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Make Your Website A Success With These 3 Fundamental Factors

People make a decision almost immediately as to whether they want to stay on your website or look elsewhere. Therefore it is fundamentally important that your web design is effective and striking in order to capture and maintain the interest of those that have come through to your website. You might have already seen my earlier post this week regarding the importance of including testimonials in your web design in keeping with the theme of effective web design, this blog entry takes a look at additional general yet very influential factors that can affect and determine the success of your website.

So what are people looking at when they come through to your web page and how can you ensure that your website stands the best chance of success?

Clear yet striking layout

As you only have a short period of time to maintain the interest of those viewing your website you need to ensure that you web design is clear and striking. The visual attractiveness is therefore crucially important, people won’t spend the time reading the text on your website if they are not “wowed” by your website in the first place. Therefore you should make sure that your homepage is not cluttered with too much text… instead why not include a primary image that will immediately captivate a viewer’s attention. You also need to make sure that your navigation and therefore the layout of your website promotes easy use. People are more likely to lose interest and look elsewhere if they cannot find what they are looking for with ease. If you want your website to be effective and easily navigable you should include the following fundamental pages; home, about us, product/ service information and contact us, as a very basic guide.

Branded Images

Branding your business is also vitally important. You want to create a strong branded message as this can have positive impact upon your business success. Your customers will become familiar with your brand and develop confidence in your brand. So if you are committed to portraying a positive branded message you will want to ensure that your website is also branded in align with your business. You might be thinking in what ways can you brand your business online? This is fairly simple! Think about the colours that people associate with your brand and include these in your web design. Does your brand have its own specific logo or perhaps your brand has a slogan? Whatever it is that makes your brand… it is crucial that you include this in your web design. It is important that you keep your brand uniform across all your marketing / sales channels. This will help generate a strong branded message as you become a brand that people are able to recognise with ease.


Although up to now I have focused on the importance of making your website visually attractive once you have managed to attain the visitor’s initial interest the content on your website becomes just as important! Your written content becomes your sales pitch. This is your time to really sell your business and get your prospective customers to invest their hard earned cash in your products or services. You will want to include your USPs. By USPs I mean your unique selling points. Attract your reader’s attention, create a sense of desire and engage their emotion. Focus on creating a sense of urgency that readers cannot resist walking away from. Make sure your content is kept short and sweet as it is likely that people will not have the time and patience to read long copy. Also crucial to your websites effectiveness is your call to action. This tells your readers the next step that they should take. If you want people to click to buy the product now or click to sign up to your email list you need to tell them to do so, your customers are not mind readers and need clear direction. Your call to action can have a direct influence on your conversions whatever they might be; therefore it is extremely important that you include a call to action on the appropriate pages.

This blog entry has just covered some of the most basic attributes of effective web design… if you need any further assistance and are serious about getting your web design up to speed contact an experienced web designer who will be able to advise you on how you can make your website work most effectively for you.

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