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Email Marketing Mayhem – Avoid These 3 Costly Mistakes

Most of us now have our emails linked up to our phones which has made checking our emails a very easy task. The increase in accessibility to our emails has meant that email marketing has become a very powerful tool in the marketing tool box. However, email marketing only becomes an effective marketing strategy if it is done properly. In this blog entry we recognise some of the most common yet costly mistakes that many businesses often make when it comes to email marketing. Also read on for sound advice on how you can achieve email marketing success.

Sending Emails to everyone who has ever purchased anything from you > Asking Permission First!

Always ask for your customer / readers permission – It is common courtesy to ask for your reader’s permission before you start bombarding them with hundreds of emails every year. You will want to make sure that those people in your email marketing list have subscribed to your email first. Otherwise you run the risk of tarnishing your businesses reputation.

You should only be sending emails to people who have registered some form of interest in your business / products and services that you provide. In other words you should only be sending emails to those that have subscribed to your email. This will mean that the emails you are sending out are much more targeted and therefore much more likely to return results.

Pestering subscribers with bossy emails week after week > Developing a strong business to customer relationship!

Remember, email marketing can be a powerful strategy of advertising and method of selling. However, the means in which your products/ services are sold is one that takes careful consideration. You need to refrain from pestering your subscribers by hard selling, you don’t want to come across as being too pushy. Instead you want to nurture and develop a strong business to customer relationship in which your readers will begin to form an attachment to your business or your brand. If your readers can see that you are providing them with useful information such as hints and tips as well as the odd special offer and business update they are much more likely to see your business in a positive light.

Therefore they will be much more inclined to invest their hard earned cash in your business once this connection and relationship has been established. Otherwise you face the risk of angering your readers if you are constantly bombarding them with email after email that is ordering them to invest in your goods.

Ignoring your email analytics > Using your email analytics data to send more effective emails

There are many different tracking tools that can be used to monitor all sorts of data that can be collected every time you send an email out. For example you can find out how many people opened your email, how many people used your email to click through to your website, how many conversions your email led to, what time of time/ day did your emails get the most opens and so on.

If you are ignoring this data then you are likely to be limiting the success / opportunities that your email marketing could present to your business. By analysing the data and identifying those factors that are contributing to say for example your conversions or those factors that might be causing your email to be disregarded you will be able to tailor your future emails accordingly.

So next time you come to planning your email marketing be sure to consider the 3 actions considered above. Of course, there are many other factors that can also contribute to your email marketing success but those mentioned in this blog entry are definitely a good place to start.

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