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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 18th March 2016

It’s Friday! Which means we have another edition of our weekly Blog Round Up, covering the latest news, trends and tips in the Digital Marketing world. This week, we are looking at how the growth of Snapchat is appealing to Digital Marketers and Google’s new programme launch ‘Analytics 360’. We also take a look at […]


The Importance of Feed Readers to Social Media Management

Social Media and blogging is a huge factor for success for online businesses and it can be difficult to manage your sources of information so that you can have a constant amount of content coming in, to keep companies’ social media and blogs ticking along. You can easily just google topics to write about, but you end […]


WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 11th March 2016

It’s that time of week again and we look into what you can do with negative feedback for your business, the latest SEO news and information, and the biggest stats in Digital Marketing from the last seven days. We hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Blog Round Up. How To Convert Negative Customer Feedback into […]


Goodbye to Sophie and Welcome to Ben and Becky!

We have changes here at WNW Digital, where we say goodbye to one of our team members, but welcome two new employees to the WNW Digital team! Many of you have spoken to Sophie over the last two years – she did a fantastic job running Social Media campaigns and blogging for our clients over […]

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Website Navigation – Getting the Correct Structure

Have you ever gone to a website and wondered: “How do I find what I want here?” Website structure and navigation is one of the most important factors in getting information to your customers and ensuring that they stay on your website by finding what they want. With the advent of mobiles and “hamburger” menus, […]


Google Removes Right Panel of PPC Ads – What This Means For Your Campaign

You may have noticed this change in the last week – the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) are looking a little more spacious than usual! Google has made the decision to remove the right-hand panel of sponsored ads, cutting down the amount of ads on the first page massively. This is an interesting choice for […]


Potential Threat to Businesses Across the UK

We would like to warn our clients about a potential threat to your business as there have been reports of a group sending online extortion demands, with a threat of a cyber-attack. The group who call themselves “RepKiller Team” have been demanding businesses through email to pay between £300 and £500 in Bitcoins. If the […]

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 4th March 2016

You really don’t want to miss this week’s blog round up! Invaluable SEO and Social Media advice is included! 10 of the Best Social Media Campaigns and Stories from February 2016 –  A great blog entry that give you an insight into some fascinating social media campaigns and stories that have brought us great entertainment! How to […]

WNW Digital Re-Design Exmouth Chamber

Ourdevelopment team have re-designed a new website for Exmouth Chamber. The website immediately showcases its range of colours in the new navigation menu and also shows images in a new slider banner, giving the visitor examples of events and what the company does for local businesses. There are also live social media feeds located at the […]

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We Have Re-Designed Our Website

Having many clients to juggle, it has been difficult to focus on our own projects here at WNW Digital, but we are very pleased to say that we have completed our brand new website design and that we are extremely happy with the finished outcome. We have an almost perfect Google speed score for the […]