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3 Steps To Social Media Success

Written/ produced some great content that you can’t wait to share with others? It is important that you get your content promotion right so that your efforts are not wasted. There are a number of different social channels ready and waiting for you to post your insights!

The type of content that you publish on social media can not only vary between different social channels but can also vary on the same social channel. Therefore it is important that you decide which type of social media post will be most appropriate for the type of content that you are publishing.

For the purpose of this blog entry I will take a look at an example form of content that can be published on three of my favourite social channels.

Facebook – Written text with a link
This is a popular form of content that is particularly useful if you are linking to one of your blog posts. If you opt to post some written text with a link on Facebook you will be able to write a description about what the content is about. This is your time to really sell your content and persuade Facebook users to click on the link below. In this form of content Facebook will automatically pull a preview of any images that might be included in your blog post. You are also given the option to upload your choice of image if you are not happy with the selection that Facebook has made.

Therefore if your post contains rich media and your description of content is useful/ your image is eye catching/ striking, then you stand in a very powerful position in converting your Facebook traffic into visitors to you blog feed.

Twitter- Short snappy tweet
Twitters 160 character restriction means there is limited opportunity to sell your content. Again if you are providing a link to your blog post, it is really important that you spend adequate time creating a powerful headline that encourages people to read your blog entry. Twitter is such a fast paced social channel in order for your tweets to get noticed you really have to make sure your tweets stand out from the crowd. Your blog is more likely to be read if users can see that they are going to be able to gain from the content. Some of the most successful twitter headlines contain:

  • The words: How to, Effective, Successful
  • Questions that engage the reader and encourage emotion
  • Numbers: These help the reader decipher what they can expect from the content

Again it is important that you # your key words in your tweets in order to increase the potential of your tweet being found by an increased number of users. In addition in order to stand the best chance of your tweet getting noticed it is advised that you post it numerous times throughout the day. Although posting in real time can have its advantages there are certain social management systems such as Hoot suite that will allow you to schedule your tweets in advance allowing for great organisation and time management.

Pinterest – Image based content
Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social media channels with huge opportunity to drive traffic through to your websites. As Pinterest is an image based social media channel it is important that you choose attractive images to represent your content or products. The more beautiful and visually stunning your image is the more likely people are going to click on the image. You want to make sure your image stands out from others.

You will also have the opportunity to include a description of your image, take this chance to include your keywords so that your image stands more of a chance of being found by users. Within this description box you can also include a link to any additional content that you might be trying to promote. Whether you are trying to promote a blog entry or product, Pinterest can be a great way of driving referral traffic.

For more information on how to Optimise your Pinterest account click here 

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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