Twitter To Tweak Your Timeline

It seems that twitter is constantly evolving and updating its features to improve users overall experience on the favourable social network. We have recently seen the introduction of Advertising on twitter through objective based advertising campaigns. In addition to this Twitter is now changing the content that you are able to see on your timeline.

Traditionally your timeline was made up of a variety of different tweets, favourites and retweets from those twitter users that you follow. However twitter has realised that you might be missing out on a huge variety of tweets that might be of interest and of relevance to you.

Therefore if twitter identifies a tweet that has many favourites, an account that lots of your followers are following or perhaps a tweet that is proving to be very popular it is likely that twitter will now insert this on to your timeline. By doing this twitter is hoping that it will be introducing you to additional content that is likely to be of great use or of great interest to you. Twitter has made it clear that this new feature will not be a means of spamming your timeline with irrelevant and pointless content, as twitter will use a strict process to decipher which tweets will be most suited to you by considering how other people in your twitter network are interacting with these additional tweets.

Getting To Grips With Social Media

Over recent year’s social media has become a very powerful marketing tool in which many businesses are effectively engaging with their customer base. However, there are still plenty of businesses that have not yet seized this great marketing opportunity quite frankly because they don’t know or are confused about what type of content they should be publishing.

Here at WNW Digital we have put together a basic list of suggestions of the types of content you might want to post about on your social media channels. These include but are not limited to:

- Information about new products / services Read the rest of this entry »

Email Marketing Mayhem – Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes

Most of us now have our emails linked up to our phones which has made checking our emails a very easy task. The increase in accessibility to our emails has meant that email marketing has become a very powerful tool in the marketing tool box. However, email marketing only becomes an effective marketing strategy if it is done properly. In this blog entry we recognise some of the most common yet costly mistakes that many businesses often make when it comes to email marketing. Also read on for sound advice on how you can achieve email marketing success.

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WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

It’s time for our Friday round up again… this week has flown by! I have chosen some great entries that focus on providing great hints and tips for online marketing, website design and much more.

 8 ways to improve the usability of your website – Your website acts as the face of your business, therefore it is important that its design is well thought out promoting easy usability. This blog entry provides great tips on how you can design your website for success.

7 things brands need to know about the internet of things –  This is quite a fascinating read. Recognising the intensified rate in which the digital revolution seems to be occurring, this blog entry suggests how brands should be thinking of how their products can become interrelated with the web. Read the rest of this entry »

What is PPC Advertising?

When you search for a keyword on Google you are presented with a list of websites that Google believes are relevant to your search. Within these search results you are presented with both organic listings and listings that are paid for. As a general rule the top 2/3 listings that appear at the top of the page (usually with a faint yellow background) and those search results that are displayed down the right hand side of the page have all been generated by paid advertising.

These adverts are being paid for in a system that Google calls Pay Per Click. In brief, PPC is a quick advertising means whereby successful adverts that have a high quality score (ads that are relevant) are displayed on the first page of Google, resulting in an increase in traffic directed to your website.

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The Beginners Guide To SEO

Search engine optimization is a fundamental practice that effects where your website lists on search engines like Google. When a keyword or search phrase is searched on one of these browsers we are presented with a list of websites that are relevant to the term searched. Ultimately the better your listing the more traffic your website is likely to receive. Read the rest of this entry »

Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

This blog entry by Wade Harman is a great a starting point for those looking at starting email marketing and also those who need that extra bit of help and guidance to their existing email marketing strategies. This light hearted yet very informative blog entry that not only recognises the importance of email marketing but also suggests numerous top tips and ideas that will help you get your email marketing right.

Within this blog entry you can expect to find useful information on topics concerning; Why email marketing is so important, when to do your email marketing, what to send to your subscribers and much more. To read the blog entry Email Marketing Tips For Beginners click here .


Social Media News: Advertise Your Business With Twitter Ads

In a bid to help business users make their advertising effective on social media, twitter has recently introduced objective based ad campaigns. Users can choose what aspect of their marketing strategy they wish to focus on and then tailor their ads specifically to their marketing goals.

When it comes to creating an objective based Ad Campaign twitter will ask its user what goal a business is striving to achieve. For example does your business want to gain more followers, attain greater numbers of website clicks / conversions or perhaps use ads to generate more business leads? Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

In this weeks blog round up we highlight the EXTREMELY important changes that if ignored could be damaging your business, alongside other great business advice including social media and email marketing.

IMPORTANT CHANGES TO COMMERCIAL TERMS– This blog post might be one of our own but the effects of not knowing about these recent changes could be extremely damaging to your business if you are a online retailer / ecommerce owner. So if you want to learn how to protect your business after the recent changes to the regulations that govern the online sales of products of services. Pay attention now!

Page One of Google And How It Gets You Customers – Dreamed of getting your business on first page search results of Google, then give this blog a chance. Ashley not only talks about the benefits of listing on the first page of Google but also suggests ways in which this can be achieved. Read the rest of this entry »

A Date For The Diary – Brighton Digital Marketing Festival

WHEN – 18th September
WHAT – Brighton Digital Marketing Festival
WHERE – Brighton Dome, Corn Exchange

Why not re-ignite your business marketing and take inspiration from this popular event that is now in its 4th year or running. Read the rest of this entry »