WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Social media, email marketing and responsive web design are all topics that have caught our eye this week. Take a look at our favourite blog entries.

13 Google+ Tools to Improve Your Marketing – This informative blog provides you with top tips to improve your success on Google +

Beginning HTML: How to Use the <strong> Tag – An introduction to HTML

The Hashtag Test: Best and Worst Practices for Social Media Marketers- Some social media etiquette when using the hashtag. Read the rest of this entry »

Should You Buy a Keyword-Rich Domain for your Site SEO?

I’ve been asked this by a few clients recently, and the answer is yes. And no.

The wording in our domain is just one small element that contributes towards your website listings. If your domain is spot-on but the rest of your SEO is useless or non-existent, you’ll get nowhere. If your domain is useless but the rest of your SEO is spot-on, you’ll be flying.

The most important time to consider your domain is when you are first setting up your website – then you can choose a domain featuring one of your main key phrases, and it will contribute to your over all optimisation efforts. Ensure, of course, that your domain is easy for people to read, understand and type in too – you don’t want to sacrifice usability for SEO.

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The Psychology Behind Your Social Media Posts

You might have previously seen my blog entry regarding the psychology behind web design. In this instalment we shall look beyond web design and take a more specific look at the psychology of your social media posts and how the way you use your social media channels can alter your business success. According to Wikipedia Media psychology involves “How people perceive, interpret, respond and interact in a media rich world.”

WNW Design social media channels

Therefore, managing your social media is not a simple process, in reality there is a formula behind creating successful social media posts, particularly as we live in a fast paced environment in which people do not have the time to read through in depth complicated content. Instead users seek eye, catching, interesting and often visually attractive content. Follow these steps to stand the best chance of social media success.

Understand your customers needs

Before you start posting on social media think about why your customers might be following your Facebook page for example. What are they interested in about your business? What will be relevant to them? What type of content will keep them coming back to find out more. You really need to spend some time working out who your target audience primarily is and what they are interested in etc.? For example if you are running a garage, a post about what you had for breakfast will be very irrelevant, whereas if you were a chef this would be exactly the type of content you should be producing. Once you have built up a general customer profile you will be able to start targeting your posts and making them more relevant. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Your Advertising Mobile Now!

It appears that advertising is undergoing a digital revolution as we enter a new technological age where internet and mobile advertising is beginning to overtake traditional advertising methods like newspaper advertising. With the opportunity for increased business success as ads are now displayed across various devices including mobiles and tablets business’ are able to engage their audiences on a wider scale.

Global brands like Facebook are becoming leading experts in utilising mobile advertising. Facebook in particular has now made it extremely easy and accessible for businesses to advertise their offers or business in general for a small fee.


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Up Coming Web Design Events

Here are a selection of Web Design events coming up over the next couple of months…

key board with web design written on it

Industry 2014 -23rd April

Where: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Topics include:
-Web performance

Speakers include:

  • Timoni West from Foursquare
  • Lara Swanson from Etsy.com
  • Greg Hoy from Happy Cog

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WNW Designs Friday Blog Round Up

Take a look at the variety of blog entries that have caught our eye in the office this week. Entries include information about the latest google algorithms, marketing trends and much more.

Another Matt Cutts Talk About Upcoming Google Algorithm Changes – Included within this blog entry is a video link with Matt Cutts discussing the different changes and implications between various sites.

Top Seven Mistakes in Web Page Titles- This blog entry recognises the mistakes that damage your web site, whilst suggesting advice on how to avoid these problems.  Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Design Redesign Bonsai Direct Ecommerce Website

Screen shot of Bonsai Direct Web Design

We are proud to announce the re-design of Bonsai Directs new ecommerce website. We have applied a striking visual refresh so that the website represents the positive business progressions within Bonsai Direct. Read the rest of this entry »

Keep Up To Date With Facebooks Latest Changes

If you have been running a business page on Facebook it is likely that you will have noticed the latest changes that Facebook has recently implemented. Facebook has described these changes as part of the process in creating a more streamlined look for it users.

There is hope that with this new streamlined look that has seen a mix around of the timeline layout and the introduction of additional features which are now easily accessible at the top of the page, users will be able to find the information they are seeking more easily and accurately.

So what changes will we see?


In particular this new streamlined design will support those page admins who manage various Facebook business pages. The new layout will highlight those tools that admin users frequently use hopefully making their Facebook management a lot easier. Read the rest of this entry »

The Future Of Web Design Conference 2014 Is Now Underway

The annual conference of “The Future of Web Design” is running between the 7th – 9th April in London 2014. For 3 whole days individuals are invited to take part and engage with other passionate web designers whilst discussing new technologies, trends and developments.

Delegates are invited to take part in a variety of workshops, networking opportunities, design clinics with an additional choice of two conference track sessions that will supply practical guidance, allowing individuals to choose what speeches will be more beneficial to them. Read the rest of this entry »

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing Your WordPress Theme

Choosing your WordPress theme is a fun and exciting time, your website is the face of your business and it is where your customers will make the decision to purchase your goods or services. Therefore, your website is vitally important! There are hundreds of WordPress themes available to choose from so when it comes to making your choice you need to make sure you decide on a theme that is right for you. There are certain factors that you should consider when selecting your WordPress Theme to ensure that you are 100% happy with the overall finished website. These contributing factors that I will consider in this blog entry include: visual, design, function and support aspects.


Is the theme visually attractive?
The visual and the aesthetic of the theme is probably the first decision that you will make. There are hundreds of themes to choose from so you should be able to narrow your selection down to a selection of themes that you find to be visually attractive.

Consider the colour of your theme

Your choice of colour can often say a lot about your website / business. For example blue is often used to represent intellect whereas yellow often symbolises optimism and creativity. You should do your research to see what the colour of your WordPress web design will express. When considering the theme, you should also consider a colour that compliments your brand and logo. Read the rest of this entry »