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Make Sure Your Web Design Is Optimised For Mobiles And Tablet

Browsing the internet is no longer confined to the realms of your desktop computer and people are accessing the internet from their mobiles, laptops and tablets. In order for a website to fully function on each of these devices you want to have a responsive or adaptive design that will allow the website to respond to the type of device it is being used on.

Therefore having a website that is mobile friendly in this day and age is fundamental to your marketing strategy, especially if you are an ecommerce website. There is nothing more frustrating than accessing a website online and going to browse their products only to find that the products image is missing. Not only will this leave your customer frustrated it could also lose you / your company those precious sales. People like to see what they are buying, they don’t like the fear of the unknown, and they don’t want to spend their hard earned cash on something that they have never seen before. I think I have made my argument fairly clear having a site that is fully functioning on different devices is extremely important in contributing to your company’s success.

There are primarily two different types of design that will allow you website functionality on mobile devices and these include responsive design and adaptive design:

  • Responsive Design – This will keep all the content that is displayed on your desktop computer and display it on your mobile device. It will adapt a layout that is best suited to the device the website is being used being sure to make sure that all content is displayed in some way shape or form.
  • Adaptive Design – This is a slightly more complicated process that allows the website to load faster on mobile devices. This is because the mobile device will only download the relevant data and tailored layout that is optimised and suitable to be viewed on a mobile.

You will need to discuss with your web developers what design will work best for you and your type of business. If you need any further advice on optimising your website for mobile usage please visit WNW Design.

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