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5 Steps To A Successful Blog

Initially blogging was more of a hobby in which people utilised the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. Nowadays blogging is being absorbed by the business world and it is almost becoming a crime if your business is not taking part. Blogging can be extremely beneficial to your company, you can use your blog feed to alert customers to any new products / new services, any special offers or discounts, any company news, any industry news and so on. Blogging is therefore a great way in which you can increase your business to customer engagement, build your brand awareness and even increase your return on investment. However in order for your blog to be a success it is vital that you follow these 5 great tips below.


It is important that you are consistent in your blogging efforts. It is more than likely that your blog feed will grow a set of followers. Blog followers like to know what to expect and when to expect it. It might be worth creating a blogging schedule. Of course your schedule will depend on how often you are able to post. It is important that you give this some thought at the beginning. Don’t schedule in all your posts for 5 consecutive days if you are not going to be able to produce content for another 5 weeks. You would be far better off spreading those posts out and scheduling one in once a week so that you become consistent with your posting allowing your followers to get to know when they can expect new content from you. Therefore if they are interested in what your blog has to say it is likely that they will go to look for new updated / fresh content on the days that you usually post.


Similar to the notion of posting consistently it is important they you keep your blog feed regularly updated. Blogging regularly can also have positive impacts on your SEO listings, particularly if your blog feed is integrated into your web design. This is a great way of showing search engines like Google that your website is of use as it is frequently providing readers with fresh new content. Keeping you blog active is also great for building your brand awareness. Your customers will have a constant reminder of your business if you are posting content on a regular basis.


Some of the most successful blog feeds encourage engagement from their readers. It is great to present your business as experts in your industry through posting informative blog entries especially if you are going to encourage engagement and be perceived of being of use to your readers. Ask people to leave their feedback, comments or any questions that they might have. In addition to this if you are blogging about any special offers or competitions you have running it would be great to tie these into your business social media channels. For example if you are running a Like and Share competition on Facebook or perhaps a Retweet competition on Twitter, you can use your blog feed to alert your customers/ readers to these competitions and encourage them to take part.


If you are encouraging your readers to engage with you and comment on your blog entries / take part in social media competitions it is extremely important that you respond to any comments or questions that you might receive. This is a great way of expressing your quality customer service. Readers are likely to lose trust in you and your business if they comment on your blog feed and do not get a response. It comes across as being rude, disinterested, unorganised among other things! So be sure to keep on top of things, show that your business is useful, helpful and responsive.

Mix up your content

In order to maintain the interest of your readers it is important that you post rich media and change the type of content that you are posting. If you are simply posting long text based blog entries it is likely that your readers will get bored or lose interest. Instead you should keep things fresh, consider posting images, graphics, graphs, screenshots, videos and so on. Images are a great form of media to include in your blog entries, especially if they are powerful and striking as they can be very effective in catching someone’s attention. If for whatever reason you are unable to include images in your blog feed, consider other ways in which you can break up your blogging content, this could be as simple as using bullet points or by putting your headlines in bold. Experiment with the type of media that you can produce and see which type of posts encourage the most interaction.

So if you are already blogging for your business or perhaps thinking of starting to, remember these 5 fundamental tips to ensure your blog stands the best chance of success.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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