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How Has Social Media Changed In 2014?

At the beginning of 2014 there were hundreds of predictions that stated how social media was going to change this year. Now that we are half way through the year, we take a look at three of the most significant changes that we have seen so far.

Visual Content
Rise of visual imagery and image based social media channels. Text posts can be great for providing useful information however as social channels evolve people are expecting rich media, eye catching visual content, info graphics and now videos. In particular we have seen the growth of image and rich media based social channels likes Pinterest, Instagram, Snap Chat, Vine and Tumblr etc.

Increased Business To Customer Engagement
Some people might have observed a shift in the type of content that they are seeing on social media. Whereas previously social feeds might have been dominated by sales posts we are now beginning to see a variation in the type of content posted. Now social media is primarily being used to improve business to customer relations, encouraging engagement and communication often by providing customer support. Businesses for example are encouraging a new type of engagement by running online competitions, asking their customers questions, asking for feedback, posting useful information or interesting images etc.

Paid Advertising Increases
Increase in paid advertising across social media channels. Facebook has been using effective advertising whereby businesses are able to target users by demographics, location, interests etc. This type of paid advertising is expected to be rolled out across numerous other social channels. For example Instagram has recently embarked on trial period in the US whereby they tested a series of Ad’s. After what was deemed a successful trial it seems that we can expect to see the introduction of these Instagram Ads in the UK this year.

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