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Set Targets for 2014 and Make Your Business a Success

Those sleepy Christmas afternoons are now becoming a distant memory, it’s time to get back in the office and kick start your 2014 to make your business a success. Here is some advice on how you can make sure your business gets off to a good start this year.

First of all organise a sales and marketing meeting to analyse, discuss and present your visions for 2014.

Analyse your sales and marketing trends of 2013

By doing something as simple as this you can see where your success was and where you went wrong. You will be able to see: Who was your best customer? How successful is your website? Where are your customers coming from? What aspect of your business did you gain most revenue from? How do your sales figures compare to the previous year? Etc. It is also important to recognise where you lost out on business and why you think this was. This way you will be able to come up with solutions to stop the same thing from happening again.

Create a vision for 2014

First of all show your employees your vision for 2014, what targets do you want to be hitting? What are you hoping to achieve? This way everyone will be on the same page, sharing the same visions to work together effectively to achieve those targets.  You might also want to set targets for different teams within your business or for individuals if your business is relatively small. Your employees will be thankful that you are keeping them in the loop by showing them what their hard work is achieving.

Make sure you target your ideal customer

Recognise who your best customers have been and then analyse why this is. That way you will be able to configure a perfect customer profile and seek out those customers that will work well for you and your business. For example there is no point in working with customers or businesses that do not fit in with your business visions as it is unlikely that you will be able to provide them with the services that they require.

Check out your competitors

Not only does this give you an idea of the competition you are up against this will also allow you to recognise what makes your business different from those competitors offering a similar service. Look at what makes your business unique and show your customers why they should choose your services.

Plan regular reviews

Make sure you set some time aside perhaps each month (with your whole team or perhaps more frequently with smaller designated teams), however it really is up to you on often you want to track and review your progress. This way you will be able to make sure you are on track and hitting those targets you want to achieve. If you see that you aren’t quite reaching those targets then you can look into the areas that are causing you to fall behind and make adjustments to get you back on track.

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