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Archive for February 2009

Internet Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

In this economy, any marketing tool you can use to find new customers is worth considering. But perhaps the best marketing tool available to many small businesses is a yellow-pages-style web site. Such a site means prospective local customers looking for a business like yours know that you’re in business and ready for their patronage. […]

10 Best Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online

Increasing online visibility is the goal of most online business owners. After all, without visibility, you have no traffic and thus no business. However, when you start to research how to improve your online visibility, you discover many options, but find that there is little time for research and implementation. Where does an online entrepreneur […]

Four Simple SEO Tips for Good Search Engine Rankings

Making simple changes to a website to improve search engine rankings and drive traffic is not as complicated as it sounds. This article details the factors that can be simply manipulated yet produce big improvements if implemented correctly. They are worth bookmarking or printing so they can be used in the future as a checklist […]

Ten Website Design Rules For High Search Engine Rankings

While millions of people run some sort of website, only a few – it’s estimated at only 1 to 2% – are really successful in accomplishing what they want on the Net. The main reason for this is the lack of well defined goals and the necessary focus to achieve them. A great plan goes […]

Experimenting With Amazon Google Hacks

Sometimes it is not about what you can find, but what you can’t find that makes Google more interesting. In the highly competitive world we live it, here are some Google hacks for Amazon that will let you know what is not currently being carried by Amazon. This is a reverse engineering process for Amazon, […]

WPN Exclusive: Vint Cerf & the Internet Next Thousand Years

The Internet has come a long way in 30 years, but it is still very much in its infancy. Vint Cerf, Google Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, who in a former life was one of the principle minds behind what we know as the Internet today, is looking far beyond just the next thirty […]

The Best Online Marketing Strategy

Tips for Starting a New Online Business One of the biggest mistakes that many businesses online and offline make is that they do not have a plan for success. Even though it is an online business, you should still have a business plan and you should have a search marketing strategy and know that you […]

20 Best Blog Post Ideas for Small Business Blogging

“So, what do I blog about each time?” is a question I often get from clients. To keep your blog active and healthy, I recommend blogging at least 3 times per week. However, that notion is overwhelming for many. Even though you may be an expert in a topic, your mind may go completely blank […]

24 Essential Pages to include on Your Website

Wondering what pages to include on your website and why? Here is a list of important information that should be included on your site. Before you start thinking about what to write, it is important that you create a plan, which outlines what each page will contain. That way you won’t repeat yourself or forget […]

How to Use Web Analytics to Grow Your Business

If you own a business, chances are you do. But don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly. By now it’s widely-accepted that if you have a business card you should probably have a website. It doesn’t matter what your company is selling – a website, however modest, has become a standard. The real question […]

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