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Tips for Successfully Building a Brand as a Small Business

Most business owners are aware of the importance of branding, but not all are quite sure why this is so important for business.

Your branding is your company’s identity; it’s not just a logo it is how your business is perceived by your customers but also by the general public and other businesses.

Not only does it form an identity for your business but it can also help to create loyalty from your customers because you can connect with individuals’ beliefs and values which in the long run will benefit your relationship.

When you own a small business, it is understandable that your budget will be much smaller than a larger and more defined business, so how can you successfully build your brand?

Your Audience

Knowing your audience and your customer is a great place to start when working on your branding. These are the people you want your brand to appeal to so knowing who they are from the outset will put you in the best position.

Profile your ideal customer; who are they? Think about their likes, dislikes, habits and where they spend their time. Once you have your ideal customer, you can think about addressing your brand towards them.

This will help you understand the direction of your brand and what it needs to include, it will allow you to position your brand but also the best way to tell your story to your audience.

Communicating and appealing to your target market will be one of the main aims of your branding process.

Logo and Design

Your brand is your visual identity; it’s the first impression many users will get of your company.

Your design needs to communicate every aspect of your branding including your values and the message you want to get across to your customers.

Design is one area that you should be investing in; unless you are a graphic designer, it is very wise to outsource this work to a professional.

Keeping consistency across your company is extremely important to stay professional but also to strengthen your brand identity.

We recommend creating a set of company guidelines for your designs. This way it will keep your brand design consistent across all marketing channels and platforms.

You could include the following in your guidelines:

  • Your Colour Palette.
  • Tone of Voice.
  • Tag Line or Main Message.

Remember your brand is much more than just a logo, it is your identity; ensure that you are happy that your design and logo communicates to your audience who your brand is and what you stand for.

Values and Messages

Values and the main message you want to communicate will be at the core of your branding, so it is important to be really happy with the message you’re giving out.

A value may not appear obvious to you at first so think about what you want your company to stand for or even stand against.

Making notes of all the things that are important to you as a company will help you understand what sort of business you are. For example, there may be a reoccurring theme of communication, simplicity or compassion. If there is a theme, then go down this route for one of your values or your main message.

Values will help your business to connect with your customers on an emotional level, if someone holds the same values as your business they are more likely to become a client but also to become a loyal customer.

Consistency is key! Don’t change your values all the time because this won’t sit well with consumers; they want to see a brand who holds strong values, not one that can’t decide what is important to them.

Keep your values and message clear across all marketing channels – this is what defines your company and makes your business individual and unique.

Branding a business on a smaller budget is 100% possible and when approached in the right way is simple to do. We’d recommend to all businesses that they think about their branding to ensure it communicates who you are and what you stand for. If not, maybe it’s time to consider a rebrand?

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