WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

In this week’s round up we highlight some useful blogs that can help you achieve online success.

How To Drive More Traffic To Old Blog Posts – Don’t let your older blog entries got lost in the mist of the internet.Take a look at the advice in this blog entry and see how you can bring your blogs back to life.

Has Your Pinterest Traffic Tanked? (And What To Do If It Has) – This blog entry provides sound advice on bringing your Pinterest back to life in accordance to the new smart feed that Pinterest has rolled out.  Read the rest of this entry »

Real Time Social Media Marketing In A Nutshell

Admittedly it took a while but now more and more businesses are beginning to recognise the vital importance that social media has in attaining a successful online presence. Despite this recognition there still appears to be widespread confusion regarding what type of content businesses should post, how often businesses should post and when should they post on their social media accounts. In this blog entry we briefly highlight the importance of posting in real time!

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WNW Digital's Friday Blog Round Up

Gain an effective online presence with the great advice contained in today’s blog entry.

Pearls of Wisdom from 9 Internet Marketing Quotes – One of my favourite bloggers Ashley Faulkes, recognises some of the most influential marketing quotes that can help you attain online marketing success.

Creativity is a Learned Process – Internet success often depends on the creativity of your online marketing. This interesting blog entry considers the process by which we (humans) create. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital's Friday Blog Round Up

We have created a varied blog round up for you this week. Keep reading for marketing, ecommerce, web design and more great advice.

Urgent vs Important – This blog entry provides a solution to managing your busy schedule and task load. If you are struggling to keep on top of things then this blog entry is definitely worth a read.

How OPEN Cycle Communicates Relentless simplicity To Customers – Using Open Cycle as a case study, this fantastic blog entry really emphasises how communication and engagement with your customers through the use of marketing channels like email and social media have allowed this business to grow to new levels of success.

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Brands That Just Can’t Help Doing It RIGHT

Using the recent London Fashion Week as a perfect case study, this blog entry by Econsultancy recognises the powerful and influential role that brands such as Burberry and Topshop played on social media.


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A Brief Intro to Google Product Ads

There has been a recent surge in advertising on the internet, particularly on search engines like Google. If traditional PPC advertising was not enough, Google has now introduced Google Product Ads; a form of advertising that includes detailed product information such as the price, product image and merchant name.

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A Whirlwind Tour Of Popular Social Media Channels

Here we take a look at the influential roles Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn can play in your business.


Facebook is a popular social media channel that is expected to play a fundamental role in online marketing over the coming months. Over the past you would have probably noticed brands for example using Facebook to update you about new products by writing a short description accompanied by a picture in a bid to attract your attention. However, marketers feared that these posts were simply getting lost amongst users other posts in their news feeds. Facebook thought it was time to change things up, so over the coming months you can expect to see big things from Facebook particularly in the form of its advertising features.

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PPC vs SEO – The Basics

We highlight the basic differences between PPC and Organic SEO.


When you carry out a search on Google you are presented with organic search results and paid search results. Organic search results can be found in the middle of the page. In order to attain a position in one of these spots it is likely that your website has undergone some seo (search engine optimisation). These are a set of strategies that are applied to your website that help earn a position here.

In contrast, paid search results, the results that appear at the top of the page and often down the right hand side are there because the advertiser is paying for them to be there. Whereas organic (middle page) listings are earned through SEO efforts , it might be some time before your website lists in the top spots. With paid search the position in which your website lists is dependent on the maximum bid and quality score of your ad. Therefore if you have a quality ad and your bid outbids other ads with similar content then your ad will be placed say for example in the top paid search result spaces.

Of course, both SEO and PPC strategies for advertising are more complex and involve lots of other factors that influence and determine their listing position. Keep an eye out for future blog entries that will talk about each of these strategies in greater detail.

Email Marketing In A Nutshell – 5 Tips To Increasing Your Return On Investment

Do you normally spend hours upon hours mulling over the content to include in your marketing emails?
Are you disappointed with the low level response that your emails generate?
Do you want your emails to increase your return on investment?

YES? Then keep reading now, for 5 basic top tips on how you can get your email marketing just right.

Write an interesting, thought evoking, powerful title. Include powerful words like benefit, success etc, if readers can immediately see that the email is going to be of use to them they will be more inclined to open it. It is also argued that emails that include numbers in their titles are also more likely to be opened. Read the rest of this entry »

The Basics Of SEO

Imagine you have just spent a decent sum of money on launching a website / redesigning your existing one. So what’s next?

Worringly, this a question that many people forget to ask! Yet, the success of your website hugely depends on the strategies and actions that you take during/ after your website’s launch! For the purpose of this blog entry, I briefly consider some of the important SEO strategies that should be applied to ensure your website stands the best chance of success. Read the rest of this entry »