Velvet And Parade Website Is Made Mobile Responsive

Over recent years we have seen a huge increase in online sales being made on mobile devices. With this in mind and with Google’s mobile responsive algorithm put into action on the 21st April this year, Velvet and Parade made the wise decision to make their website mobile responsive.


Customers will now be able to use their mobiles to shop for their stylish outfits. With the ability for customers to view their favourite fashion store on their mobiles, there should be no excuse for the last minute panic buying!

WNW Digital Make Axevale’s Website Responsive

Do you ever get that impulsive urge to just book a weekend away in scenic Devon?

Well Axevale have just made that even easier for you. At WNW Digital we have just made their website responsive so guests can now view their favourite holiday park from their mobiles!

By making the Axevale website responsive it has now become much more accessible to customers. Customers will now be able to view the Axevale from their smartphone whenever they desire to do so, whether this be on their morning commute or when they are sat in a cafe dreaming of a summer holiday. Customers will be able to view Caravan Details, learn About The Area and so on.

You can view the website here
PS don’t forget to check this website out on your mobiles!

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Our marketing intern Alice has been helping us carefully select our sources for this week’s round up. Read on to see what has caught our eye this week!

5 Marketing Rules Every Business Needs To Know – Some basic advice that will set you off on the right tracks to getting your digital marketing spot on.

Big Data In Marketing- A New World Of Customer Experience – Recognising how marketing practices have evolved over the last 10 years, this blog entry highlights out informative data marketing will allow marketers to accurately target a specific audience.  Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital Launch Matford Arable and PG Seeds Website

WNW Design can proudly announce the launch of the Matford Arable and PG Seeds website just in time for the Royal Cornwall Show.  This website has been custom built to the clients specifications allowing customers to navigate to the section of the website most relevant to them. Linked from a central “home page” customers can choose to visit the Matford Arable brochure website that provides information regarding the independent agronomy business based in Exeter. Alternatively customers can visit the Ecommerce website where they are able to purchase  grass seeds from a great mix and range on offer.

In addition to the “dual” website we have also integrated Facebook, allowing Matford Arable to communicate with their clients on a regular basis. This will allow Matford to keep their clients up to date of any company news, new products, special offers and so on. Social Media offers a great opportunity for a businesses to really engage with their customer base and build that all important business to client rapport.

Matford have also purchased SEO (search engine optimisation) to help their website list in the top spots in Google so that they are able to attain all the relevant search traffic that is being searched online.

To view the new clean and fresh websites click here 

Can you Take Advantage of your PDF Content for SEO?

In short: yes.

PDFs are generally not a terribly optimisable format – if you can have content in HTML format (a normal webpage) then you should. But sometimes content lends itself to PDFs; you may have products that have datasheets in that format on top of their product descriptions, or articles with images and particular formatting and borders, and in these cases sometimes PDFs need to stay as PDFs.

However, you can still work on these PDFs to ensure they are working for your digital marketing and not against it. Google does index PDF content (some PDFs are purely image, but most are in a format that allows the search engines to read the text), so all that remains is for you to ensure you use every available method to give Google clear instructions on what the PDF is about and how it relates to your overall marketing objectives.

Firstly, as with all other formats online (webpages, text documents etc) the file-name offers an excellent opportunity to tell the search engines exactly what this file is about. So rename your file, ensure it has no spaces in the file-name (this is another good practice that applies to all other online files too)and make it relevant, concise and descriptive.

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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

Find out whats hot in the world of digital marketing this week with our weekly blog round up.

New YouTube Ads multiply Revenue – Another remarketing opportunity as interactive overlay videos help drive ecommerce sales

Social Media Marketing – How To Choose Your Channels And Create Your Strategy – with so many social media channels out there how can you ensure you pick the right channel for your business. Great advice included in this blog entry  Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

How To Ensure Your Content Gets Noticed – Have you considered what factors contribute to the production of quality content – find out here.

Why Content Marketing Is Essential For SEO Success– There are plenty of SEO strategies out there but this great infographic shows how content marketing benefits your website.  Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital Need YOU!

Can you create cost effective targeted ads on platforms such as PPC and Social Media?

Are you able to produce engaging keyword rich online content?

Are you an enthusiastic and organised individual?


If you answered YES to any of the above then WNW DIGITAL NEED YOU!!!!

We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic and experienced Digital marketing Executive. A typical day at WNW will include the following tasks:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Adwords – PPC, Adverts and Remarketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • You will work hand in hand with our other teams including Sales, Design and of course our existing Digital Marketing Team.

If you think you have what it takes to work at WNW Digital then we would love to hear from you!
For more details about this job role … Click here 

If you are interested in this job vacancy then please email

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

So as we enter the 5th month of 2015 what has been happening in the digital marketing world?

Introducing Lily: The Throw And Shoot Drone – Can we expect to see our Digital Marketing Channels become dominated by video’s as drone’s become one of the hottest new things on the market?

The 1% Rule Of Content Marketing – A Golden Article that will help you organise your content production creating ultimate efficiency.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Importance Of Client Engagement In Social Media Management

In order to generate the best chance of success for your business you need to ensure that all the pieces of your marketing puzzle fit together. An important puzzle piece that is often forgotten involves SOCIAL MEDIA. It is vital that you are using social media to market your business effectively and achieve a successful online presence.

There are plenty of digital marketing companies that you can employ to help manage this service for you. However if you want your social media management to help your business increase brand awareness, generate customer engagement and drive sales then your social media journey should not be as easy as simply signing a contract an agreeing for work to be completed. Read the rest of this entry »