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Why Use Storytelling in Marketing

As a general rule, people tend to be more receptive to a good story rather than being bombarded with numerous facts and figures. From a very young age we are told stories; we like something that we can relate to, something we can make a personal connection to. The stories will often allow the reader to develop an emotional connection allowing storytelling to become a form of emotional marketing.

So why story tell?

  • Stories really help people experience your message, if people are experiencing your message there is more likelihood that they will remember your brand and message.
  • By incorporating a story into your content marketing you really allow the person to come on a journey with your brand and ultimately connect to the product or service that you are giving an identity through storytelling.
  • Essentially the feelings that someone experiences when they read about your brand could ultimately affect their decision on whether they are going to invest in your product or services.
  • Just like stories usually have a moral, stories in marketing have a call to action and therefore you are cleverly telling your prospects what you want them to do.
  • Your story will also make your content that little bit more exciting, especially if your industry isn’t selling something particularly riveting, by storytelling you can inject some life into your brand.
  • Story telling makes your content unique, no doubt there are plenty of other people selling the same product or service as your business but no one else will have a story just like yours, so stand out from the crowd.

Remember you want your stories to resonate with your customers so that you can tap into their emotions and ultimately influence their decision to buy.  If you have a story that is engaging and authentic you can often develop a connection with the consumer that leads to a long term business to customer relationship. Now that you realize the importance of storytelling start thinking about the stories you are going to tell, focus on the why someone might need your product or service, allow the person to identify and recognise those needs in themselves.

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