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Use Your Existing Customers to Grow Your Ecommerce

You might think that attracting new customers to your business is the most important thing. Wrong! Although it is great to grow your client base and gain new customers, in most cases, particularly for smaller companies acquiring new business is not the most efficient way to expand your business and instead you should focus on the customers you already have.

In fact it is argued that generating a client base that repeatedly uses your business is the key to your success. To ensure that your clients keep coming back to you here are some tips you can follow:

Go beyond the expectations of your clients and perhaps impress them by offering more than what they expected. Think of the times you shop online, more often than not somewhere on the page you will get a suggested items box. The supplier has recognised what items you are interested in and what further items you might be looking to buy, often resulting in you purchasing more than you first intended. Why not do the same for your clients and suggest to them extra services that your business can offer that will improve their business.  A great way to achieve this is to email/ phone your customer/ client and thank them for their business; you can then provide them with suggestions of additional services you are able to

Show your customers your appreciation for their business and offer them a reward. Give them an incentive to keep returning to you. This might be something as simple as offering loyal customers a discount after they have used your service X amount of times, or perhaps offering them a one off additional service for free. Offering a one off additional service to your customer is a great way of showcasing your additional services to your customers and showing how they can benefit from it. By offering these rewards to your customers you are likely to be maximising the chances that they will return to you for your business.

Make sure you customer service is top notch. Again this is all about going above and beyond to keep your customers happy. If your customers know that you are doing everything you can to help them they will feel confident in returning to you for business. Remember your customers are likely to talk about your business to their family and friends. If you have provided them with a service that they can only speak positively about you will likely generate more custom from the free advertising your customers are providing you simply through word of mouth.

So before you set your sails on searching for new customers, perhaps pay your existing customers that extra little bit of time and keep them returning to you.

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Sophie Angell
Sophie is part of the Digital Marketing team at WNW Digital, concentrating on running your social media channels, writing blogs and writing content for your websites. You can follow Sophie on Twitter @SophieWNW or alternatively email her at

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