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3 Benefits Of Using Google Plus

Google plus was first introduced as a social media channel 3 years ago and ever since has continued to grow in popularity despite a lot of people being sceptical about its use as a social channel. In this blog entry we briefly touch upon some of the advantages of using Google plus.

Engagement and Interaction
Whether you are using Google plus for personal or business use, it is a great social channel for interacting and engaging with others. You can join other people’s circles and see what they are posting about, read articles , like other peoples posts and so on. Google plus allows you to organise your social channel so that it is tailored specifically to you and your interests. This organisation also means that’s you can quite easily separate your personal interests from your work related interests.

Integration with other applications
Google plus has many great advantages allowing you to link to a variety of other useful applications including Adwords, Youtube, Gmail and so on. By having a Google plus account you can use all of these great applications through one log in. This is particularly useful for digital marketers in relation to managing content.

Improve Search Engine Listings
Using Google plus alongside these other applications can have a profound influence on your search engine listings. Although Google will deny the influence that using Google plus can have on your search in engine listings, here at WNW Digital we have witnessed an increase in rankings on those websites that are also using Google plus.

These are just some of the advantages that you can expect to experience if you were to start using Google plus. So why not give it a go and witness them for yourself.

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Sophie Angell
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