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Insider insights and tips on how you can improve your website and Digital Marketing campaigns from the WNW Digital Team

Be Top of the Class in SEO – Best Practices for Your Website

There is a lot of confusion around SEO and part of this is because there are no instant results, it takes time and experience to get SEO right. However, there are a few things that you just should be doing or in some cases should not – the SEO best practises. We have also written […]

Get an A* In Google Ads – Best Practices for Your Account

Google Ads is a sure fire way to get your business in front of an audience who are actively looking for your product, but this doesn’t come without work. There are definitely some good habits you can get into when running your ads which will help you reach the top. We will also be giving […]

Benefits of Google Ads and Organic Marketing

Google Ads and SEO are both extremely efficient methods of digital marketing, and they can benefit your business in very different ways. But, what are the benefits of these marketing methods?   Google Ads  There are so many benefits to running Google Ads for your business and if we listed them all this blog post would be pages […]

WNW Digital Launch a New Website for DoorStuff

We have recently launched a new website for the e-commerce site DoorStuff. They are an online retailer selling door accessories. The main aim for this website is functionality and to improve the usability of the site. Since they were already a client of ours for SEO, the SEO team played a large role in the […]

Google Ads and SEO for Non-Marketers: What Can You Do?

Google Ads and SEO are two of the most effective and well-known methods of online marketing for businesses, but how easy are they to use for non-marketers?  For a while now, SEO and Google Ads have mostly been left to the professionals, and in some cases, this is for a good reason, but what aspects of these methods could […]

WNW Launch a New Website for Devon Archaeological Society

We have recently launched a brand-new website for the Devon Archaeological Society who offer information and activities surrounding archaeology and Devon’s past.   The main aim for this design was to really modernise it compared to the previous website as well as improving the usability.   Improving the navigation from a small sidebar panel into larger header navigation was one of the big […]

Google Have Expanded the Search Ad Format

Overnight marketers all over the world were rejoicing to the discovery of expanded search ads. The last change like this was made in 2016 where the ads format grew by 50%, and now in August 2018, it has grown again. Google Ads has recently undergone a ‘makeover’, transforming the platform from Google AdWords to Google […]

WNW Digital Launch New Website for Bradbeers Furniture Rental

We have recently launched a new website for an existing client, Bradbeers Furniture Rental. Bradbeers are an existing client of our company, they have an ongoing SEO project with our team, so this was a big factor in the redesign of the site. SEO was at the forefront of our team’s mind during this design […]

Proximity Marketing: What Is It and How Can You Get Started?

There are new forms of online and digital marketing being introduced all of the time into this market, but very few actually take off. Proximity marketing seems to be an exception of this and is something that your physical store should be considering for 2018. What Is It? Proximity marketing has been around for decades, […]

Google Ads Targeting Broken Down

You may be aware of this small change already, but Google AdWords is now called Google Ads! This is the same piece of software as before just with a different name to reflect the variety of ads you can run through the platform – not just text ads! Most people are familiar with Google Ads, […]

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