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Small Business Administration Takes Takes Its Ideas To Washington

The economy is on everyone’s mind these days, and the implications of every economic decision are important to all, none more so than small business owners.

This week, the Small Business Administration took to Washington to present some ideas to the White House about entrepreneurship and business growth.

Earlier in the year, the SBA held eight business roundtable discussions across the country. These conferences were all part of the “Startup America Initiative. Over 1,000 entrepreneurs and investors met and presented their opinions during these roundtables.

Of all the ideas that came from those discussions, the SBA took about 200 to the White House. The ideas ranged from things President Obama can do on an executive level to things that must be enacted at a legislative level.

The private sector was also a topic of discussion, as any ideas that should be seen by the private businesses will be directed back toward the Startup America Partnership. This organization is led by AOL’s Steve Chase and will be in direct talks with the President.

According to, the SBA made this outline for the types of entrepreneurial ideas they presented –

People—help entrepreneurs identify, hire, develop and retain great employees.

Money—enable entrepreneurs to obtain the capital they need to grow.

Ideas—catalyze the creation of new ideas that can drive economic growth

Customers—make it easier for small businesses to export their products and services and sell them to the federal government

Lean government—change how the government works so it’s more customer-centric

Tomorrow, President Obama will deliver his much-anticipated jobs speech on the floor of Congress. There, he is expected to outline his own jobs plan to combat the high unemployment levels facing the country.

About the Author:
Josh Wolford is a staff writer for SmallBusinessNewz.

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