Instagram Set To Advertise

Following a successful US trial, Instagram is in the process of enrolling an ad function that will allow brands to run their own adverts on the image based social sharing site. In order to test and improve the success and running of these Ads Instagram has decided that the introduction of these ads will be slow and staggered.


It seems that there has been some resistance to the enrolment of this ad scheme on this social channel. Taking on board these mixed feelings, during the US trial Instagram made it clear to its users that these images were advertisements by including a sponsored label and an option that allowed people to hide the ad from their news feeds if they wanted. There is also room for users to leave feedback stating what they didn’t like about the ad so that Instagram can build on these comments and produce better quality ads that users will hopefully like in the future.


As it appears the introduction of these Ads to the UK will be enrolled this year. This leaves great scope for interesting, energetic and creative ads to soon take over our image based social sharing channel. This leaves the question… which brands will we see jump on board?

Image Credit – Instagram


Top Web Design Blog Entries

We take a look at some of the best blog entries related to web design.


Top 5 Declining Web Design Trends You Should Avoid – This blog entry recognises some of the common mistakes that web designers often make. So if you are thinking of designing your website you might want to check these out first

You’re Not Emotional : Emotions and Web Design – Highlighting the influence that web design can have on our emotions. This blog entry show cases some examples of differing web design and the types of emotion that they can stir.  Read the rest of this entry »

What Is PageSpeed Insights?

“PageSpeed Insights analyses the performance of your web pages and provides suggestions to make them faster.” (Google)

In this day and age the speed of your website is crucial to its success. As users we have become very impatient on the web, if a page is not loading fast enough quite simply we look elsewhere for an alternative website that loads immediately. Therefore it is important to monitor the speed of your website to ensure that your website is functioning at a speed that is fast enough to maintain the attention of those visiting it.

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3 Steps To Search Engine Success – Producing Quality Blog Content

There are many actions you can take to ensure your blog stands the best chance of listing well on search engines. For the purpose of this blog entry I address 3 very simple steps you can take to kick-start your blogs listing success.

1.  Insert key words into your blog entry. By doing this you will be optimising the content which is a great way of showing search engines like Google exactly what your blog is about and what it should be listed for. Search engines will recognise these key words especially if they are repeated throughout the content. Then when someone searches for one of these keywords included in your blog entry it is likely to show up in search results.

2. Is your blog SEO friendly? Have you completed the blogs Meta Tags? Many blogging programmes like WordPress will allow you to add widgets, in simple terms you can add functions that will allow you to fill in the Meta Tags for your blog entry. Meta Tags are fundamental to search engine success. You should always make sure that your blog entry has a Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords. These help tell the search engines exactly what the content in your blog is about and often how useful it is going to be to those browsing the internet. Hopefully if you followed the advice above you would have inserted keywords into your blog entry as you were writing it. By filling in your meta keywords you can show search engines exactly what these keywords are and show them exactly what you want to be listed for. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Take a look at our favourite blog entries of the week, topics include Facebook Advertising, producing quality content, Google updates and more.

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Web Design That Drives Potential Customers Away

In today’s society people don’t have time to aimlessly browse websites; people come to your site expecting to find what they want with ease. People make a judgement about whether they are going to continue to use a website within seconds, so if your website is poorly designed it is likely that you are losing potential customers instantaneously.

Here are some of the most common website “nuisances” that could be pushing your website users away:

  •  Cluttered web pages immediately put users off. Make sure your content can be read with ease by leaving adequate space between texts. If you have a piece of information that you particularly want to emphasise perhaps bold the text so that it stands out. Ensure that your USPs (Unique Selling Points) and call to actions are included on every page.
  • Flashing graphics are a big no. They can often make your website look trashy and can distract users from the important content on your website.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Link Building

A couple of years ago it was common practice to buy your inbound links. However as algorithm Google Panda came into play, websites that had undertaken poor link building strategies by buying links faced penalisation. This short blog entry addresses the change in link building strategy.

What happened?

- Businesses / websites buy inbound links
- Panda algorithm introduced – buying inbound links becomes unnatural SEO practice
- High page rank websites with bought inbound links penalised
- Algorithm attempts to reduce spam link building websites

The Don’t s

-Don’t buy any more paid links
-Don’t spam other content by leaving your link in the comments
-Don’t submit your site to poor quality directories
-Don’t beg other people for links in

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Organic SEO vs Paid SEO

Search engines like Google will regularly crawl websites and carry out an “assessment” of some sorts. Based on this assessment Google will then decide an appropriate position in which your website can be listed. Search engines like Google will take into consideration things like keywords, pages included on the website, relevance of content etc. There are primarily two different types of SEO; organic SEO and paid SEO.

What is the difference between organic SEO and Paid SEO?

SEO and particularly organic SEO is a long term solution whereby actions are carried out to help your website achieve a better listing / better ranking on search engines. To achieve good organic SEO listings it is likely that a lot of time and work will have to be spent on a website. It could be months before the work carried out on the website is taken into effect and therefore it could be some months before you see your search engine listings improve.
In contrast to this paid search engine listings can be altered almost immediately. Controlled by a PPC campaign, once you have input the required details and set your cost per click you can expect to see your ad appear in paid listings. Google will rank your ad and place it in a position relevant to its quality score and bid.

Where will my website be listed?

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WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

This week our favourite blog entries take a look at the role social media plays as part of your online marketing strategies.

MLP013: The Current State of SEO – Social Signals & Guest Posting w/ Brent Carnduff – This fantastic blog entry includes a Podcast with two of the most current SEO experts. The podcast is quite lengthy but stick with it as they recognise the importance of social signals and how they are continuing to play an influential factor in your SEO.

Instagram Tutorial – Getting Started With the Most Engaged Network of Our Time – Not many people seem to know about this social channel yet those who have got to grips with claim that “Instagram has even surpassed the impact of Pinterest in terms of engagement in the social media space!” Read more here. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Your Website A Success With These 3 Fundamental Factors

People make a decision almost immediately as to whether they want to stay on your website or look elsewhere. Therefore it is fundamentally important that your web design is effective and striking in order to capture and maintain the interest of those that have come through to your website. You might have already seen my earlier post this week regarding the importance of including testimonials in your web design in keeping with the theme of effective web design, this blog entry takes a look at additional general yet very influential factors that can affect and determine the success of your website.

So what are people looking at when they come through to your web page and how can you ensure that your website stands the best chance of success?

Clear yet striking layout

As you only have a short period of time to maintain the interest of those viewing your website you need to ensure that you web design is clear and striking. The visual attractiveness is therefore crucially important, people won’t spend the time reading the text on your website if they are not “wowed” by your website in the first place. Therefore you should make sure that your homepage is not cluttered with too much text… instead why not include a primary image that will immediately captivate a viewer’s attention. You also need to make sure that your navigation and therefore the layout of your website promotes easy use. People are more likely to lose interest and look elsewhere if they cannot find what they are looking for with ease. If you want your website to be effective and easily navigable you should include the following fundamental pages; home, about us, product/ service information and contact us, as a very basic guide. Read the rest of this entry »