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Twitter Etiquette – The Power Of The Hashtag

Twitter is a fast paced social channel that has huge potential to build your business brand awareness and introduce your content to twitter users on a global scale. However if you do not use twitter correctly then your tweets could disappear without anyone even laying eyes on them. This blog entry will look at how you should use twitters hashtag function to grow your business.

Hashtag your keywords / phrases

Attract those interested – if they are searching for the term that you have applied a hashtag to then it is likely that they are going to be interested in the topic. Whether you are selling a product or service or simply building your brand awareness, tagging your keywords will mean that your content is displayed to those who are registering an interest by searching for the keyword / phrase. For example if you are selling a web design you might hashtag #webdesign, #webdevelopment, #websites #ecommerce #onlineshop #brochurewebsite etc. If someone was to search for one of the phrases that you have tagged then they your tweet will be displayed to them. You will be more likely to achieve a sale if your tweets are being displayed to your target audience. Therefore using the hashtag can be a powerful means of advertising your product/ service to a select number of interested people.

Search for new users to follow/ tweets to RT/ favourite

Use the hashtag to look for new followers. Again similarly to how other twitter users will use the hashtag to find content of interest and use to them, you can also use the hashtag to look for relevant users that you can follow. Think of it as a form of networking by which you can connect and converse with a large amount of people. In addition to this you can also use the hashtag search function to look for a relevant tweet that you could retweet or favourite which is another great method for building online relationships with other twitter users.

Join in discussions regarding popular topics

Look at what other people are talking about; is there a particular theme or topic that you can contribute to? Even if it is not directly related to your business joining in on other discussions is a great way of building your brand awareness. However you should be careful not to say anything that could cause offence or attract the wrong sort of interest on twitter. So even if you are contributing to a discussion that isn’t business related be mindful that if you are commenting from your business account you will still be representing your business.

Target a specific geographical area

Create posts that are intended for those in your area. This will be particularly useful if you are a local business looking to specifically target people in your local vicinity. So when you are creating tweets as well as applying hashtags to your keywords/ terms why not include a hashtag before your town/ city to build awareness of your business on a local level.

Create a unique hashtag to your business

Create your unique and individual hashtag that twitter users will assign to you and your business. There are plenty of opportunities in which you can create individual hashtags for example you could create a hashtag that:

  •  includes your business slogan
  • is tailored to an event your business is hosting
  • represents a weekly tweet that you producing regular content on

There are plenty of opportunities to start creating a business specific hashtag and doing this can have many advantages. If people are interested in the particular hashtag that you are creating they might use the hashtag search function to look for further related content that you have tweeted about.

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