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Wasting Time Commenting On Other Peoples’ Blog Feeds? Read On For Blog Commenting Etiquette

You might think that this is a quick and easy way to get your name noticed and respected within your industry. However it is important to bear in mind that there are certain steps that you should take to ensure that your blog comments are worthwhile and well- constructed, otherwise you could be doing yourself more damage than good.

Make sure your comment is relevant to the content within the blog – Don’t just read the first paragraph and think you have read enough to contribute to the comments below. It will become clear very quickly if you have not spent the time reading the whole blog entry and people will assume that you are simply writing any old comment just to promote yourself. This is something that is frowned upon within the blogging industry and by doing this you will likely tarnish your reputation as a blogger and be categorised as a spammer.

If you have found a couple of blog feeds that are of great interest to you then why not spend some time concentrating on writing adequate comments for these blog feeds only. It is much more beneficial to construct some well thought out feedback that really contributes to the topic being discussed rather than wasting your time writing unhelpful short comments on hundreds of blog entries. If people can see that you are showing a real interest in what they are writing about they are much more likely to respect you as a blogger.

You could add these chosen blog feeds to an RSS feed that you can then check on a daily basis. This way you can be sure that you will not miss out on any blog entries that your favourite bloggers might post. Generally the earlier you post your comment / feedback the more chance that the comment has of being read. Especially if you are posting a comment on a blog feed that seems to receive a lot of replies, to ensure that your comments stand the best chance of being noticed it is important that you take certain actions such as adding a valuable comment early on.

So to summarise, if you are looking for blog commenting success make sure:

  • You produce valuable content as contributing feedback
  • Do not spam hundreds of blog entries with pointless unthoughtful comments
  • Concentrate on commenting on a select few blog feeds only
  • Follow their blog feeds and comment early to stand the best chance of receiving recognition for your comment
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