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Archive for January 2006

Following Yahoo to a Wealth of Traffïc

Written by Mark Daoust Consider Yahoo the first major casualty of the search engine wars. Yahoo has admitted that they cannot reasonably expect to take away any significant amount of the search market share from Google, so they have chosen to be happy as the second most visited search engine on the Internet. On the […]

MSN Spaces Clears Space For Ads

Bloggers who use MSN Spaces for their posts can place advertising on their blogs now, with options for Amazon associates and Kanoodle ads offered. MAKE MONEY FA$T! That’s the implicit message behind two of the many changes MSN implemented recently, as they added a couple of options for monetizing a blog on MSN Spaces. The […]

Marketing Optimization 101 for Blogs

By Rok Hrastnik (c) 2005 Truth be told, most blogs aren’t really optimized for marketing effectiveness. Even more so, some blogs are absolute marketing machines, but they at the same time fail to fully capitalize on that fact by not being really optimized marketing-wise. Blogs may be Web 2.0, but bloggers should not ignore some […]

If You Want To REALLY Promote Your Site, Here's How…

Written by Steve Shaw (c) 2006 and published in SiteProNews Site promotion gimmicks and traffïc techniques come and go, but the ones that really work are those that stand the test of time. This article highlights what I consider to be the most effective methods to promote your web site of all time. 1. Get […]

Google Grabbed 46 Percent Of Search

(This article was writte by: David A. Utter for WebProNews) The November 2005 figures from Nielsen//NetRatings on search share didn’t change a bit from the month prior, as nearly 70 percent of searches passed through Google or Yahoo. Writing about search engine share is like watching Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”, where every day ends […]

v7ndotcom elursrebmem – Surprise Results

A few days ago we posted an article on this blog about the new SEO competition being run by, the aim being to be placed first in Google (organic rankings) for the search term on May 15, 2006, noon, Pacific standard time. Surprisingly, and without really trying, we have found that in posting that entry, this blog […]

No Love For Google Video

Google rolled out Gmail to tremendous applause, Google Earth found a devoted following for its services, but Google Video has received nothing but grief from the online world. Google refunded The Register and other Google Video users for download purchases that were never fulfilled. Despite an apology from Google… “You may have noticed some problems […]

Searchers Using Engines as an Address Bar

Written by David Utter for WebPronews The habit of going to a search engine has become so ingrained a behavior for Internet users that many input names like eBay or Yahoo into a search box instead of the address bar of the browser. A lot of users have home pages set to various portals, like […]

Web Content Mass + Keyword Optimization + Links = SEO

Written by Joel Walsh and published in How does web content really affect SEO? It’s often said that the answer is simply that content does not affect SEO very much – it’s all about more technical issues. Yet a website’s content still plays an enormous and fairly direct role in search engine ranking. Of […]

v7ndotcom elursrebmem? What be that then?

A couple of years ago an SEO competition was started by They are an internet marketing company that provide affiliate marketing solutions to ecommerce companies. The idea was that the winner of the competition would be the person that had their web page listed a the top of Google’s listings for the phrase ‘Nigritude Ultramarine‘, on 7th […]

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