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Archive for April 2011

Getting Social From The Inside Out

Like true beauty, online social conversations cannot just be bolted on from the outside. Facelifts and make-up might fool some of the people some of the time, but it’s the internal beauty that wins every time. And so it is with social media. Go back and read The Cluetrain Manifesto again and get that vital […]

WNW Design Ltd Launches Mike’s Minerals & Fossils Website

WNW Design Ltd are proud to announce the launch of the Mike’s Minerals & Fossils website. Mike’s Minerals & Fossils sell minerals and fossils from all over the world. They have got a shop in Lyme Regis, the centre of the Jurassic Coast. Apart from the minerals and fossils, Mike’s Minerals also offer mineral specimen […]

How to Build Winning Web Portals

The successful online portals and marketplaces today are well-known; the failures aren’t but are multiples of the winners. Here’s a snapshot look at what it takes to build winníng web portals based on real-life lessons. Ten years ago I was immersed in a meeting of Information Technology professionals and business leaders from the Pennsylvania Industrial […]

Marketing: 10-Step Success Blueprint For Newbies

I’m a giver by nature. It’s hardwired into my DNA. I much prefer giving rather than receiving. As such, I truly enjoy helping people. Over the years, I’ve dispensed thousands of marketing tips through the many syndicated articles I’ve written, on my blog, through my marketing consulting service, and on a variety of Internet Marketing/Small […]

SEO Benefits of Blogging

Adding a blog to your website is a big decision, but it is something that every company should consider. A regularly updated blog can give people a reason to visit your website more often, and there are also SEO (search engine optimization) benefits to keeping a company blog. Perhaps you’ve thought about starting a blog […]

Is Google's Search Dominance Fair?

Google’s proposed acquisition of , and whether or not the Department of Justice approves it, may have additional ramifications for Google and government regulations. According to a report from Bloomberg, the company is being considered for a “broad antitrust investigation” by the Federal Trade Commission, but before moving forward, the FTC is waiting to see […]

Web Marketing Strategy & Tactics: The Take-Away

Consultants are always talking about “deliverables,” a term used to describe the final product provided to their clients. Consultants understand that business people are loath to paying for mere advice even if that advice is critical to their business, but they are open to paying for something tangible like a deliverable. The so called “deliverable” […]

How To Be Consistent In Marketing Efforts?

For those of us with seasonal temperatures, the winter months are usually calmer than the others, partly because the weather is so bad. Many of us take the first few months of the year to recuperate from the busy holiday season. Businesses, however, do not have this luxury. It is perfectly normal for businesses to […]

Reviews Can Help You Rank

If you’re running a business that depends on local traffic, you probably know that good reviews can bring more customers through the door. But did you know that getting reviews – and not necessarily just good ones – can help your business rank better in search results? It’s true. Getting customers to review your company […]

CEO Confidence Continues To Improve

The Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence, which rebounded in the fourth quarter of 2010, improved more in the first quarter of 2011. The figure now stands at 67, up from 62 last quarter (a reading of more than 50 points reflects more positive than negative responses). “CEOs’ confidence has improved, yet again, and expectations […]

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