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Persuasive Writing – How To Construct A Successful Advert!

Writing your ad text can be tricky and testing. However in order to be sure that your ad is effective you should follow these guidelines how to construct a successful advert!

Getting started… writing the ad!

Before you write your ad you need to consider the following;

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What do they want?
  • What are your target audience interested in?
  • How can your business benefit people?
  •  Where can your target audience be found?

Next you will need to write a headline that is succinct, catchy and relevant. This is your chance to attract your audience. Make sure your headline is clear, stands out and is irresistible. Your headline is the first piece of text that people will see. You need to make sure you work on your headline to make sure that it is effective and leaves your readers wanting more.

Now you will come to writing the main copy and body of your ad, it is really important that this text is not only related to your headline but also to the page or product or service that your ad might be directing you to. If you advert is advertising one thing, yet the page you direct those interested in your ad to is irrelevant and focuses on something else, then it is likely that you will leave those initially interested disappointed and frustrated. It is all well and good creating a successful ad but it is vital that your ad is actually selling the product or services that your business or company can offer. Do not mislead your customers!
Use persuasive language and engage your audience

The language that you use in your ad is really important. You need to write persuasively in order to stir up the desire and emotion that persuades your readers that they really need to invest in your product or service. One way of achieving this is by using your ad to get your readers to recognise a problem, pain or inconvenience in their lives. It is then your job to show your audience how your business, product or service can be the answer to this problem. This is your opportunity to express the benefits of your product or service, don’t shy away from telling your readers why they need to invest.

Think about your ad placement

Where will your ad be most successful? This is a very important question. Should you publicise your ad on social media, perhaps using Facebook advertising, or should you use Google Adwords and their PPC system? There are many different advertising methods, in order for your advertisement to stand the best chance of success you need to figure out where your ads will be most effective. You will really need to think about where your target audience can be found. When you can answer this question you will need to be able to decide whether you will have to post your ad on through a variety of mediums in a multitude of places, or will you be able to specifically target your audience using one method.

Wedding business is becoming a classic example of how ads can be targeted and placed in one specific place. A lot of Wedding businesses are using Facebook advertising as their main form of ad placement. This is because Facebook advertising will allow you to specifically choose who you would like to target. This works successfully for wedding businesses as they are able to create adverts that are specifically targeted to those that have changed their Facebook relationship status to engaged. However, not all businesses are luckily enough to have this clear direction of how to find your target audience, therefore if you are unsure where your audience can be found you might have to test out what advertising placement will be most relevant to you.

Include a call to action

This is a critical part of your ad. You have already done the hard work by getting the attention of your users through your well thought out and cleverly catching headline and ad text. Now for the best ad success you need to tell your readers exactly what they need to do. Do you want them to sign up to your latest newsletter, do you want them to purchase some goods online. Make sure your call to action is clear and provides your readers with the direction and action that they should take.

Extra top tip – Don’t rush your advertisements. Ads can be very successful at attracting that extra business which could lead to increased sales or conversions. Therefore it is important that you spend that extra ten minutes perfecting your ad to be sure that it stands the best chance of success.

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