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New Twitter Layout Summary

You might have already noticed that twitter has started to enrol a new profile layout. In this blog entry we take note of some of the changes that you can soon expect to see if your profile hasn’t already changed.

Profile photo – Your profile photo will be enlarged. This is particularly great for branding purposes and especially for businesses as they are able to use this space to catch and maintain attention with a powerful image.

Customise your header – Headers have now shifted so that they stretch across the screen. Twitters official recommended header sizes are 1500px (width) x 500 (height) however these dimensions seem to be causing a lot of trouble for people. Therefore other blog entries are stating that the dimensions 1500px (width) x 421px (height) are more appropriate. Due to this confusion it is worth considering the following template by blogger Pauline Cabrera as she provides a visual guide to what parts of your header will be visible on your profile. When you come around to changing your twitter profile and in particular your header, you should bear in mind that you are going to have to be patient and might have to spend some time re-sizing your image to ensure that it fits appropriately.

Enlarged favourite tweets – Tweets that have attracted more engagement will appear slightly enlarged. So when you look at your profile and your tweets that you have sent it is likely that some of these tweets will be slightly bigger than others. The tweets that are bigger will be the ones that have generated the most engagement.

Pin tweets – Have you got a post that you want to place emphasis on? The new twitter layout will let you pin tweets to the top of your page. Therefore when people visit your profile you can control the first tweet that they see. This is great if there is specific tweet that you want to promote.

View your favourite tweets – What type of content do you want to view? The new twitter layout will now let your filter though tweets so that you can select the type of tweet you want to view. You are now able to specifically view just tweets or tweets with photos etc.

Note –If you are signing up for a new twitter account you will automatically receive the new profile layout however existing accounts will gradually be moved over to the new layout therefore you can expect to see your profile change over the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait until twitter changes your profile layout for you, there should be an option that appears at the top of the profile that will allow you to switch your profile to the new layout straight away.

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