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Insider insights and tips on how you can improve your website and Digital Marketing campaigns from the WNW Digital Team

Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out

Starting out in the retailing industry is tricky, there’s so much to take into consideration. ‘What are you going to sell?’ and ‘who are you going to sell it to?’ would be the main two questions you’ll have to answer, followed by, ‘what’s going to make you stand out?’. Many businesses decide that they will […]

Online and Offline – The Killer Combo

In the modern business world, there is so much focus on understanding the necessity of an online presence and how we should portray ourselves online. All of this is relevant and valid information, but it is information which can be detrimental to the perceived value of an offline presence. There are many brands that are […]

Top 10 Things to Avoid in Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of optimising your website so that it ranks as highly as possible in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). There are several ways in which you can optimise your site, some of which we have discussed in previous articles – see here and here. However, this blog entry […]

Website Design – The Make or Break for Sales

Websites have a range of purposes whether that be to generate leads, provide information, or act as an online shop. The design should fit well with the purpose of your website so that it is practical to both view and navigate. It is important for the design of your website to reflect your brand and […]

Is Video Marketing the Secret to Maximum Engagement?

In short, yes. Here’s why… Video Marketing has increased in popularity rather dramatically over the past few years, causing Mark Zuckerberg to predict that Facebook will be almost entirely video-based in 5 years’ time. Google owned video platform YouTube started to take off in the late 00’s, and remains an extremely influential platform for a […]

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Search

Smartphones have become an essential to our daily lives, so much so that we often feel as though we cannot leave the house without one. They allow us to remain in constant communication with others, as well as allowing us to search for and discover the unknowns that we come across day to day, whether […]

Paid Search: Discover the Secret to Listing Top of Google

Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of purchasing ads on search engines in order to gain website traffic. Google AdWords is the most popular Paid Search platform, with Bing Ads in second place. Using Google AdWords is the only way to guarantee that you list at the top of Google. AdWords […]

Email Marketing: Could It Be Your Secret Weapon?

Email Marketing used to be extremely popular but it has since been overshadowed by some of the more recent marketing approaches such as social media. It does however remain a very unique and useful tool, as highlighted by a McKinsey and Company study that states that Email Marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook […]

How Can You Optimise Your Google Places Listing?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a valuable, yet time-consuming process. It is important to optimise your online presence for the search engines so that your business ranks as highly as possible – higher rankings result in more website traffic and conversions – and there are a number of techniques that you can use to help […]

Using Lookalike Audiences For Increasingly Effective Facebook Advertising

Social media giant Facebook has over 1.79 billion users, and as a result an incredibly vast quantity of data. Facebook’s advertising platform allows us to create paid adverts that can target very specific audience demographics based on data that Facebook collects. Facebook advertising has proven to be very successful with advertisers and businesses able to […]

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