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Optimise Your Pinterest For Business Success

If you are serious about social media I am confident that you would have heard about Pinterest by now! Pinterest is a fairly new social channel that is fast becoming one of the most popular social media channels out there. The image based social channel has shown much evidence of driving huge numbers of traffic through to websites as people are beginning to use Pinterest as a shopping site in which they can search through images to find exactly what they are looking for. This has meant that Pinterest is able to present huge opportunity to businesses in terms of referral traffic.

This success has been particularly evident for those businesses that perhaps sell products that have good visual qualities. For example those within the wedding, fashion and floral industries have experienced much success. However it is worth mentioning that this success has not been limited and has been experienced across many differing industries.

So how can you optimise your Pinterest account for success?

Create organised boards
You should firstly create boards tailored around the categorisation on your website. This will provide you with a good framework to start with. When you have mastered creating new boards and adding new pins to these boards you can also be more experimental with additional boards that you might want to create. For example you might want to tailor some boards to different seasons or upcoming events etc. You can be as creative as your mind will allow on your Pinterest account and you can really take the opportunity to create a fascinating and attractive account that will hopefully attract lots of interest in your products.

Caption your pins
You can include catchy captions – give those viewing the image a little more description about what the pin is about. You can also include a link to the product on your website. By providing a link to your product you will often find an increase in your website traffic. Therefore it is important that you are select when choosing/ creating images to pin. As a general rule the more visually attractive the image is the more successful it is likely to be.

Use keywords in your descriptions
As Pinterest presents the opportunity to drive a lot of referral traffic to your website then it is important you utilise Pinterest’s search function by including key words in your descriptions. This will allow your pins to be found a lot more easily by people who are searching for those key terms. Therefore allowing you to increase your brand awareness and brand visibility as your pins will be more likely to appear frequently in searches where the keywords have been used.

Add the pin it button to your internet dashboard
Add the pin it button to your dashboard if you are going to be pinning images frequently. This will make it a lot easier for you to create a pin. Once you add the pin it button to your internet dashboard then you can simply pin any image of interest that you come across on the internet. However you should be aware that some licensing laws will apply to many images that you find on the internet therefore you should always check that you are free to use the images before you pin them to your Pinterest channel.

Follow relevant people / boards
This is probably the most effective way of getting noticed on Pinterest. By following people with similar interests to you not only will your Pinterest account be introduced to them through the notifications that they will receive, but you will also more likely increase the number of people following your account if they can see that your account fulfils an interest of theirs.

So if you are serious about increasing your online sales optimise your Pinterest account now!

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