebook advertising campaign is going to fit your business the best, because there are so many options! You need to first decide what the main objective of your soon to be live campaign is and you have three options: Do you want to increase your brands awareness? Do you […]

Our Facebook

What to include in your Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook page for your business should come as a standard in 2016, because so many people use the social media giant on a daily basis. But have you actually considered what you need to include to make your business page attract users? Read our guide on the essential things you need to include […]

Social Networking

Take Social Media Inspiration From These Leading Companies

The spotlight in digital marketing has moved and there is less emphasis put on social media by businesses, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t utilise social media to bring massive amounts of traffic and engagement to your business. Here are some case studies of leading companies, who are marketing themselves on social media in […]

WNW Visual Content on Facebook

Visual Content and The Power It Possesses

Visual content is one of the most important things when it comes to your online marketing campaigns, because the majority of users (whether it be on social media posts or your pay-per-click adverts) will remember the visual part of your campaign over the text. According to research, having images increases the user’s willingness to read the […]


Why A Responsive Website Is Crucial For Your Online Advertising

The importance of responsive websites continues to remain a high priority in web development as internet giant Google ranks responsive websites in higher positions in search results than those that aren’t.  If that wasn’t enough to convince you of why responsive websites are important, if you are thinking of advertising on Facebook then a responsive […]


Benefits Of Boosting Your Facebook Post

Boosting a post simply allows a Facebook post on your business page to reach out to more people, whether it’s a custom audience you have created, or friends of friends that have already engaged on your original post. Having targeted friends of friends, the majority of people that will see your post are likely to […]

social media

Facebook To Offer Onsite Purchasing

Facebook are currently testing a ‘Buy Button’ that would allow users to buy products without leaving their news feed, making it much quicker and easier to purchase online products. Pinterest have a similar button that allows you to purchase certain items that are pinned, through Iphone, Ipad and Android and it now seems that Facebook […]

People Connection

Why Your Landing Page Could Be Key To Your Online Advertising Success

It’s easy to forget about the effect of your landing page when creating an online advertising campaign, because all your focus goes into the advert itself and the results it is getting. Sure, if you’ve created an advert on Facebook focusing on website clicks and you’re getting lots of people clicking on your website, you […]

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