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WNW Digital Blog - Page 190

Internet Marketing Blogs that Beg to be Bookmarked

Let’s face it, Blogs on the topic of Internet marketing are a dime a dozen. Everyone and their dog seems to have one. I’ll be the first to admit it takes a lot to impress me. Some blogs are just boring and uneventful. But then there are some that make me want to come back […]

Facebook in 15 Minutes a Day

I’ve often said that social networking can take up your entire day, if you allow it. You sit down at your desk in the morning, and you see several Facebook event invites and friend requests. As you log into your account, someone’s Facebook status update catches your eye, and before you know it, 3 hours […]

Social Media Optimization: The Power Of Popular Opinion

Why should I care about Social Media Optimization? You should care about Social Media Optimization (SMO), because you care about your company’s image. There’s an old saying that goes something like, “A happy customer will tell one other person about his good experience. A disgruntled customer will tell ten people about his bad experience.” Good […]

All Websites Are International

Tip O’Neill, the late Speaker of The House of Representatives is often quoted as saying “All politics is local,” meaning a politician that helps a constituent with a problem is likely to win that vote based on the personal assistance provided, irrespective of that politician’s stance on the larger, more weighty, geo-political issues. What then […]

WNW Design Launches Western Commodities Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Western Commodities website. Western Commodities is a family owned private company trading in Dried Fruit and Edible Nuts. They source commodities from around the world, principally nuts and dried fruits. Their range is expanding particularly as organic business grows. For instance they now trade seeds, […]

The New SEO – Let's Get Real

Once upon a time, onsite optimization was the most crucial factor in search engine ranking. Webmasters and SEO experts spent ample time ensuring keywords were used in all relevant tags, and that the keyword concentration on each page was just right (usually 5-7%). Then came all the spamming and keyword stuffing, as webmasters and SEO […]

Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Crawlers

There is a lot to learn when it comes to online or internet marketing and search engine optimization. That is why a lot of people hire SEO consultants to worry about their internet marketing for them. However, if you do not want to have to pay SEO experts to help you with the marketing of […]

Upgrading Your Company Website

Dealing with website development issues can be an overwhelming task. There are many things your marketing team must consider, in fact, there are so many things to bear in mind that many of the most important ones never get dealt with, or are buried under competing interests. To avoid project paralysis you should focus on […]

What Personalized Search Means for SEO and Your Website

Looking back over the 15 or so years that SEO has been researched, discussed and practiced, it’s difficult to find any significant period of time when it wasn’t changing. Before Google came onto the search scene around the turn of the millennium, the search engines at the time were ranking websites based primarily on the […]

The Secrets to Keywords – Expanding Your List

The Primary objective of a business website is to attract potential buyers and convert them into paying customers. Relevant keywords allow you to fulfil this primary objective. They help you attract relevant traffic that want to buy the types of products you have to offer, however, the more relevant keywords that you rank well for, […]