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How Facebook Ads Can Help Your Business

At last, businesses are beginning to recognise the vital importance of social media and the positive influence that it can have on their business. Not only can social media help you engage with your customers on a regular basis and keep them up to date with industry news, new products and so on, social media is also successful in helping businesses drive sales on and offline.

Most businesses start out by posting simple statuses on their social media profiles for example on their Facebook’s News Feeds and Timelines. Some other businesses take it a step further, post images, and provide links to other useful and relevant online sources such as web pages and blog entries.

However, those well-informed businesses will also be aware that they can now advertise their business on Facebook using Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads is a paid advertising platform that allows businesses to create highly targeted adverts to a specific demographic within a preselected budget.

For example, Facebook will allow you to choose whether you want your ads to be targeted to Males, Females, a certain age range, a specific location/locations, specific interests, job roles and much more. When you have chosen your targeting options Facebook will then present to you an estimate of how many people your ad will reach.

The type of ads created will also be dependent on what results the business is hoping to achieve through Facebook advertising. For example, some businesses might be looking to increase their website conversions whereas another business might want to focus on increasing post engagement or raising brand awareness. This will slightly alter the means in which your adverts are displayed to your chosen audience.


Facebook allows you to create visually attractive and powerful ads with persuasive headlines and so on. This type of advertising is not something to be pushed aside. Businesses who have been using this marketing method have already seen the positive benefits that Facebook advertising can have on their business.

Facebook has also recognised the huge increase of users now accessing social media channels through their mobile devices. Therefore, Facebook also allows users to choose where they want their adverts to be displayed. If businesses are aware, that their customers are predominantly using mobiles then ads can be targeted to appear on mobile users only.

This blog entry has only addressed some of the basic targeting options available through Facebook’s advertising platform. If you are interested in how Facebook Advertising can work for you get in touch with our friendly team.

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