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Archive for July 2008

WNW Design Launches Rougemont Direct

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Rougemont Direct website. Rougemont Direct are one of the most progressive and sought after Barristers` Chambers in the South West of England. They offer services directly to members of the public, without the need to instruct a solicitor. Visit the website for more information. […]

Google's Favoritism Makes Knol SEO Magnet

Author and search optimization expert Aaron Wall headed to Google’s Knol, as did many SEO professionals, to create a page. He doesn’t sound happy about what he found. We have already seen how Knol grabbed great Google rankings for a significant percentage of pages listed on Knol’s home page. Knol isn’t supposed to have a […]

Ten SEO Mistakes Made on Database Driven Websites

Search engine friendly websites is one of those often heard phrases, both from web site development companies and from their clients. Everyone knows that this is important to have, and yet it is one of the things that is actually often overlooked. Search engine optimisation companies actually spend a lot of their time analysing a […]

Italics – When You Should Use Them

The purpose of italic typefaces is to aid comprehension by separating off certain words and phrases from their surrounding text. But when exactly should you use italics? The basic purpose in typesetting a story or article for a book, newspaper or periodical, for print or online, is to enhance understanding of the text and thereby […]

How to Create Killer Landing Pages

In the field of online marketíng, a landing page is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search engine result link. It is sometimes known as a lead capture page and usually displays content that reinforces the message contained in the ad or search snippet. Types of Landing […]

Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings: Busting The Myth

There are many companies on the Internet, who are promising that if you give them lots of money, they will assure you top rankings in the search engines. Buyer Beware!!! Let Me Cut To The Chase We all want to be on page one of Google’s search engine results (SERPs). After all, the higher our […]

Link Building 101

Two of the three big search engines (Google and Yahoo) place a large importance on one way links to determine rankings. Each link to your site is like a vote and the more votes you have, the higher you will rank. In this article I will be sharing with you some important info on link […]

Are Your Marketing Strategies and your Website on the Same Page?

Last week a sales rep from a local printing company walked in to my office to pimp his company’s “superior” printing services. I gave him a few minutes and he proceeded to give me his pitch, walk me through his large list of printing capabilities, and show me a smattering of past print jobs that […]

Innovative Ways to Market

Marketing is a three-syllable word that seems so simple, yet encompasses so much. Marketing is a multi-faceted approach to promoting a product or service. Both traditional and unconventional marketing methods have a place in the small business world. Marketing helps small businesses focus on building their brand and identity. There are few limitations to marketing […]

Use Regular Text to Improve your SEO without Pay for Click

What triggers popularity with a search engine has always been elusive. You have to change how you market your website and even build it to make search engines rank it on their top page. For someone new on the scene, it can appear to be a daunting task. Here in this article we will look […]

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