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Facebook's Latest Newsfeed Algorithm

In recent month’s we have seen Facebook attempt to make our news feed’s more relevant to each unique user. Facebook has slightly changed the way in which posts are displayed on your news feed. Whereas posts were previously displayed in a chronological order Facebook now prioritises and makes more of a feature of the content that they think you will be most interested in based on your interests, preferences, likes, shares etc.

Last week Facebook announced that they were making further changes and adding additional algorithms to the news feed so that posts become even more relevant to their users. Facebook realised that not everyone would necessarily like, comment or share posts that were of particular interest to them. With this in mind, Facebook has introduced another algorithm that now considers the length of time that users are spending on particular content in the news feed.

Therefore, Facebook will start to favour that content that you spend an increased amount of time on and will make similar posts/ content more prominent in your news feed. There has been some argument to suggest that the time spent on content does not necessarily reflect the user’s interest as there might be contributing factors such as slow internet and distractions that might alter the time spent on the page.

However, developers of this new algorithm are confident that they will be able to tell what content is most relevant to unique users by judging how long people spend on certain types of content over others. For example, a user might quickly scroll past a couple of posts related to Football scores but might take more time reading through and exploring content about travelling the world. They might look through people’s images, read their blogs and so on.
As Facebook aims to make users content more specific and targeted to individuals it seems that we can expect to see the content in our newsfeed changing slightly.

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