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The Power Of Scheduling For Social Media Management

Let’s face it we live in a busy world with hectic schedules where we often find ourselves rushing off our feet to try and get everything done. Without some organisation and structure it is no surprise that tasks often get forgotten about or deadlines are not met. So, where I am going with this?

If you are a regular reader to this blog feed you would have noticed that I like to stress the importance and fundamental role that social media can play in your business. Yet one of the most common responses that I hear is “I don’t have the time to update my social media channels on a regular basis.” As a keen digital marketer myself and to anyone else in the industry these words are seen as a crime! Of course, you might have a busy schedule but YOU MUST MAKE TIME to manage your social media channels, remember they are a form of marketing and as many of us will know marketing is the lifeblood of any business.

So know that I have hopefully got my point across, let me let you in to a little secret.


In the world of digital marketing a variety of tools have been designed to help you apply some structure and take some of the pressure from these demands away from you. So if you want to save yourself some time whilst keeping your business running effectively… then pay attention now.

Let us consider the programme Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management programme that will let you add a variety of your social media channels to their dashboard so that you can manage all of your social media channels from one place.

So how will this benefit you?

Here is a suggestion that works well for me so why not try it out for your self. At the beginnings of the week take some time to sit down and plan your content for the week ahead (if you are feeling super organised why not go for the fortnight). Plan and write the content that you want to publish for each day of the week. If you are linking to a blog entry or any online content make sure you copy the relevant link and paste it into your planning document.

When you have all your content planned it is time to start adding and scheduling it in. Like you would normally post a status upload your content to the content box in Hootsuite. You will also be given an option/ a drop down menu that will let you select which social media channels you want to publish this content on. Once you have done the above, rather than hitting publish or send now like you normally would when posting in real time, instead you should hit the schedule button. This will open up a calendar function so that you are able to select the day and the time that you want this content to be published. Do this for all of your content that you had planned and TA DA as if by magic your content for the week is taken care of.

Scheduling your posts in advance is therefore a great way of managing your social media channels and a great method to getting your content organised from the start of the week so you are not left scrambling for ideas when time is off the essence. However it is worth noting that you will still have to monitor your social media channels on a daily basis to check for any replies or engagement that your posts have attracted.

So stop making excuses and start scheduling your social media posts now!!

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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