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Archive for July 2013

Does a Re-Branding mean a New Website Design?

A re-brand is a very good reason to consider a new website especially if your brand or company message is going to change. In most cases a rebrand is considered to be on par with a new business startup so a new website design should definitely be on the cards. The emphasis here however is […]

Using Instagram Videos in Social Media Marketing

If a picture tells a story, what kind of tale can be told in six seconds? Plenty, as it turns out, as witnessed by the success of the video platform Vine on Twitter. Instagram has taken that a step further with its new video feature: If six seconds is enough time to tell a story, […]

Mark Leveridge – A Magicians Website Launches

Mark Leveridge has been a full time professional magician for hire in the Southwest of England since 1981. His close-up magic has amazed guests at weddings, corporate functions, trade shows and dinners. WNW Design has designed a website that allows Mark to connect with new customers who can not only enquire via detailed contact and […]

Outdated Keyword Optimization Techniques that Could Be Killing Your Rankings

It’s almost a weekly occurrence. An email (or four) pops up in my inbox asking for help because pages that once ranked really well in Google have gradually been falling. For most, it happens without fanfare over time, until somebody finally asks the questions “Where have all our sales gone?” and “Why can’t anybody find […]

Common SEO Blunders that Can Affect Your Site Ranking

Yes, today’s world of SEO can be one overwhelming wave. With a never-ending flow of articles and videos that trumpet all the many steps required to appease Google and friends, high page rankings can feel out of reach. Sometimes the less intimidating approach is to examine the current common mistakes made by SEO do-it-yourselfers and […]

Top 10 Successful Marketing Ploys on Reddit

Reddit intimidates a lot of people — marketers especially. If we don’t understand the social dynamics and invest time into understanding the environment, our marketing efforts will crumble.  On the other hand, if we take the time to learn reddiquette and study the most successful content, we can make Reddit one of the most powerful […]

What to Do if You Think Your Website Design is Out of Date

You can be forgiven for thinking your website is out of date if its graphics are old or the colour scheme reminds you of the original Tron film. For the same reasons you always want the latest model of your car the excitement of launching a newly designed website can actually over shadow the actual […]

The SEO Mistakes Most Webmasters Make

I came across an interesting post on Search Engine Land that referenced two videos from Google’s Matt Cutts.  One of them was of particular interest because it gave specific examples of several areas in which webmasters failed when it came to on-page SEO and SEM.  I want to help you with 3 of those today. […]

7 Must-Have Online Tools for Businesses

Running a business, no matter how large or small, takes a tremendous amount of savvy organization skills. It takes a New York minute for your operation to go from clean to cluttered. From emails to receipts, project planning to social media, there’s a heck of a lot of things for any business owner to stay […]

How NOT to Get Advice on Your Website’s Design

When you work for a web agency you soon become accustomed to clients, friends and acquaintances wanting advice or guidance on their own website’s design and functionality even when you’re off the clock and often in the most random of situations. While some will beat around the bush most will cut to the chase and […]

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