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Archive for July 2007

Creating A Cli­ck Fraud Action Plan For Your PPC Campaign

OK so you’ve read or heard enough to make you concerned about click fraud. In a 2006 survey of 1,400 search marketers in the U.S under 50% of the group had plans to monitor click fraud across their campaign in the coming 6 months (MarketingSherpa) so by creating an action plan now you will already […]

WNW Design Launches Haven Investments

WNW Design is proud to launch Haven Investments, with a full redesign of their website and a Search Engine Optimisation package put into action. Haven Investments offer commercial and industrial property development through the South West of England, along with commercial offices and units for rent and for sale, brownfield and greenfield land, and joint […]

The Myth of W3C Compliance?

The past few years have seen a huge íncrease in the number of search engine optimisers preaching about the vital importance of W3C Compliance as part of any effective web promotion effort. But is compliant code really the ‘Magic SEO Potion’ so many promoters make it out to be? For those of you not familiar […]

Scam Alert II: Domain Hijacking

There’s a frightening new batch of scams going around now that can damage your reputation as domain “squatters” steal your domain name. There are a number of ways the “game” is played. The first is entirely legal, if more than a little questionable. In this version, the name of a city or geographic area is […]

Google Fear Hits AT&T Square In The Jaw

As predictable as daylight, AT&T isn’t happy about Google’s plan to bid on the 700MHz wireless spectrum. The telecommunications giant is poised to claw any competition out of the equation, and is hoping its traditional ally, the FCC, will have its back again. But the nitty gritty of it is, the telecommunications industry is scared […]

4 Great Reasons to use Google Analytics

Having used a large number of web site visitor trackers over the years, I first approached Google Analytics some time ago, with the somewhat jaded attitude of someone who’s ‘seen it all’ or at least ‘seen most of it’. What could possibly make this particular utility stand out in such a large crowd of competitors? […]

Fluff vs. Quality Content

There are basically three types of content you can use for your site. Fluff, leased, or custom. All three have their pros and cons, but which would work best for ranking well with Google and the other major engines? Let’s first explore the definitions of this varied content: Fluff: Written cheaply by non-native-speaking writers, and […]

Web Design and SEO: The Eternal Debate

Web design focuses on appearance and aesthetics. SEO focuses on text quality and quantity. Web designers don’t really like to clutter their designs with text. They prefer to see the images stand out on their own. SEOs on the other hand don’t like images that much. Sure, an image can be optimized for the search […]

WNW Design Launches LED Lighting Projects Website

WNW Design is proud to announce the launch of LED Lighting Projects new ecommerce website, for LED lamps and lighting systems online. The LED system of lighting offers low-cost and long-term solutions for lighting in the home or office. Lighting Projects new website offers secure online purchasing and a wide range of lights from manufacturers […]

Maximizing the Triangle of Relevancy With Google

The “Triangle of Relevancy” is used to describe the relationship between the text in a landing page, a sponsored advertisement and the keyword or phrase that’s entered into a search engine. Google places a premium on relevancy as it endeavors to ensure visitors have a positive experience by getting search results relevant to their search […]

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