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Archive for September 2011

Why Anchor Text Could Be the Most Important Aspect of SEO

Anchor text is perhaps one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization but it is also one of the least talked about. This one element of SEO is important to understand because it can help your page get ranked for a target keyword and also help you evaluate your competition more precisely. The […]

You've Got The Traffic, So Why Aren't You Ranking?

You’ve worked so hard with your strategy. All that blogging, article writing and, and, rather expensive, SEO tweaks to your website structure have finally paid off. Proudly, you show everyone your website on the front page of Google for your chosen keyword. Fantastic, but before you head off to the pub to celebrate, there is […]

Video That Sells: Using Memory Triggers

Web videos have many purposes: they display, present, inform, educate, enlighten, and entertain; they also persuade, motivate, and sell. Marketing videos can serve any one of these purposes, or they can serve all of them. What is important is the audience remembers the message and the company that delivers it. Without penetrating the audience’s consciousness […]

Google + Proclaimed Dead. Is this A Fair Assessment?

Has Google+ peaked or is it just getting started? “Google+ is dead,” proclaims Dan Reimold, writing for PBS MediaShift. “At worst, in the coming months, it will literally fade away to nothing or exist as Internet plankton. At best, it will be to social networking what Microsoft’s Bing is to online search: perfectly adequate; fun […]

The New Facebook: Hate It or Love It, Why It's Here to Stay

In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving. Everyday we are inundated with new features, new interfaces and improved designs that can sometimes make our head spin. Facebook is not exempt from this either and has undergone a lot of major transformations over the past several years. Just recently, Facebook has made some major […]

How Should B2B Companies Handle Twitter "Handles"?

If you’re a B2B marcom pro considering extending your social presence to the Twittersphere, you need to think about how to set up your Twitter handles—the @name—to avoid future issues. I advise clients against using colleague names for two reasons. One, you need to consider what happens to that person’s handle when they leave the […]

WNW Design Ltd Launches Plandscape Website

WNW Design Ltd are proud to announce the launch of the Plandscape website. Plandscape is South West based company, trading since 1989, specialising in all aspects of grounds maintenance. Plandscape assists both public as well as private sectors. They have a wide client base providing services to, amongst others, NHS, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, as […]

SEO: 6 Ongoing Link Building Techniques You Should Be Employing

Finding effective and sustainable methods of building links to your website can prove challenging. However, with some effort or investment on your part, it is possible to enjoy an boost in direct traffic as well as a boost to your link profile and search engine rankings through an ongoing link building strategy. There are tried […]

New Google Product Fields in Mazurka eCommerce Admin

Anyone with our Mazurka software operating an online shop (so, offering products you can ‘buy’ on their website) who also submit a Google Products feed will need to read this update. Google Products have introduced some required fields (you can read my explanation and introduction to these changes here) and we’ve added these into the […]

Twitter Announces New Analytics Tool

Do you actively use Twitter to promote your business? Do you use it as an advertising medium, or do you use it to connect with customers? How about a way to promote your business’ website? If you are someone who believes that social media like Twitter is important to your site, this might be your […]

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