WNW Digital’s THURSDAY Blog Round Up

As Easter approaches we thought we would bring you our blog round up a day early. A great blog entry that concentrates on social media and SEO particularly in the run up to the Google Algorithm for mobile responsiveness taking place on the 21st April.

Twitter Begins Pushing Ads Within User Profile Pages – Have you spotted the suggested by Twitter posts on your twitter feed? Read to to see what Ad testing Twitter are carrying out now.

3 Steps To Increase Your Search Traffic With Google’s Next Update – As the 21st of April edges find out about the importance of making your website responsive.  Read the rest of this entry »

Use Social Media To Keep Customers In The Loop

Will your business be closing for Easter?

The Easter Bank holiday weekend is fast approaching. For many of us this means enjoying a long weekend and tucking in to some tasty chocolate eggs. However if you are running a business there are two important things you need to do first before you can sit back and relax.

Publish your Easter Opening Times
Use your website and social media to alert your customers of the hours that you will be open over Easter. Keeping your customers informed is important especially if things are changing.

Let your customers know if their delivery is going to be affected. Tell them when they need to get their orders in if they want to receive their goods before Easter. You should also tell them when you will re-open and when their orders will be processed.

Little updates like this will keep your business on your customers good side. Remember it doesn’t have to be anything complicated a few simple updates on the likes of Facebook and Twitter should do the trick.


WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Not too be missed. This weeks blog entry provides sound advice on SEO strategies, visual content marketing, social media marketing and more.


Google Want to Help Put  Your Business on the Map, Literally. Boost your online credibility by getting your business’ map listing.

Google Provides Advice To Site Owners Ahead of April 21st Mobile Friendly Algorithm Change – Mobile usability should be on everyone’s minds at the moment. See what you can do to help your website.  Read the rest of this entry »

What A Mobile Friendly Website Really Means

We recently posted a blog entry “Google warns websites should become mobile friendly” but what does a mobile friendly/ responsive website really mean?

Google Webmaster Tools has created a mobile usability tab that alerts you to the errors on your website. Google will show you how many pages there are on your website that hampering your websites mobile experience.


Here are some of the common errors that you can expect to find:

Touch elements too close – This means your navigation (your buttons) are too crowded or un-clickable due to your website losing its layout on mobile screens. This prevents mobile users from being able to navigate to the desired part of the website. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week we bring you some great social media advice.


Why Posting Your Tweets To Facebook Is A Bad Idea – Find out why linking your Twitter and Facebook page could be damaging to your social media presence.

Should Your Business Invest Time In Instagram – There are so many social media channels out there it comes as no surprise that businesses are confused in which channels they should be investing in. Read on to see if Instagram is for you.   Read the rest of this entry »

10 Year Domain Renewals Could Benefit Your SEO

Did you know that search engines like Google monitor the time period in which domains are purchased for in order to help them determine the validity and the trustworthiness of your site. Domains can be purchased for up to ten years, however many people opt to buy their domain for a 1-2 year duration. Although this time period seems to be a popular choice it is argued that this could be affecting your search engine listings.

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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

In this weeks blog entry we explore how you can grow your online success with this great social media, blogging and content marketing advice.

How Much Traffic Will You Lose From The Upcoming Mobile SEO- Pocalypse?  – Read about the importance of Mobile Friendly Websites as Google plans to crack down on those that aren’t responsive.
The Symbiotic Relationship Between Customer Loyalty & Advocacy  – Grow your business success by turning your loyal customers into your own business advocates.
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Google Warns Websites Should Become Mobile Friendly

Google strives to provide its users with quality websites that are user friendly. Therefore Google penalises any sites that do not offer their users the optimum website experience. The most recent factor that Google are beginning to knuckle down on concerns MOBILE USABILITY.

Over the past couple of years in particular it has become apparent that the number of people using their mobiles to access the internet has significantly increased. Mobile use is not only being used to carry out searches on search engines like Google, it is also being used by people carrying out their online shopping. Therefore Google is beginning to perceive a mobile friendly website as a paramount feature that will positively affect SEO (search engine optimisation) listings.

So how is Google warning websites that they need to become mobile friendly?

Any professional SEO company or those people interested in managing their websites themselves will be familiar with the free service Webmaster Tools. Google refer to webmaster tools as a “free service offered by Google that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.” For more information about Webmaster Tools click here  Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week we highlight some great blog entries that provide insightful and useful advice regarding your Social Media and SEO campaigns.

Infographic: Optimal Image Sizes For All The Social Networks – A useful blog entry that could save you time when it comes to setting up your social media profiles. See what size images you need for the popular social media channels here.

 Nine of the best social campaigns and stories from February 2015 -Some quality examples of various social media campaigns that have generated huge success this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Create A Successful Online Presence NOW

Dreaming of creating an successful and effective online business?

Digital Marketing can help make those dreams a reality.

Digital Marketing is fast becoming a neccessity that cannot be ignored if you want to fend off your competitors and allow your business to grow from strength to strength. So what does Digital Marketing involve?

See below for a very brief introduction:
SEO Read the rest of this entry »