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Want A Successful Product Launch? Use Your Blog To Market Your New Product!

When social media and blogging are combined you are able to create a very powerful marketing network. This powerful combination can be particularly successful in increasing brand visibility. This increased brand visibility can be extremely useful especially in the instance when a new product is being launched. Therefore when it comes to launching a new product its popularity can be dependent on the success of the online marketing campaign.

So, in order to make sure that your online marketing campaign is reaching its full potential there are certain procedures that you can follow when it comes to using your blog to assist with a product launch, these include:

1. Find out what your customer wants.

2. Use teaser posts to capture interest.

3. Run a competition to engage your audience.

4. Include customer reviews to increase return on investment.

5. Optimise your blog to make sure your posts get noticed.

So, let’s go into detail…

Investigate what your customers like, what they want and therefore what they would buy

Get to know your buyers well, there is no point creating a fantastic product that will not have any relevance to your target audience. It is crucial that you spend some time investigating what your customers like, what they want and therefore what they would buy.

Including polls on your blog feed can prove a great way of generating that extra information that you need. You can use the text in the blog post to give your customers some information about the new product and to tell them about the market research you are carrying out. Within the blog posts you can include links to polls/surveys about the new product. If you know exactly what your customers would prefer then you can work to producing a product that is exactly what your customer wants.

Capture your customer’s interest by using teaser posts

Use your blog feed to create posts that stir up interest in your product. Create a teaser post, don’t give too much away you want to keep readers intrigued so they keep coming back for more. Perhaps release a new image or a more detailed description each week up until the products launch. Once you have successfully generated some sort of interest into your new product through your teaser posts then you will want to maintain your customer’s interest by releasing more information about the product.

Your customers will want to know the full story. If you want your customers to buy your product then you are going to have to tell them as much information about the product as possible. Nowadays people will only buy a product if they believe that it is firstly from a trustworthy source and if the product is going to be of any use to them. So to make sure you don’t lose your business to any competitors, include enough detail about the product as this can be the difference between a sale and fail! An image is still very important but it is vital that is accompanied by an in depth product description.

Engage your audience and run a competition in line with your product launch

Can you run a competition in line with your product launch? Everybody loves a freebie so perhaps a product give-away is the perfect answer to increasing your brand visibility perhaps engaging those audiences that would have otherwise not given your product that much attention. Alternatively to giving away a freebie through a competition you could create a blog entry that offers a discount to readers. If you are going to release a product discount code you could either; introduce the offer for a limited period on the day of the product launch or wait for the initial “rush” to buy the product to die down and then post the offer online to perhaps encourage those readers who were slightly on the fence into making the final purchase.

Increase your conversions by including customer reviews

Even when you have launched your product your blog can still be a successful tool for generating more sales. You can use your blog feed to publish customer reviews about the product. These customer reviews can be key to creating greater conversions. A recent survey by E seller media estimated that “61% of online shoppers read reviews before making that essential decision to buy or not”. Referring back to the point that customers like to have as much information as possible about a product, product reviews can assist in providing potential customers with perhaps that extra encouragement or information they need to invest their hard earned cash.

If you are shown to be providing a greater insight into your product particularly from a customer’s perspective you are likely to increase the level of trust that your potential customers have in your business. However, although you want to show your business off in the best possible light, you need to be careful in what customer review posts you choose to advertise. If you are only posting positive reviews then your customers might lose trust in you because they will believe that you are simply cherry picking out the best reviews in order to increase your sales. Instead, in addition to show casing off your positive reviews you should also include perhaps one slightly negative review that you have positively responded to. This way your potential / existing customers will be able to see that you are recognising and dealing with any issues that might have arisen. If you are seen to be engaging with your customers and helping them overcome any problems then this can only help generate a positive image for your brand. You can screen shot your response which will again assist in building trust. If you do include a negative review make sure you finish off your blog post with a positive review so that there lasting impression is a positive one.

Optimise your blog and increase your return of investment

It is all well and good having an informative blog feed leading up to and throughout the duration of the product launch, however you need to be making sure that your blog feed is being found otherwise all your hard work will go to waste. Here are two very basic actions that you can take to increase your blogs visibility. Firstly, make sure your blog entries are search engine friendly. By this I mean you want to make sure blog feed is found by the search engines and that the search engine sees your blog feed as useful to customers therefore giving your blog a high ranking position. To ensure that your blog feed is search engine friendly some of the actions you will need to take will include; optimising your posts using keywords, ensure any links are working correctly, complete the posts meta tags etc. These are only a brief description of some of the actions you can take and therefore for more information about how to make your blog posts search engine friendly you might be interested in reading Effective SEO Techniques for Bloggers. 

Secondly you should use your social media channels to create a greater awareness of your blog posts. You can post links to your blog feed on all of your social media channels. This will generate greater brand awareness and drive more traffic to your blog feed whilst simultaneously encouraging a greater level of engagement with your customers through a variety of mediums.

To conclude it is apparent that blogging can be a useful tool to assisting the successful launch of a new product. However, generating the best possible blog posts takes time and commitment therefore it is important that you are prepared to invest in it. Don’t forget to publicise your blog entries using your social media channels so you can see the positive effect this advertisement can have on your sales conversions.

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