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Archive for July 2010

The Importance of SEO Tactics For Your Online Business

There are plenty of different SEO tactics implemented by different webmasters and SEO companies, which all focuses on one single goal – to gain top ranking in the search engines and drive massive traffic to their website. There are many hypotheses and proven theories on how those search engines really work and how it views […]

Select a Domain Name That Boosts SEO

There are two ways of selecting a domain name. You can choose the domain name first and use it as your organization name or vice versa. Most of the old organizations prefer to retain their brand name in their URL. Many startup organizations select their URL first and then name their organization. This is because […]

How to Get Top Search Engine Optimization and Placement Results with Google Caffeine

Since its debut in 1996, Google’s search engine has experienced countless updates and revisions. But none of those revisions have fundamentally changed the architecture of the Google search algorithm as much as Google’s latest update, codenamed Caffeine. While recent reports put Google’s market share at around 65 percent, a massive update to its search engine […]

The Top 10 WordPress Plugins You Can't Do Without

If you already have a blog, chances are that you are using WordPress as your platform. If you’re not, you should be. There are many reasons as to why WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Web today. In terms of Internet marketing and getting rankings, WordPress offers the most search engine friendly […]

Is Google Really Developing a Facebook Killer?

No less than CNN is reporting rumors that Google does indeed have a social networking site in the works which could give Facebook some competition. This new social site/program is supposed to be called GoogleMe or Google Me. Only Google knows the truth. However, creating such a site would be a smart move on Google’s […]

Yahoo Now Including Bing Results – Tips For Optimising

Bing SEO is More Important Than Ever Yahoo has begun testing organic and paid search listings from Microsoft. Up to 25% of its search traffic in the U.S. may see organic listings from Microsoft, and up to 3.5% may see paid listings from Microsoft adCenter. I guess you could say that the early stages of […]

Geo-Marketing Security Expectations For Businesses

We have discussed the security risks of local business listing hijackings in the past. One of the comments made about these security discussions is why do the geo-listing websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and up to 60 others insure the security to avoid hijackings? Of course the question to be asked is why should they […]

How Social Trends Benefit Business

Although many businesses now realize the power of social media, they have a hard time discerning which social services are effective and which are not. To make matters worse, new social sites, services and applications are emerging almost daily. So, how can businesses keep up? It’s a challenging task, but a necessary one. As discussed […]

Brand Me

Define yourself. When beginning, this is the first step in branding yourself. You need to realize that you are very good, even an expert, at what you do. You surround yourself, either in your job or in your circle of friends, with others who are experts in what you know. Then, you begin to believe […]

The Death of Squeeze Pages… Google Slapped Em Dead

For years now, the squeeze page has practically been the lingua franca of the marketing online world. Whether you’re in real estate (and actually, the real estate industry in particular has leaned particularly heavily on squeeze pages), banking, e-commerce or anything else, the conventional wisdom has been to target tightly focused groups of consumers through […]

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