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Marketing Automation: What, When and How?

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a process which helps with the initial data capture of your sales funnel. It is a way of improving and personalising a user’s experience with your business online. This service is enabled by various types of software that have been developed with the intention to do just this. Marketing Automation allows for specific personalisation to be targeted to both existing and prospective customers via a number of means, such as email, social media and websites.  The software is constantly keeping up to date and can really help to alleviate strain on your business in the long run by saving you valuable time and money, and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing.

When is Marketing Automation used?

On many websites you will come across pop-ups that ask you to enter your email address, often in return for something – some online retailers offer 10% off your first purchase, for example. When you enter your email address, you will join a mailing list. Marketing Automation software is then often used to send out a series of emails to encourage some form of action from you.

The Flow Chart below depicts a very basic email chain that could be used, and the following description should help to make it clear.

Marketing Automation

After a customer signs up, they are automatically sent Email 1 – this is usually some sort of Thank You/Welcome email. If they open the email (the software can tell either way), they are sent email 2 which they can either open or ignore. Email 3 will be sent if they choose to open it, and then if they respond to the call to action in this last email, an offer is sent to them. If they ignore any of the emails at any stage, they will be sent a reminder email of some sort, whether that is a previous email or a unique follow-up email. If no action comes from that, they are moved to a prospects list.

Another example of Marketing Automation is when a website will recommend something to you based upon what you have previously viewed or searched for. For example, many online retailers show similar and related products to the one that you are viewing at the time, which helps to tailor the customer’s experience by making it feel more unique. It also saves what you viewed last and shows these products when you return to the site in case you “forgot” to buy them on your previous visit – this is almost like a wish list that the site builds for the customer.

What platforms can I use for Marketing Automation?

If you are interested in using Marketing Automation software for your business, there are various platforms you can use. Hubspot, for example offers marketing software as well as software for both CRM and sales. They promote a simple, all-in-one platform for your marketing, which also allows users to measure growth and conversion rate, amongst other metrics.

Another option is Sharp Spring, which provides services for both businesses and agencies.

InfoFUSION and Marketo are further examples of different Marketing Automation platforms.


If you need any help or advice with Marketing Automation platforms, or have any general Digital Marketing queries, do not hesitate to contact WNW Digital today!

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