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The Power Of Infographics – 6 Ways They Can Benefit Your Business

Infographics can condense a lot of information into a very readable format. Infographics usually contain graphs, pie charts, flow diagrams, images, maps, bar charts and so on. There alternative format means that they usually stand out amongst other text dominated content. Infographics are often powerful imagery that really can speak a 1000 words.

Solution to time restrictions
Infograpghics are proving to be a great medium for conveying information particularly as we now live in an environment where we are restricted by time demands. Nowadays it is not very often that people have the time to sit down and read through long text content only to take away a few key points. Infographics therefore provide a solution to this problem by presenting comprehensible contently clearly and quickly.

Easy to view / read
According to the webmarketingroup90% of informations that comes to the brain is visual, therefore those reading infographics are able to process and interpret the information with ease, especially when the visual content is eye catching.

Expert advice
Although infographics are visual they usually provide a lot of information, therefore they can be a great source of content that helps you position yourself as the expert in your industry.

Sharable content
They are very sharable forms of content. Often people will want to liven up their own social media feeds. If they can see that you have produced not only an eye catching infographic but also one that contains a lot of useful information, it is likely that they will want to share this content with their own readers so that they are also seen as providers of informative information. As your content becomes shared more, more and more people are likely to come across your blog.

Increase traffic to your blog
Not many businesses have got to grips with creating infograhics yet, usually because they do not have the time or resources to produce them. Therefore if you have the skills to produce infographics you should definitely seize the opportunity as infographics are fairly new and exciting your content will most likely stand out more over someone plain text content. This also allows you to position yourself / your business as being creative and forward thinking which will encourage readers to look at your blog or your website as they being to build trust in you.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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