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Archive for March 2009

Changing the Conversion Conversation

By thinking strategically you can apply the correct tactics to improve your site’s conversion rate, generating more leads and sales. The principle of the conversion balance is the key to optimizing your website. What is the conversion balance? On the one side you have Success Factors which build trust and confidence and lead to conversions. […]

WNW Design Launches Teign Plumbing Supplies Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Teign Plumbing Supplies website. Teign Plumbing are one stop shop for plumbing, heating and bathrooms. Browse the website for more information. Please follow and like us:

SEO Benefits of Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Where Social Media Fits Into the SEO Equation We hear a whole lot of talk about social media marketing these days. There is plenty of evidence that there are great benefits to this medium, but there are still many questions about it as well. What questions do you have? I thought it would be interesting […]

Social Media Marketing Strategies

There has been a significant jump in the popularity of social media websites over the past few years. With it has come a shift in the way that people search for information and how they share and consult opinions on the internet when making purchasing decisions. Social media sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg, give […]

The Marketing Potential Of Facebook

We recently looked at the ups and downs of marketing with Twitter. Now’s let’s talk a little bit about marketing with Facebook. Have you had success marketing with Facebook? First of all, it is true that many Facebook users are less than thrilled with the state of the social network at the moment. They recently […]

Proven Insider Tips to Get More Web Visitors Quickly and Easily

Believe me, in spite of the current financial turmoil, there hasn’t ever been a better time to generate an online income stream! And yet it seems that so many budding Internet marketers are finding it hard to break through VNB – the “Visitor Numbers Barrier.” When I started, I thought there was some magic elixir […]

Small Business Succes By Innovation

A new study has been released by Intuit and written by Emergent Research that shows a pressing need for small businesses to innovate to find success. With the web making it easy for anyone to go into business, competition has never been so prevalent. How important is innovation to success? Luckily for entrepreneurs, they have […]

How Much SEO Do You Need To Get Top Rankings?

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions, perpetuated by industry SEO experts, is that a website must follow perfect SEO strategies to get top rankings. While adhering to simple common SEO standards does help the search engines both find and index your site more quickly, it doesn’t guarantee by any stretch of the imagination that following […]

Webmaster Tool Box

Here is a collection of what we consider “must have” tools for webmasters. These tools will benefit any webmaster, both novices and experts alike. Arm yourself with these tools in order to achieve a more professional online presence. 1. Custom 404 Page Use a custom 404 page, so that if a user incorrectly types a […]

Blogs, WordPress and Google

It’s no secret that a continually updated website with new content being added regularly stands a good chance of doing well in Google. One of the long standing methods to regularly expand a site’s content is through the use of a blog. While there are numerous platforms to choose from for managing a blog, few […]

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