Blogging Ahead Of Time – Planning And Organising Your Topics And Titles

If you blog on a regular basis then it is worth paying attention to this very basic yet effective advice that is often forgotten in our busy and hectic schedules.

Plan ahead, create a schedule and assign a theme or topic for every day / every week. For example on Friday at WNW Digital our readers will know that they will be able to find our weekly round-up blog. Having a reoccurring theme can often help attract a unique and generous following. These readers that return week in week out clearly express an interest in the topics that you are blogging about and more than likely appreciate depth and knowledge that you are providing within your blog. Read the rest of this entry »

Changes to Commercial Terms

This is a guest blog by Tom Moore on behalf of Stephens Scown LLP.

As you are probably aware, when you sell a product or service on-line, you are automatically bound by legal regulations that dictate how you offer that product/service, deal with returns and generally run the on-line ordering process.

As of 13 June 2014 the regulations which govern the on-line sale of products and services have changed.The changes are numerous, but, most importantly, impose further duties on businesses which sell products or services through their website. Some of the key changes are summarised below.

Additional Charges:
o Express consent must be provided by the customer for any additional payments.
o You must provide a non-premium rate telephone line for customers to contact you. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

This week all of our blog entries highlight the role of social media in marketing strategies.

Personalisation in marketing: how far should brands go? -This article discusses the effectiveness of personalisation whilst recognising that there needs to be a fine balance between the personalisation of everything and keep customer data safe and secure.

Three brands that were surprise winners of World Cup 2014 – This year’s world cup provided the perfect space for interaction between businesses and their customers. This blog entry identifies 3 brands that had great success, including Dr Dre Beats, Specsavers and Danoe activia yoghurt. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media News – Linkedn Attain Marketing Platform Bizo

It appears that LinkedIn are following in the footsteps of other social media giants in attempt to market to professionals within the business industry by acquiring the marketing platform Bizo.

Bizo was created to help marketers carefully target their audience using data management. According to a recent article on webpronews Bizo has been “helping brands meet their marketing objectives by getting the right message in front of the right audiences on the web.”

Vice President of product at LinkedIn David Thacker recognised the promise and positive effect that this new partnership is expected to have with the words “Adding Bizo’s offerings into our portfolio of content and mobile products will allow us to offer a wide range of solutions to meet our customers’ marketing objectives.”

Therefore a partnership between Bizo and LinkedIn will allow marketers an improved platform that B2B marketers can make use of in order to increase their business sales and success.


10 Ways You Can Optimise Your Online Content

In this day and age having an online presence is becoming crucial to any business and a lot of people are beginning to recognise this now. Therefore in order to have the edge over your competitors it is vital that your online content is optimised allowing your business to stand the best chance of online success. In this blog entry I briefly recognise 7 ways in which you can do this.

1. Have a clear and navigable structure
2. Ensure your web pages have appropriate page titles
3. Use H1 (header tags) to title your pages
4. Insert your keywords throughout your content
5. Complete all Meta Tags
6. Break your content up with striking images and different structures
7. Include a call to action
8. Ensure all links are working
9. Keep your website updated with new/ fresh content
10. Build quality inbound links

6 Top Tips For Successful Blogging

Take a look at some of my top tips that will help drive your blogging success.

Stick to a topic or theme – You should specialize in one area of interest. Not only will you convey your passion for the topic in your writing, it is likely that by focusing on one area in particular you will really be able to get stuck into the topic in great detail. This will allow you to present yourself as an expert within your industry. However if you are one of those people that would prefer a little bit of variety in your blog entries why not designate a topic to each day of the week and repeat this week in week out.

Mix up the style/ format of your blogs – it is important that you mix up the format of your blogs every now and then. For example on one day you might want to break your content up using headings for paragraphs, another time you might want to break your content up using bullet points, other times you might want to just create an infographic. Don’t get stuck in a rut, remember we live in a fast paced environment whereby people are often rushed off their feet and will not have the time or patience to sit down and read pages of long copy. So keep this in mind when you are producing your content, make it’s format as attractive and as interesting as possible.

