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Two Huge Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Blog and What You Should Be Posting About

When browsing a website more often than not you will come across a section commonly titled, blog/ latest news. These businesses haven’t built these blogs and built up banks of content just for the sake of it…. A BLOG IS REALLY IMPORTANT ON YOUR WEBSITE.  In its simplest form, having a blog on your website is beneficial for, one, the search engines and two, people looking to learn more about your business or industry.

Firstly, let’s take a look at why a blog is important to the search engines…

Search engines like Google like to see that you are updating your website on a regular basis and a great way of doing this is through a blog. If Google can see that you are providing relevant, up to date, keyword rich content then they will be much more likely to list your website when someone searches for a related keyword. Remember, Google want to provide its users with the best possible service, so if you want your website to be considered to list on the first page of search results then your website needs to have the best content!

Search engines also rank pages of content, therefore, the more quality content that you have the more the chance you have of listing. If there are two Estate Agents, one a five-page website and the other an 80-page website when you consider all the blog entries, it doesn’t take a degree from Oxford to work out which one Google is going to favour!

Having said that, there are of course plenty of other SEO strategies that you should be applying to your website to stand the best chance of listing on the first page and blogging should be considered as just one means of many means of achieving this.

So, now that leaves us with, why a blog is important for customers/ prospective customers…

You want your business to stand apart from other similar businesses in your industry right? What is going to make someone choose your business over theirs? Well, when making a judgement on which business you are going to spend your hard earned money with, TRUST is a massive factor that comes into the decision making process.

One way of building trust with your prospective customers is through blogging. You want people to feel assured that your business knows what it is doing. People like to know what kind of service they are going to receive before they have received it. Blogging is a great way of demonstrating your knowledge in your industry, setting yourself apart from similar industries and encouraging someone to invest in your services.

What type of content should I be posting on my blog?

Your blog should be an informative tool about your business and the industry that you work in as a whole. Here are a selection of pointers that will give you a good start.

  • Top Tips
  • Meet The Team
  • Industry Updates
  • Company News
  • New products/ services
  • Customer Testimonials

Remember, you need to make your blog as interesting as possible so make sure you have fun and get creative with it.

WNW Digital have a team of blogging experts on hand to help you create content should you need that little bit of support to help your website perform as best as it could!

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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