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A Whirlwind Tour Of Popular Social Media Channels

Here we take a look at the influential roles Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn can play in your business.


Facebook is a popular social media channel that is expected to play a fundamental role in online marketing over the coming months. Over the past you would have probably noticed brands for example using Facebook to update you about new products by writing a short description accompanied by a picture in a bid to attract your attention. However, marketers feared that these posts were simply getting lost amongst users other posts in their news feeds. Facebook thought it was time to change things up, so over the coming months you can expect to see big things from Facebook particularly in the form of its advertising features.


Twitter is a popular choice for allowing advertisers to get a short and snappy message across without all of the waffle that you sometimes find on alternative social media channels. One of the other major benefits that marketers recognise with Twitter is the power of #. Marketers are able to tag the keywords in the posts allowing their content to be found easily by other users. Therefore if you wrote a post about social media and tagged the words “#socialmedia” then anyone who searched using this phrase would be presented with your content. Therefore Twitter is a great social media channel for targeting specific groups by tapping into their searches and interests.


Pinterest is an image dominated social media channel that has been adopted by many advertisers in industries that have a high aesthetic quality. For example those advertising their decorating services might upload beautifully decorated rooms, showcasing examples of the work that they are capable of carrying out. As the old saying goes a picture speaks a thousand words. Image based content can stand out from the rest of the mundane posts that users are often fed up of seeing on other written based social media channels. Pinterest, is therefore a popular advertising channel, not only because it allows marketers to showcase their work but also the option to follow and like other peoples pictures that they upload allowing individuals to create a network and engage with people who share an interest in similar topics.


LinkedIn is a powerful social networking channel for professional industries, particularly in reference to recruitment. LinkedIn is almost regarded as the parent social media channel. On LinkedIn you can show off your skills and talents that apply to the business world. It is a great social media channel that allows you to network with other skilled individuals. Companies and businesses are also using this channel to share their industry knowledge/ expertise with others. On LinkedIn you can join a lot of professional groups and find a lot of useful industry information.

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