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Archive for March 2008

SEO For Local Markets

Many brick and mortar companies that are catering to their local clientele find it hard to SEO for local markets despite targeting the best keywords. Quite naturally this is not a surprising matter as many of them, although efficient in running their off line businesses, typically stumble over two critical blocks. Stumbling Blocks and SEO […]

WNW Design Launches Pippa Kearns Jewellery Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Pippa Kearns Jewellery website. Pippa Kearns are on-line retail jewellery store where you will be delighted to find not only classic jewellery but ‘genuine’ retrospective jewellery and beautiful handcrafted and innovative designer pieces at competitive prices. Have a look at the online store that […]

The ABCs of Domain Names

Everything on the Internet starts with a domain name! I know that may come off as a bit over reaching – but its true. From email to news, search, video or anything else on the Internet – you have to know where you’re going which is only achieved by a domain name. The ABC’s of […]

Best 3 SEO Tips of 2008

Each year I spend the first three months looking for the best and most innovative SEO tips of the previous year’s end. This year I have what I believe to be the best 3 SEO tips in a decade! SEO Tip #1: Make Google Alerts Your Personal Online Spy Google Alerts is a great way […]

Business Networking

Business Networking On The Internet Networking has long been one of the most valuable and viable tools a marketer or salesman can have. Way before the Internet became such a business powerhouse, marketers built up lists of potential leads and business relationship partners through networking. Even though a lot of businesses have taken their sales […]

Do You Want Your Website To Feature Highly In The Search Engines?

To understand how the search engines work, learn practical Google positioning techniques and develop an action plan to dramatically improve your website’s ranking and visitor numbers, join us at a seminar by Search Engine Optimisation specialists WNW Design. At our seminars, you will: • Find out how search engines work • Discover what can be […]

Social Media Adverising Will Succeed

Despite the fact that social media advertising has yet to hit its stride and is taking some lumps for low click rates when compared to high pageviews, it will succeed. Social media is a different type of advertising platform from information-oriented websites and the two should not be compared. The top 25 social media networks […]

The 10 Step Plan To Successful Email Marketing

When website owners and marketers talk about online marketing, they often refer to SEO and PPC. Email marketing can sometimes be overlooked despite being one of the most powerful methods to reach potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back for more. Perhaps a factor in this is that direct email campaigns are commonly […]

WNW Design Launches PDK Fundraising Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the PDK Fundraising website. PDK Fundraising have been supplying quality fundraising products for nearly 30 years. They are especially renowned for quality soft toy tombolas which offer high profit margins, but also offer a whole range of products which will inspire and help you to raise […]

WNW Design Launches Blue Moon Trading Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Blue Moon Trading website. Blue Moon Trading is a family firm of importers supplying retailers of all sizes with attractive and colourful items for the Home and Garden. A tour of the website will take you through the exciting home, garden and conservatory collections […]

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