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We live in an era where digital marketing and in particular social media marketing has become a powerful marketing tool. Having said that email marketing should not be forgotten in the marketing mix as it is still an effective tool for communicating with your customers, building brand awareness and driving those all-important sales. Follow this advice and see how you can write an effective marketing email.

1. Include a Catchy Title
How can you guarantee that people will take notice of your email?
The first thing you will need to perfect is how you can get your emails read in the first place. There is no point in having fantastic email content if the emails aren’t getting opened. Therefore you need to make sure that your headlines are catchy and forceful. Your title should advertise that your email is going to be of use, for examples titles that include the words “how to” are often successful in being opened. Now that have you had grabbed their attention you need to ensure that the content in the email is effective and up to scratch.

2. Stir up emotion
You will need to engage your reader’s emotion, stir up some feelings that they cannot ignore. When your audience are reading the email they will probably ask themselves… What can I gain from this product / service?
Readers will only likely be interested if they are able to easily see how they can benefit. Offer something of use – create the desire and need for your product / service.

Additionally emphasise what your readers have to lose if they don’t invest their hard earned cash in your product or service. However, you should be mindful / wary that you are not scaring your visitors away. What I mean by this is be realistic, don’t tell your readers that their world is going to end if they do not invest in your product, because quite frankly they won’t fall for that and will most likely lose trust in whatever it is you might be advertising. Instead subtly inform what they might be losing out on… for example if you were selling a HD TV you might want to emphasise the difference between a HD TV and a normal TV, allowing the reader to see for themselves what they are missing out on.

3. Target audience
Tailor your email to your “tribe” (target audience). Hopefully you will have already identified who your target audience is, what makes them tick, what they enjoy and perhaps more importantly what they are going to want to buy. If you have successfully identified who you target audience is then you can subsequently tailor your email so it appeals to them more accurately. For example if you are aware that primarily your target audience is young, you might want to adjust the type of language that you are using. The type of product/ service that you are offering can also depict/ influence the type of email you send, for example if you were offering a surveying service then it is likely your email is going to be written differently than if you were offering entertainment at a kids party. Therefore you should always bear in mind the type of people you are targeting and write your email tailored for this purpose.

4. Call to Action
Include a call to action. This is again a very important factor that can contribute to the success of your email marketing. You can use this opportunity to tell your readers exactly what action you want them to take. For example do you want them to click the link and buy the product now, do you want them to like your business on Facebook or do you want them to come into store to redeem the voucher you have sent them. Whatever your call to action might be make sure it is clear and succinct so there is no confusion as to what the reader should do next.

5. Advertise exclusive offers
Advertise any special offers – This is your time to bring their attention to any additional information / offer they might not have been aware of. You can really use this opportunity to advertise your business in a positive light. Take this time to make your readers feel like they will be getting an exclusive offer if they were to invest in your product/ service. If readers feel they are getting a better offer than everyone else then they are more likely to act on the call to action that you include in your email. So put the effort in to make your readers feel special and unique.

6. Emphasise a time frame
If you are advertising a special offer make sure you emphasise the time frame in which the offer is valid. You can create a sense of urgency/ immediacy that encourages readers to take action now, before the offer runs out or the product is sold out. If you fail to include a date in which the offer will conclude it is more likely that the reader will assume they can come back to the email at a more convenient time, which often leads to the email being forgotten about.
7. Email Subscription
If you are sending this email as a one off and do not have an email marketing group that you form regular contact with then use the email as an opportunity to increase and improve your business to customer relationship by promoting frequent engagement. Why not include a form that asks people to sign up to your email. This will help you form a tailored and targeted marketing group that clearly have an interest in the product or service that you have to offer. If you have followed the advice in this blog entry and your email marketing has been effective, this shouldn’t be too much of a hard task.

So if you want to kick start your email marketing success follow these 7 steps and start writing effective emails now.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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