The Importance Of Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is likely to be a phrase that is familiar with many digital marketers. It could be described as a form of networking in which businesses look for other businesses (websites) that could provide a quality inbound link to their website. Majestic SEO is therefore a practice that is often carried out by a digital marketer who is looking for additional websites where they could attain inbound links to their own website (clients website) in order to improve their SEO and search engine listings.

Before, I describe how Majestic SEO works it is worth noting the role that attaining inbound links plays in your SEO:

When ranking a website and deciding where it should list on search results there are many things that Google will take into consideration. One of these factors includes the number of quality inbound links. If Google can see that your website is popular and has lots of inbound links then it is more likely to list your website in a better position when a relevant keyword is Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week’s blog round up includes plenty of good advice on how you can alter your marketing strategies in order to improve your business to customer engagement and increase your chances of business success.

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What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a relatively new social network that it is committed to help its users find places that will be of interest to them. Foursquare will ask you to rate a selection of places and then suggest other places to visit based on your previous ratings. For example if you have previously rated Italian restaurants as a type of food that you enjoy, then Foursquare will be likely to recommend other Italian restaurants in the future.

Foursquare initially started off as an app that provided search results that was more suitable and targeted to the individual that was searching for them. In 2009 Foursquare app was then combined with an additional app called Swarm. The addition of this app meant that people could check in at their different locations and share their locations with their friends.
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3 Powerful Benefits of Blogging

Business blogging is becoming extremely popular and there is no surprise why… take a look at 3 of the most powerful benefits of blogging.

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Social Media’s Influential Role In Virtual Fundraising

Analysis of The Recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and No Make Up Selfie Campaign

Millions of social media users can be seen pouring ice cold water accompanied with ice cubes over their heads after which they challenge / nominate more people to do the same. This Ice Bucket challenge has become an internet phenomenon that has swamped social media. This challenge has had a profound effect, successfully generating millions and millions of dollars for the ALS research charity as those participating in the challenge are encouraged to make a donation once they have uploaded their video to social media.

This is not the only fundraising campaign that we have seen take over social media; the no make- up selfie for Cancer research also saw over £2 million pound be raised as internet users posted their bare and make up free faces over their social media channels, similarly nominating others and donating to the charity as they uploaded their picture.

So what makes a successful marketing campaign?

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WNW Digital Redesign West Exe Motors Website

WNW Digital are proud to announce the redesign of West Exe Motors website. The website has undergone many changes in order to achieve a fresh new look.

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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This weeks blog round up primarily focuses on online communication, whilst highlighting ways that we can improve our interaction with others through the means of blogging and social media.

10 Minute touch – Up: Make Someone’s Day (and Make Your Self Known) - Different to your usual blog entry, Blog Clarity mixes things up by setting their readers a blogging challenge to help enccouage interaction within the blogging world.

5 Tips for Writing Comments that Build Your Blogging Brand - Again, highlighting the importance of communication and interaction, this blog suggests 5 ways in which this can be achieved. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Make Time For Social Media And Why This Is Vitally Important

As a keen digital marketer it pains me when I see a social media account that has not been updated for weeks, even more so months!! Social media presents a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their brand awareness, engage with their customers, attract new business, advertise products, release company updates and so on. With this in mind you might be thinking then why are businesses not making use of this great marketing tool… sadly the answer is TIME.

We live in a fast paced environment, where juggling a business alongside other commitments such your family, your friends, your exercise regime, or housework etc often means we are left chasing our tails. However, as the world becomes increasingly digital if you want to keep up with your competitors and you want to promote business success then you need to find the time to take control of your social media NOW. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter To Tweak Your Timeline

It seems that twitter is constantly evolving and updating its features to improve users overall experience on the favourable social network. We have recently seen the introduction of Advertising on twitter through objective based advertising campaigns. In addition to this Twitter is now changing the content that you are able to see on your timeline.

Traditionally your timeline was made up of a variety of different tweets, favourites and retweets from those twitter users that you follow. However twitter has realised that you might be missing out on a huge variety of tweets that might be of interest and of relevance to you.

Therefore if twitter identifies a tweet that has many favourites, an account that lots of your followers are following or perhaps a tweet that is proving to be very popular it is likely that twitter will now insert this on to your timeline. By doing this twitter is hoping that it will be introducing you to additional content that is likely to be of great use or of great interest to you. Twitter has made it clear that this new feature will not be a means of spamming your timeline with irrelevant and pointless content, as twitter will use a strict process to decipher which tweets will be most suited to you by considering how other people in your twitter network are interacting with these additional tweets.

Getting To Grips With Social Media

Over recent year’s social media has become a very powerful marketing tool in which many businesses are effectively engaging with their customer base. However, there are still plenty of businesses that have not yet seized this great marketing opportunity quite frankly because they don’t know or are confused about what type of content they should be publishing.

Here at WNW Digital we have put together a basic list of suggestions of the types of content you might want to post about on your social media channels. These include but are not limited to:

- Information about new products / services Read the rest of this entry »