Create a list of useful resources / news feeds – When you are struggling for inspiration you can use this as your go to place to look for topic ideas, events or news that might be relative to your blogging topic.
Create an image bank – as the old saying goes an image can speak a thousand words. Spend some time taking photos of images that you will be able to use in your blog entries. Take the opportunity to input a striking image that will attract and maintain the interest of those reading your posts.

Schedule posts in advance – this takes the pressure off writing to tight deadlines. Having blogs scheduled in advance can also be particularly useful in terms of sickness, holiday or even unexpected meetings or deadlines.

Post your blog entries on social media – social media is a great way of getting your content noticed and read. Be sure to post your blog across all of your social channels for maximum exposure. Just remember you will have to adapt your status depending on what channel you are posting on. For example twitter will only allow you to post a tweet that is less than 140 characters.

The Power Of Infographics – 6 Ways They Can Benefit Your Business

Infographics can condense a lot of information into a very readable format. Infographics usually contain graphs, pie charts, flow diagrams, images, maps, bar charts and so on. There alternative format means that they usually stand out amongst other text dominated content. Infographics are often powerful imagery that really can speak a 1000 words.

Solution to time restrictions
Infograpghics are proving to be a great medium for conveying information particularly as we now live in an environment where we are restricted by time demands. Nowadays it is not very often that people have the time to sit down and read through long text content only to take away a few key points. Infographics therefore provide a solution to this problem by presenting comprehensible contently clearly and quickly. Read the rest of this entry »

WNW Digital’s Friday Blog Round Up

We are back to publishing our weekly blog round up. Take a look at our favourite blog entries of the week. This weeks entries are centered around digital marketing and the role that social media, data collection and marketing events can have.

Why You Clicked on That Tweet: The Pschology of Twitter Engagement -Do you ever consider the reasons why you chose to ignore one tweet but click on another? This great blog entry takes a look at some of the influencing psychological factors that encourage us to engage on twitter.

Learn, Network, Create – Upcoming Digital Marketing and PR Conferences in 2014 – This blog contains details to marketing conferences that should not be missed this year. Read the rest of this entry »

The Role of Online Directories As Part Of Your SEO

You can improve your SEO listings by submitting your site to a selection of online directories. However it is vitally important that when you are researching for suitable online directories to submit your site to, it is crucial that you only submit them to the directories that are of a high quality. Failure to do this will often mean that you are doing more harm than good and could even be damaging your search engine listings. Having said that, when submitted carefully and properly, online directories can have profound benefits to your SEO as I will recognise throughout the rest of this blog entry.

Submitting your website to online directories can be a great source of driving additional traffic to your website. Think of an online directory as a digital version of the yellow pages. Most quality directories will include your business name, your contact details including telephone, email and address, a business description and a link to your website. Therefore when people come across your business online if they are interested in the services that you offer they can click on the URL and be directed through to your website.

Not only is it important that your directory listing contains all the relevant and correct information about your business it is also important that you ensure that your website is of a high quality. Now that you have achieved the hard part of driving traffic to your website it is vital that you maintain the interest and convert those visitors into sales when they come through to your web page. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Benefits Of Using Google Plus

Google plus was first introduced as a social media channel 3 years ago and ever since has continued to grow in popularity despite a lot of people being sceptical about its use as a social channel. In this blog entry we briefly touch upon some of the advantages of using Google plus.

Engagement and Interaction
Whether you are using Google plus for personal or business use, it is a great social channel for interacting and engaging with others. You can join other people’s circles and see what they are posting about, read articles , like other peoples posts and so on. Google plus allows you to organise your social channel so that it is tailored specifically to you and your interests. This organisation also means that’s you can quite easily separate your personal interests from your work related interests. Read the rest of this entry »