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WNW Design's Friday Blog Round Up – 2nd February 2014

5 Powerful Ways to Get More Followers on Google Plus – Insightful look into the dynamics of attracting more followers on the second largest social network Google +.

20 Social Media Ratings You Should Be Monitoring -Jeff Bullas provides a list of the ratings you should be monitoring on your differing social media sites.

10 Customer Experience Statistics You Can’t Ignore -Do you keep on top of your customer service? The statistics in this blog entry will make sure you do.

Why Every Marketer Need to Take Social Data Seriously -Hootsuite recognises the importance of using your social channels effectively.

9 – Pain Free- Ways to Encourage You Colleagues to Create More Content – If struggling to write content sounds a familiar problem to you, then pay attention now. This blog posts talks about the likelihood that you already have a lot of content already written within your business without even realising it.

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