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Insider insights and tips on how you can improve your website and Digital Marketing campaigns from the WNW Digital Team

WNW’s Top 4 Tips on Improving your Existing Strategy

Having a digital marketing strategy will be a saviour when it comes to planning your campaigns or improving from data. Your strategy can be constantly improved to mirror the progression of your business; however, it will always follow a similar path. Here are four things to think about next time you refresh your strategy. 1. […]

How Can Having a Strategy Benefit your Google Adwords ROI?

Google AdWords is an extremely effective resource when you want to increase the traffic to your website and generate more leads for your business. Strategies are a great way to achieve the goals that you have set for your business. Whether it is getting more targeted traffic to your website or reaching your audience before […]

SEO Strategies

We all want to appear at the top of google when a customer searching for our industry, but a lot of people don’t where to start. The answer is SEO; Search Engine Optimisation, this is what will help your website to appear highly on google for the search terms that you want to list for. […]

What KPIs and Goals Should You Be Tracking this New Year?

Tracking your KPIs and Goals is vital to any successful digital marketing campaign. This is how you measure the success of your marketing in general or of a specific campaign you have been running. A KPI is a ‘Key Performance Indicator’ which is how effectively your business is achieving its objectives. Volume Measuring the volume […]

Don’t Let Your Marketing Slip After Christmas!

We know that Christmas isn’t even here yet, but we want to be prepared and so should you. So, you’ve been marketing non-stop leading up to Christmas, doing everything you can to get your business seen by your target audience. Why would you stop in January? This is a fairly common mistake businesses make, they […]

Introducing our New Apprentices!

Towards the end of this year we welcomed two new members of the team, both of whom are completing apprenticeships with us. So far, this has worked out to be a great opportunity to help them proactively learn about our industry, whilst working within our industry. Tierney and Beth have written a section on how […]

Fast Marketing methods to complement your SEO this Christmas

Search engine optimisation is by no means a quick method of digital marketing, it can take months to see results. Leading up to Christmas you want to see results almost immediately. Therefore, maybe it is time to add in a slightly different approach for this time of year, which will in turn complement your SEO. […]

Don’t Risk Losing Your Google Account – Check Your Security Settings

I am working with a client that has lost access to their Google account currently and it looks like they will not get it back, and I have encountered enough similar issues in the past that I felt the need to write a blog about this for our clients and anyone else that could benefit. […]

The Importance of Using Video in Your Next Marketing Strategy

Video is becoming the new weapon of choice for a lot of businesses when it comes down to their marketing strategies. This is for a good reason, the benefits of using video within your marketing are increasing all the time. Email Campaigns If you want to increase your click through rate in your email campaigns, […]

Seasonal Strategies: Increase your traffic and sales this festive season

Christmas is fast approaching and the festive season is already upon us for most people. This is the time of year where everyone is looking to spend, spend, spend. So, how can you help draw their attention to your company, increase your website traffic and therefore increase your sales over the period? We’ve got a […]

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