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WNW Digital Blog - Page 190

Google Reveals More Linking Secrets To Webmasters

One of the most problematic and confusing issues most webmasters have with Google concerns linking. How your links are ranked? How you should link out? How you should construct your internal links? How you should get more inbound links? How many links should you have on a page? And the líst of questions goes on… […]

What Corporates Should Know About Online Marketing

The most important function of a website is to help a company to sell their services/products to new clients. When potential new clients/tourists need to choose between two companies with whom they aren’t familiar, they are most likely to compare the websites. This is because a website is almost the only method for a person […]

WNW Design Upgrades Van Guard Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the re-design of the Van Guard website. The website was upgraded in the Mazurka online shop for better flexibility and simplicity of products management. Van Guard supply everything you need for your commercial van, including Window Grilles / Blanks, steel Bulkheads, Tool stores, Roof bars / Racks with/without Rollers […]

WNW Design Upgrades Exeter Roofracks & Boxes Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the re-design of the Exeter Roofracks & Boxes website. The new website was upgraded in the Mazurka online shop for better flexibility and simplicity of products management. Exeter Roofracks & Boxes supply Thule roofbars, roof racks, Thule roof boxes and accessories for cars & vans. Visit the website […]

WNW Design Launches Fast Craft Naval Supplies Ltd. Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Fast Craft Naval Supplies Ltd. website. Fast Craft Naval Supplies Ltd. offer a wide range of craft to cover most eventualities arising from Coastal intrusion. They supply equipment such as unarmed customs cutters to Corvette Warships, Armed River Boats for working in the shallows and […]

SEO Explained For People with Real Jobs

When talking to clients about marketing their business online I am asked “How do you get to #1 on Google?” While this article is not specially about how to become #1 – I will explain what the process is and what’s involved. Despite our widespread acceptance and use of the internet – I am always […]

Five Key Marketing Strategies for Web Business Growth

If you expect to achieve sustained growth for your Web business and you don’t have a plan in place to get you there, you might as well forget it. Growing a profitable Web Business is a strategic process that requires long range vision, careful planning, precise execution and patience. It’s vital that you know exactly […]

6 Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Search engine marketing involves keeping your content fresh, using keywords that put you at the top of the first page and obtaining as many links to your site from other websites as possible. Pleasing the Search Engines 1. Search engines love updated content. Pay attention to which sites show on the first page and you […]

Promoting Your New Website

A few weeks ago I wrote about building your website from the ground up. This article did not dive into great detail on any specific topics, but rather touched on the key points you will want to address. In this article I will place most of the focus on the promotíon aspect of this previous […]

Size Doesn't Always Matter, Authority Does.

Bankaholic is a one-man WordPress blog run by 22-year-old Johns Wu, who just got the deal of a lifetime when he sold it to BankRate for $15 million, proving that blogging dreams really can come true. I talked to Wu and got to know him a little better. We found out that he’s a young […]