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Changes To Google Local And Why You Need Reviews

Google have now changed their terms of leaving local reviews for businesses and you now do not require a Google+ account to leave a review. This is great news for businesses because anyone with a Google account can now post reviews, without having to sign up for Google+ which will now allow and encourage more people […]

Google Has Made Changes To Its Search Quality Guidelines

Google has made some changes to their Search Quality Guidelines and in this post we will go through the most important ones that could effect your business. Firstly Google has taken off the emphasis of supplementary content on your website, so whereas before things like sidebar tips, related content and anything that could be seen […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 8th April 2016

Welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the Digital Marketing world. This week we have yet another awesome set of blogs and resources from around the ever growing digital marketing universe. We take a look at the basics of digital business-to-business marketing, the best […]

WNW Re-Design Vintage Tyres

Take a look at the brand new website design for Vintage Tyres, thanks to our brilliant design team here at WNW Digital. Vintage Tyres has got a completely new website design, that is extremely easy to navigate, clear, colourful and makes it very easy to the user to find what they are looking for. The main image when […]

WNW Digital Re-Design Exmouth Guide

Take a look at Exmouth Guide’s brand new website design, thanks to our brilliant design team here at WNW Digital. First thing that visitors will take notice of is the image of Exmouth Beach that spreads right across the whole page. The image is bright and colourful and sets the tone for the rest of the […]

5 Essential Ways Work Experience Can Help You Discover Your Future Career Potential

By Keira Howaston Work experience is always a daunting task. You go into a workplace not having a clue if it’s the right decision for you, whether you’ll enjoy it or you’ll carry the skills that they’re looking for. I get it, I do, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know right? So here […]

My Experience At WNW Digital

By Keira Howatson  I wanted to try work experience with WNW Digital as marketing was something that I wanted to pursue a career within. I wanted to explore the world of work and how digital marketing differed from traditional marketing in order to see how much I enjoyed this role. I wanted to know how […]

WNW’s Friday Blog Round Up – 1st April 2016

Welcome to another edition of WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up where we bring you the latest from the digital marketing world. This blog has been written by our work experience student, Keira Howatson, who has been working with us in order to learn more about the digital marketing world this week. This Friday we […]

Google AdWords Reports – A Breakdown Of Your Report

If we are managing your Google AdWords accounts, you will be receiving monthly AdWords reporting from us via email. We have broken down the reports in this blog so that you can see just what each element means – don’t hesitate to call us if you want these reports explained in person too and then refer to […]

Why Your Landing Page Could Be Key To Your Online Advertising Success

It’s easy to forget about the effect of your landing page when creating an online advertising campaign, because all your focus goes into the advert itself and the results it is getting. Sure, if you’ve created an advert on Facebook focusing on website clicks and you’re getting lots of people clicking on your website, you […]

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