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What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a relatively new social network that it is committed to help its users find places that will be of interest to them. Foursquare will ask you to rate a selection of places and then suggest other places to visit based on your previous ratings. For example if you have previously rated Italian restaurants as a type of food that you enjoy, then Foursquare will be likely to recommend other Italian restaurants in the future.

Foursquare initially started off as an app that provided search results that was more suitable and targeted to the individual that was searching for them. In 2009 Foursquare app was then combined with an additional app called Swarm. The addition of this app meant that people could check in at their different locations and share their locations with their friends.

Compared to other social networks Foursquare seems to be lugging behind in comparison to other popular social networks when referring to the numbers of people that actively use the location based social networking and sharing app. Having that said accord to Foursquare the app has attained “over 50 million people worldwide, who have checked in over 6 billions check in’s”, the app is also beginning to be used in business as “over 1.9 million businesses have claimed their locations to connect with their customers.”

Since its launch in 2009, Foursquare has undergone many changes with its most recent update taking place on August 7th 2014. This saw the partnership between Foursquare and the Swarm app come to an end. The new version of Foursquare has reverted back to local search, removing the check in and location based sharing feature. With the check in notion of the Swarm app removed from Foursquare, developers of Foursquare now argue that Foursquare can work on improving local search in order to provide people with a new discovery experience tailored specifically to their interests.

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