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Why Your Landing Page Could Be Key To Your Online Advertising Success

It’s easy to forget about the effect of your landing page when creating an online advertising campaign, because all your focus goes into the advert itself and the results it is getting. Sure, if you’ve created an advert on Facebook focusing on website clicks and you’re getting lots of people clicking on your website, you […]

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How Much Would You Pay To Get A New Client?

It sounds a weird concept but bear with me as it’s one of the most important concepts in getting your marketing working effectively. Yet surprisingly few businesses, even marketing businesses, really understand its importance! The easiest way to demonstrate this concept is with a hypothetical example.  Let’s say that your average sale is £30.00 and […]


WNW’s Friday Blog Round Up – 25th March 2016

It’s Good Friday, Happy Easter! I mean when is a Friday never good? Especially when we have another edition of our weekly Blog Round Up, covering the latest news, trends and tips in the Digital Marketing world. This Friday we take a dive into how to start an SEO strategy, particularly if you don’t have an […]

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Forde George Is Now Responsive

Forde George has now become a mobile responsive website, thanks to our design team here at WNW Digital and from an SEO point of view, having a website that is responsive is a brilliant factor simply because Google recommends it and now use it as a ranking factor. The design makes it easier and more […]


Benefits Of Having a Disaster Recovery Plan

This blog is all about the benefits of having a plan ready for when disaster strikes, as we all know is inevitable at some point! You might be thinking ‘really, what are the chances of this happening to me.’ But what if it did? Would you really be prepared? As a digital marketing company we […]

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The Benefits Of Structured Data For Your SEO

Today we are going to summarise the importance of microdata with the help of one of our developers Rick who is providing the technical and specialist information on the subject of Structured Data. Structured data within your website can come in many forms but the end result is the same, it helps search engines display meaningful […]

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WNW Digital Re-Design WestExe Mortgages

Take a look at West Exe Mortgages’ brand new website design, thanks to our brilliant design team here at WNW Digital. Straight away you will notice the massive impact the image has on the homepage. The call to action buttons are found directly in the middle, giving visitors a clear and straight forward way of contacting West […]


WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 18th March 2016

It’s Friday! Which means we have another edition of our weekly Blog Round Up, covering the latest news, trends and tips in the Digital Marketing world. This week, we are looking at how the growth of Snapchat is appealing to Digital Marketers and Google’s new programme launch ‘Analytics 360’. We also take a look at […]


The Importance of Feed Readers to Social Media Management

Social Media and blogging is a huge factor for success for online businesses and it can be difficult to manage your sources of information so that you can have a constant amount of content coming in, to keep companies’ social media and blogs ticking along. You can easily just google topics to write about, but you end […]


WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up – 11th March 2016

It’s that time of week again and we look into what you can do with negative feedback for your business, the latest SEO news and information, and the biggest stats in Digital Marketing from the last seven days. We hope you enjoy this week’s Friday Blog Round Up. How To Convert Negative Customer Feedback into […]