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Learn How To Track Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Google analytics is used by any SEO know how who wants to find out how many visits a website is attaining. Analytics is a great tool to track the traffic on your website and tell you when it happened. However, what is often perceived as a little blurry is where exactly did this traffic come from. At the moment Google analytics will allow you to break down the source of referral and therefore you will be able to see a vague view of the different mediums in which are directing traffic to your website.

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In order to make these statistics more accurate there are now certain strategies that you can employ to help you break down where that traffic is coming from at a greater detail.

As a digital marketer you will probably have come across Facebook Ads, for those of you not familiar with Facebook Advertising; it is a platform in which you can create a variety of adverts targeted to an audience in which you choose.

Facebook advertising has therefore become a favourable method of online marketing with many businesses seizing this opportunity to increase their brand awareness and improve their conversion rate. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that businesses’ that are investing into this form of advertising want to track exactly what is happening and whether this is having a positive effect on their business.

One of the options when creating an advert on Facebook is to advertise for web conversions and this is where Facebook’s Google Analytics URL builder comes into use. When creating a specific URL that is related to a specific ad campaign, advertisers will be able to see how much exactly how much success this ad has had in terms of driving traffic towards the website. This data will then subsequently allow advertisers to know what adverts are working, what adverts aren’t working as well allowing advertisers to create new strategies that are more likely to succeed in the future.

To create your own URL to use when creating a Facebook Ad designed for web conversions click here 

You can then view the data for this campaign in the Acquisition > campaign area of Google Analytics.

PS Google will also provide with you data not only for those who clicked the link directly but also by those who clicked the link if any of your followers shared it with their audience.

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