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WNW Digital Re-Design Exmouth Chamber

Ourdevelopment team have re-designed¬†a new website for Exmouth Chamber. The website immediately showcases its range of colours in the new navigation menu and also shows images in a new slider banner, giving the visitor examples of events and what the company does for local businesses. There are also live social media feeds located at the […]

WNW Digital Make County Grounds Maintenance Website Responsive

In this Digital age the use of mobiles and tablets has increased dramatically. With this in mind, there is now a growing need for businesses to make themselves accessible across these variety of platforms. WNW Digital has made the County Ground Maintenance website responsive so customers get a fluid experience no matter what device they […]

WNW Digital Launch Matford Arable and PG Seeds Website

This dual website has been carefully designed and built by our experienced team at WNW Digital. ¬†The clear navigation applied by WNW Digital has meant that on visiting users are presented with the option to continue to the Matford Arable Agronomy site or PG Seeds ecommerce site supplying premium grass seeds. On both sites […]

WNW Digital Make Taylors Joinery Responsive

The stylish and informative Taylors Joinery website has now been made responsive allowing those viewing the website to get a seamless visit regardless what device they are viewing the website on. As mobile usage has increased dramatically over recent years, more and more people are accessing website and carrying out their shopping and generic google […]

WNW Digital Redesign Wells Carpet Brokers

Take a look at the brand new clean and functional web design that we have created for Wells Carpet Brokers. This website immediately displays a wide range of styles and floorings available at Wells in the interactive banner across the top of the website. A custom form has also been built on the contact us […]

WNW Digital Update and Make Responsive GT Motorcycle's Website

WNW Digital have applied a fresh new design and have also developed the GT Motorcycles website, creating a user friendly website. The interactive changing banner displays a variety of offers and other attractive and useful information for users visiting the website. Keeping in contact with customers is key to GT Motorcycles, social media links are […]

WNW Digital design Mack Heating and Plumbing Website

Mack Heating and Plumbing now have a great website that provides useful information regarding the range of heating and plumbing services that are on offer. From Commercial to Domestic, Mack Heating and Plumbing has the answers for you. WNW Digital have created a clear website that is user friendly. The structure applied allows users to […]

WNW Digital Have Made RVR Website Responsive

Refrigerated Vehicle Rental is now mobile responsive. Those users searching for refrigerated vehicles from their mobile devices will now be able to fully access the Refrigerated Vehicle Rental website. By making your website mobile responsive you can be sure not to miss out on any valuable traffic that might otherwise have been lost. You can […]

WNW Digital Launch Suntab Website

Suntab website was launched this June at WNW. This bright and refreshing and design, includes a scrolling banner that empahsises some of the focal aspects and selling points of their product. WNW Digital have also ensure that the clean layout is user friendly, allowing users to navigate the website with ease. The tab navigation at […]

WNW Digital Working with TactTiles

We’re very pleased to be working with TactTiles on their Digital Marketing and Social Media, offering support, guidance and SEO work to boost their sales. TactTiles have a visually appealing website already, with lots of great case studies and information available on their indoor and outdoor tiling. They offer resilient and flexibe tiles that can […]