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Archive for April 2010

Use SEO Strategies to Improve Web Traffic

Every new technology adopted widely by society brings about a number of new opportunities. The movable type printing press created affordable print information, the telephone and radio created the concept of instantaneous communication over great distances. Today, the Internet has unified both of these concepts into the information explosion that is the digital age. Consider […]

WNW Design Launches Glendevon Furnishers Website

WNW Design are proud to announce the launch of the Glendevon Furnishers website. Glendevon Furnishers are a family run specialist retailer that has been supplying quality, affordable furniture, beds and carpets for nearly 60 years. They offer a range of reliable brand furniture to both domestic customers and hotels. They specialise in riser and recliner […]

Googlize to Save You Time and Money – Get With It!

AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo… even Outlook users listen up! I have been a long time loyal AOL user. My AOL email address spans back a decade. Though it can be easy to switch e-mail addresses, I have always seen the importance in keeping my e-mail address the same, so as to maintain connection with my valuable […]

18 Effective Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Proper Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO, has quickly become a popular topic of conversation among website owners and entrepreneurs. The difference between having a successful website, and hosting a flop, is often the difference between whether or not you’ve incorporated proper keywords and phrases into your webpages. Learning proper SEO techniques can seem […]

An Introduction To SEO

Welcome to Daryl Quenet’s introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimizing design, and how to maximize your websites search engine positioning for the major search engines. When it comes to running an effective website that ranks well on the search engine results pages (SERPs), there are three major factors that can influence the number of […]

The Google Duplicate Content Penalty: the Truth

The truth of the Google duplicate content penalty is quite simply that there is none! If that confuses you, then you have been reading too many misinformed forums or blogs where people get stuck on some popular term that they have no idea what it means, and then profess to be experts. The only experts […]

Can You Achieve SEO with a WordPress Site?

Experts in marketing consulting emphasize a primary goal: getting your site indexed and ranked with the search engines. Not long ago, they would have said a blog might help you do that. They likely wouldn’t have recommended that a blog serve as your main site. Thanks to advances in content management software, however, that’s no […]

10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Marketing Message

Everybody has problems. Granted, some people’s problems are (much) greater than others, but that is one thing we all have in common. We all have problems of some kind. That is one reason that we can all be marketed to. With that in mind, one question that marketers have to ask themselves is “Does my […]

Twitter Promoted Tweets – Advertising With Or Without Them

Twitter has finally unveiled its business model in the form of “Promoted Tweets”. The company refers to this as a “non-traditional” and “easy” strategy that “makes a ton of sense for Twitter.” Promoted Tweets are described as ordinary tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users. Promoted tweets are […]

Pay-Per-Click Marketing vs Facebook Advertising

Google is the Bad Egg of Internet Marketing & M-L-M. With so many accounts slapped and closed down for good, Top Gurus are turning to Facebook Advertising as a far superior option for cheap targeted traffíc. Don’t Put your Eggs in One Marketing Basket Savvy Pro marketers like our members aren’t panicking – we’ve always […]

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