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WNW Digital Blog - Page 190

Search Engines are Not the Be All and End All for Internet Success

There is more to internet exposure for your business than search engines. Editor’s Note: The author wrote this article with law firms as his target audience, but his points are applicable to any business or web site. To be sure, Google, MSN, Yahoo and the like are all excellent ways of getting your name out […]

Search Engine Optimization: 11 Basic SEO Strategies for Beginners

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process getting your website ready to be found in organic web searches. By organic searches, I’m referring to web searches that appear naturally as the result of a search for a particular keyword or phrase, rather than appearing in the sponsored links (pay-per-click advertising) section of a search page. […]

10 Vital Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Company

The Web hosting firm you choose can make or break your small business. Good ones can run things smoothly, are easy to reach, and fix problems efficiently. But bad ones can have more problems than they are worth, be unreachable at critical times, and bring your business to a screeching halt. Finding a good one […]

Want A Sticky Site? Forget Content!

An interesting debate is raging among copy writers, web designers and content developers about the differences, if any, between writing copy for the web versus writing content. According to prolific copywriter Nick Usborne of Excess Voice, a recent survey conducted among the readers of his newsletter of the same name offers some interesting results. They […]

Break Through the Frustration of Optimization

“I am an artist,” the man proudly proclaimed. “I don’t care,” the critic proudly responded. “The frame is too large, the colors are dark and it will not match my furniture,” the critic further explained. Many times web developers experience a similar scorn but not always from humans. A site has been designed with an […]

How Many Ways Are You Branding Your Business?

Branding is the cornerstone to any good marketing campaign. Without your brand, your business will never amount to its full potential. What do you think is the most effective branding tactic? Branding gets you: – word of mouth – recognition – repeat business – reputation I came across this article from Small Business Mavericks talking […]

Value Emphasis A Key To Marketing Heading Into 2009

Fitch Ratings is calling for the weakest holiday season in the past twenty years for retailers. This is not surprising given the current state of the economy. The firm notes that retail sales have turned negative in the “back to school” period for the first time since 2001, and are expected to remain negative for […]

Does Google Have A Golden Rule?

As a full-time webmaster and site owner, figuring out just what Google wants has been the most challenging aspect of running an online business. For many webmasters Google is the eight ton elephant in the room and you only have two options: upset the elephant and get trampled or quickly find out what it likes […]

Should Small Businesses Invest In SEO During A Recession?

These are tough times, no doubt. The pinch is on every business to cut unnecessary costs and improve efficiency. Those businesses that were squeaking by to begin with are now in danger of closing their doors. Advertising is usually one of the first items on the chopping block (though it shouldn’t be). You’ve got to […]

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Website User-Friendly

The one assumption you need to make to follow along with me in this article is “People Buy People.” It can be a hard concept for many people to understand and agree with. However, millions of spent dollars have proven this premise to me, so I consider it more of a law than a theory. […]

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